How to Pick The Best Bathroom Steam Cleaner in 2023

Did you know that 70% of the guest is likely to peep out to your bathroom? Imagine what impression they will have about your hygiene if they find big gunk and dirt are staring right at their face.

If we even leave what other people might think about you, millions of bacteria’s are lurking in the tiles and sinks of your bathroom or kitchen or anywhere in your house, and you need to scrub out all that.

Sounds pretty awful right? Steam Cleaner is very efficient at cleaning out all those gunk in your bathroom tiles without using any chemical substance at all.

Are you intrigued to learn more about them? Let’s dig into our article to find the perfect one for you!

How We Picked the Best Bathroom Steam Cleaner?


  1. It will take very less time to heat up
  2. Can refill the water continuously
  3. Has included the steam pressure control on the handle
  4. Comes with accessory kit

The Top 5 Bathroom Steam Cleaner Reviews in 2023

Bathroom Steam Cleaner Reviews
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1. Dupray Tosca

The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner is the perfect cleaner you can buy right now to have a deep cleaning and remove all the gunk from your tiles. The Steam Cleaner has  quite good reviews for its ability to provide better steam cleaning the bathroom floors, tile grouts, upholstery, car interior, and more places in the household.

Dupray Tosca
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The Dupray uses very high temperature to clean and also sanitize the entire area you are cleaning. It can reach up to a temperature of 135 degree Celsius, and It allows you to clean almost every part of your household. You can achieve a much better cleaning with just this one appliance. It comes with some useful accessories to get the most out of this steam cleaner.

Warms up Quickly:

The Dupray takes significantly Less time to warm up. It takes approximately Seven minutes to heat rather than Ten like most cleaners out there. It might not seem to be much of a difference on a single use, but it certainly is an issue to look at it in the long run. Saves up a lot of time in the long run.

Tank Size:

The tank of this steam cleaner has a capacity of up to Fifty-four ounce.  The capability to hold so much water gives you relatively extra usage time. The Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner can work for up to 50 minutes- nearly an hour of cleaning. It is beneficial if you have a large house.

Kills More Bacteria:

It has an extremely high steam temperature which can reach up to 275F. It does a tremendous job of killing 99.9% of bacteria, and also viruses and pathogens!

The Extras

The Dupray comes with a good range of accessories. The package includes three microfiber pads, a rectangular floor tool, two extension tubes, a window tool, a single lance. There is also a separate microfiber cloth, a unique triangular tool for when you’re trying to get into tight corners. A single microfiber bonnet for the triangular tool and five nylon brushes, so that you will have replacements every time one wears out. A brass brush, that you can use on barbecues, ovens, stoves.


  • Quite Easy to use on bathroom
  • It is lightweight, and it is easy to maneuver
  • Does not need to spend a lot to buy it
  • Heats up quickly
  • Able to work for a longer time
  • Eighteen High-quality accessories included


  • You won’t see the amount of water left in the tank

2. Lambow Handheld Pressurized 9 in 1 Steamer

The Lambow Handheld Pressurized 9 in 1 Steamer Steam Cleaner has some powerful features that make it one of the best handheld steam cleaner. It might be little in size, but its usage is huge. It has got very favorable reviews for cleaning any targeted spots of the household.

Lambow Handheld Pressurized 9 in 1 Steamer
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Lambow weights only 3 lbs, and its tank can carry nearly 12 ounces of water (350 ml) which can give around 8 minutes of usage at a time. It has a powerful motor that enables you to clean the hardest to clean things or places. It can be easily used on your couches, tile grout and also kitchen stove at it can clean a variety of surfaces including the carpet.

Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner:

There isn’t much that the Lambow can’t do. You can steam your couches, deep clean the kitchen counters and appliances, clean the car and even disinfect your kids’ toys.

Powerful Steam:

With a maximum power of 1050W and 3 bar pressure, this small yet mighty Bathroom Steam Cleaner can reach up to a temperature of 110°C to clean and kill the bacteria and germs.

