The 7 Best Safe Carpet Cleaner for Cat Urine in 2023

Cats are a mighty creature who doesn’t just look mighty but behave like one. They will make you obey them, often try to mark their territory by urinating outside of the litterbox. Although most of the time, it’s due to something that has caused then a substantial amount of stress.

But whatever the reason might be, the smell of a cat’s urine is certainly something you don’t want in your home to be floating around. It is not just embarrassing but also quite impossible to bear. There are numerous health hazards. That could occur to you and your family, and your cat may often repeat this sort of behavior if left unprevented.

So do you find yourself in a position where your cat has been urinating outside of his/her litterbox? Then you desperately need some good carpet cleaner.

Buying Guide To Choose The Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner


The last thing you might want is buying a carpet cleaner that does not do anything about cleaning and clearing away the unbearable odor of the cat urine. Not only it will be a waste of money, but your invaluable time and energy are also at stake here if you fail to take the right decision. So here are the necessary factors to keep in mind when purchasing the carpet cleaner for your home.

Make sure it is safe to use on the carpet.

Make sure that the cleaner has chosen for your carpets and furniture is safe for use at those places. Your cat is most likely to pee on areas like the carpet and the furniture. So using a cat cleaning product which has bleach on it might damage the carpet and the furniture.

It shouldn’t have any toxic chemicals in it.

As your home will include several other family members other than the cat and some of them will be kids, having any toxic chemical on the carpet cleaner you are purchasing might be far more devastating you can imagine. So, to make sure the carpet cleaner you are using doesn’t do any damage to your family member. Also, it is infinitely better to choose something that has more natural ingredients to it.

Comes with a sprayer to help to apply on the carpet

Depending on how much urine your cat has sprayed around the house, you may need to cover a moderate to a reasonably large area to clean with the carpet cleaner. And for this, you need something that will aid you fairly though the whole process. Because cleaning around the household is quite a hassle.

When you are cleaning something like the cat’s urine, you will undoubtedly value some extra aid. And what support we are talking about here? We recommend you to get a cat urine cleaner that comes with something useful for cleaning like sprayer. It will reduce the hurdle and the stress drastically.

The cleaner should be able to clear out marking scents.

It should be able to remove the marking scents of the pet. Spraying and urinating is a way of marking territory to the cats. They will often come back to the place where they have previously done urinating by the scent of the urine. So the cleaner must be able to remove the uric salt crystal as this is what acts as the cats marking for their previous peeing

Choose a carpet cleaner of the reputed brands.

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. It is far better to pick a carpet cleaner from more well-known brands rather than choosing something that hasn’t got much time to prove itself. It’s better as that product will have a proven track record to back their claims and likely to be far safer than other lesser-known brands cleaner.

Works well on different surfaces

You might be buying a product for your carpet, but you are more likely to end up cleaning and removing stains from various different places. Like the under the sofa or the bed and even the car. So the carpet cleaner you are getting has to be able to clean on a different range of surfaces.

Chose an enzyme cleaner

Although they’re quite a few enzyme cleaners are there, it is the enzyme-based cleaner that does the best of the cleaning when it comes to cleaning of the cat urine from the carpets. While some other cleaners use ammonia which reacts badly and ruins the carpet. Other hand, the enzyme-based cleaners are far superior at neutralizing the odor of the cat urine.

It also prevents the cat from returning on the place where he/she has committed the accident as it the organic compound in it is very effective at killing the bad bacteria and hormone that marks the area by scent

Top 7 Carpet Cleaner for Cat Urine Reviews in 2023

Best Carpet Cleaner for Cat Urine
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1. Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

The enzyme cleaners are often the best performers when it comes to cleaning and neutralizing the scent left by cat urines. Rocco & Roxie is an enzyme cleaner that performs exceptionally well when it comes to cleaning the cat urine stains from the carpet.

Not just it cleans the strain entirely from the carpet and other places you have intended to clean, but also it breaks down the very cells that spread the foul scent and attract your cat over and over again to the same places. Whereas other cleaners merely mask the smell, it completely replaces the scent with a much better odor. Although it is made for using at the carpets, it is perfectly capable of cleaning at various places like a litter box.

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator
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  • It is quite safe and chorine free.
  • Safe for using the house with kids
  • Versatile and can be used at different surfaces and strains.
  • Quite easy to use as well


  • It is a bit costly

2. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Are you wondering how come something that has been created out of orange peel can be used for clearing the odor of pet urine? Well, know that it has been intended to be used removing the far worse odor of livestock which smells like rotten eggs. Which of the smell is worse between these two is up for you to decide.

But Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is something you can certainly use for clearing out the cat urine strains and permanently eliminating the marking scent for your cat. As it is made from 100% organic peels, it is completely devoid of any toxic elements so there is absolutely no danger regarding its usage at a home that has children. It is quite a versatile carpet cleaner for cat urine that could also be used at various surfaces like the hardwood.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator
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  • It has an excellent full money-back guarantee police if it’s not able to clean the spot
  • Does not have any toxic elements to it
  • Permanently removes the marking scent of cat urine.
  • Smells very nice and natural


  • The orange-ish smell is a bit strong for some peoples.

3. Emmy’s Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover

Do you love the smell of lavender? It’s so calming and soothing that it has been used for aromatherapy and ancient practitioners of Ayurveda have been used for millenniums. Other than the soothing properties of lavender, it acts as a great neutralizing agent for various hideous and staunchest odors like the cat and other pet urine.

Emmy’s Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover is quite an advanced pet odor remover and carpet cleaner. It’s triple action feature not only masks the odor but also eliminates it for good. After clearing out the last bit of particles of the urine uric acids crystals, it replaces it with a very gentle, soothing lavender smell.

Emmy's Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover
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Check Price at


  • It comes with full refund money-back guarantee
  • Terminates the uric acid crystals and prevent to return to the place again
  • It is an enzyme cleaner, so its 100% safe to use
  • The lavender scent works well on calming the pets as well.


  • You might need multiple cleaning to remove the strain permanently.

4. TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover

Other than the awful smell that cat urine leaves behind, one of the worst things about pet strains is that the patches it causes to the rug or carpet in your house. But the little furry creatures that own us have little or no appreciation for such sentiment so all we can do is to find a carpet cleaner that can destroy the strain and patches in the rug.

TriNova Pet Stain and Odor Remover is such carpet cleaner which works well on cleaning out the pet strains naturally with its natural enzyme.

TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover
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  • Completely organic cleaner
  • Very gentle on the carpet
  • It works well on the hardwood as well.
  • Kids friendly as well.


  • The spray bottle might fall short.

5. Bissell 78H63 Deep Carpet Cleaner Pro

Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro is quite a well-known veteran in the market. It has been in the market of the carpet cleaner for long. But its real credibility lies in its ability to clean even the raunchiest strains in your carpet deeply. The carpets are something that we all want to keep as tidy and clean possible but often fails to do.

The guilt has no match when we find it such a terrible condition. Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro can save you from grimiest of the dirt and strain and bring the old glory days of carpet with quite an ease.

Bissell 78H63 Deep Carpet Cleaner Pro
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Check Price at


  • Cleans deep in the carpet
  • Does not use any harmful chemical


  • The smell is quite strong and unbearable for some.

6. Kirby Carpet Cleaner Shampoo for Pet Owners

No matter how dirty or how heavily strained your carpet might be, this Kirby Carpet Shampoo for Pet Owners is out there. Its excellent ability to eliminate cat urine stain from the carpet is due to the enzyme formula it uses to kill away the harmful bacteria and hormone left by the cat urine in your carpet. It cleans the carpet well and deep and leaves a delightful smell that doesn’t have a single residue of the hideous cat urine smell at all.

Kirby Carpet Cleaner Shampoo for Pet Owners
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Check Price at


  • It clears out allergens as well.
  • Completely safe for kids
  • It does not let any residue to stay inside the carpet after cleaning.
  • Able to remove even the old strains


  • The preparation of the solution is a bit tricky.

7. Nature’s Miracle Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

As if the cat or dog straining the carpets of your house wasn’t enough, sometimes it’s your little human who might wake up at night, wetting the entire bed. In this case, you need a versatile cleaner that will not just clean the cat urine off the carpet, but also capable of cleaning any human strains as well.

Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo is such cleaner that can be your all-weather friend. Be it the carpet cleaning or the bed. Also, there is no health hazard regarding this cleaner as it 100% toxin-free. So, it is completely safe to use any household that has a toddler in it.

Nature’s Miracle Carpet Cleaner Shampoo
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  • Works well if combined with other solutions
  • Makes the carpet appear as fresh as new
  • Produce less foam


  • You might be required to try several times before 100% strain removals.


So here was our take on the best carpet cleaner for cat urine and how to know the difference between the best one and the regular one. We are not saying that other urine cleaners are harmful or anything. But these top 7 picks of our has certainly full fills the criteria and has a proven track record of cleaning worse of the cat urine stains. So pick one and get to work and you will find they work much better at cleaning and replacing the smell that has been lingering in your house for too long.

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