Ensures Safety:

The Steam Cleaner contains a child lock for better safety and also a safety cover.


  • Multi-Purpose Bathroom Steam Cleaner
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Powerful High-pressure steam
  • Contains child-lock for safety
  • 180 Degree nozzle can reach hard to reach areas
  • Comes with very helpful 9-piece accessories


  • Needs to be refilled more often

3. Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner has got some handy features. It can quickly adapt to almost any kind of surface and give wonderful results.

Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner
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The Comforday has 1050 Watts of power output can reach a maximum temperature of 270 F. It is enough to disinfect and sanitize any place and remove any dirt or microorganisms. The Comforday has a tank capacity of around 12 ounces and can last up to 20 minutes even after being plugged out. It comes with nine accessories.

Suitable for various surfaces:

It can work on almost any surface such as marbles or tiles, kitchen counters, carpets, couches, beds, mattress, and more.


Weighing only 3 lbs, it is effortless to carry. Your hands won’t be feeling any stress even after working a long hour with it.

Can last long without plugged in:

It will last up to 20 minutes, without being plugged in. So you can work without the need of always keeping it plugged in.


  • Works on various surfaces
  • Steam lasts up to 20 mins without being plugged in
  • Leaves no residue
  • Comes with nine accessories
  • Easy to carry
  • Kills bed bugs easily


  • Needs refilling often

4. Sienna Steam Birdie Handheld Steam Cleaner:

Looking for the best steam cleaner for bathroom tiles? Then the Sienna Steam Birdie Handheld Steam Cleaner is a great steam cleaner to have. It has a lightweight structure. But don’t let its look deceive you as it produces a high amount of power.

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The Sienna Birdie can produce 1500 Watts of power which is a lot more than most of its competitors on the market. It can produce steam in a very less amount and great for cleaning Kitchen, Bathroom, Stove tops, Windows, Shower, Cars, Boats, fabrics, toys and more.

Powerful Motor:

Its motor is quite ahead of the game than its competitors. It can produce a higher amount of power, up to 1500 watts. It is also able to produce steam in minutes and raise the temperature pretty quickly.


As it is very lightweight, you very easily carry it around anywhere in your house and able to clean any spots that need your attention.

Hand Pump:

It Includes a Hand Pump which allows you to produce steam even faster. It is a very handy feature as it will be saving lots of your valuable time.


  • It has a quite high power output of 1500W
  • Includes a Hand Pump
  • Very Easy to carry around
  • Kills bacteria and germs quite efficiently


  • Better for cleaning limited spaces

5. MLMLANT Handheld Pressurized

The MLMLANT might not be the most recognizable band out there, but it surely has some fantastic bathroom steam cleaner reviews. It is a lightweight bathroom steam cleaner which offers pretty good performance.

MLMLANT Handheld Pressurized
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Coming the ability to produce power up to 1050 Watts, the MLMLANT warms up and produces steam within 3-4 minutes. It might not be the best for doing and handling heavier workloads, such as removing dirt on curtains but does a decent job in other cases like cleaning up your bathroom and kitchen.

Multiple usages

It is not just able to clean up your bathroom but also can make your sofa look like you brought them just yesterday.


It comes with 9-piece accessories such as towel sleeve, funnel, bent spray, fabric steamer, and a spray cup. They are very helpful to reach more spots and give you a better cleaning experience all around your house and can be used for other works as well.


  • Comes with lots of extra accessories
  • It weighs only around 4.5lbs which makes it easy to maneuver.
  • It has 1050W power output and heats up within minutes.
  • Quite affordable


  • Small tank capacity

Final Words

The best way to deep clean your bathroom to a microscopic level? Well if you ask me, I will always prefer the steam cleaners. Why is that? Primarily because they will give such thorough cleaning just with steam water. Also, it is much more Eco-friendly product as it doesn’t use anything inorganic. So if you are a concerned citizen too, check out the bathroom Steam Cleaner Reviews here and make sure to let us know your pick!

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