The 5 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors Buying Guide in 2023

As a homeowner, you know how the vinyl flooring is delicate and shiny.  You also be aware that it starts losing its sparkling look over time if you don’t clean the floor regularly. And cleaning the LVP surface is the real challenge. Unlike other floors, you can’t use the traditional brush to sweep away the vinyl flooring. As the LVP base is delicate, it tends to scratch easily that damages its finish. Of course, you vacuum your vinyl floor safely by using a vacuum that comes with a soft brush. But the heck is- finding the right Vac that comes with a soft bristle brush is a tiresome task. Fortunately, our editorial team reviewed the best cordless stick vacuum for vinyl floors.

Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors


Choosing the right vacuum for your delicate vinyl surface is challenging and equally important at the same time. If you fail to pick the best one, it may damage your LVP floor by scratching. So, take your time and select a vacuum wisely. The following considerations will help you to pick up an ideal Vac for your vinyl base.

Is the vacuum vinyl friendly or not?

The first & foremost thing you should consider is whether the vac is vinyl friendly or not. You should take this feature into account first over any features, even its suction power. What’s the immersive suction work if it scratches your vinyl surface or damages its finish? So, choose a vacuum that comes with a soft bristle brush or includes a soft dusting brush. Fortunately, all of the vacuums we enlisted above are vinyl floor-friendly. So, you can pick any of them for your delicate base without any hesitation. However, we recommend the Dyson V7 most for its fluffy cleaner head and its extra soft bristle brush.

Cleaning Efficiency

The next thing after floor-friendliness, you should think about the cleaning efficiency of a vacuum. How efficiently a vacuum can pick up ground-in dirt mostly depends on its suction. The higher the suction, the more ability a Vac has to suck away embedded dirt effectively. Considering this, you can pick either Dyson V7 or Whall Cordless Vacuum cleaner. Dyson V7 has come with a digital motor that has 15 small cyclones for creating strong centrifugal forces to pick off sticky dust. On the other hand, Whall Cordless Vac has a 250w brushless motor that generates immersive suction up to 19kPa.

Hair Disposal feature

Taking this feature into account is crucial if you have pets in your home. Pick a Vac that lets you remove pet hair efficiently. In this case, you should choose a vac that has a mini motorized brush tool. Therefore, a vac comes with a stiff nylon brush that performs the best to dispose of pet hair. In terms of hair removing capabilities, you can choose Dyson V7 or Bissell ICONPet Vac as both of them have specialized pet tools.

Filtration system

An advanced filtration system is another crucial feature of a vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t only help you to filter the vacuum easily but also increases its efficiency. Therefore, a vacuum with an advanced filtration system can capture 99.99% of particles and allergens. In return, it improves the air quality of your home to ensure a healthy indoor environment. So, if you are allergy sensitive, you must pick a vacuum cleaner that comes with a high-density filtration system.

Ability to clean hard-to-reach areas

Also, you should choose a vacuum that comes with a crevice tool, swivel head, and other attachments. These features help you to clean tight corners of your home like nooks and crannies. Regarding this, Dyson V7 will be your go-to Vac. Its low profile cleaner head allows you to clean tight spaces like under furniture. Besides, you can transform this Vac into a handheld vacuum to tidy up difficult areas.

Battery Life

Immersive suction can’t alone ensure the optimum cleaning efficiency of a vacuum. How well a Vac cleans the surface also depends on its total run time. Always choose a Vac that comes with prolonged battery life. As a result, you can clean a large room evenly without any disturbance. In this case, Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus will be your best bait as it can extend the battery life up to 100 minutes. However, the issue associated with it is its high-price. So, Dyson V7 can be your ideal choice as it offers 30 minutes run time.

What is the best cordless stick vacuum for vinyl floors and how does it work?

Undoubtedly, Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum is the best cordless vacuum for vinyl plank floors. It comes with an extra soft bristle brush and a soft dusting brush. As a result, you can brush up the LVP floor evenly without damaging it by scratching. Now, let’s see how the Dyson V7 works. Firstly, assemble the unit by attaching all essential tools. You can YouTube or check out the manual guide if you find it difficult to put together.

Secondly, press the trigger to turn the brush rolling to pick up dirt and debris. Make sure you opt for the cleaning mode to low power. Now, start moving the vacuum around your vinyl floor to pick up dust. Finally, clean the dirt cup by pushing the Hygienic bin button and connect it to the charging dock to keep it ready for using it next time.

The best part is- all the vacuums they enlisted are vinyl floor-friendly and offer optimum cleaning efficiency. So, let’s check out the list to see what they included.

Top 5 Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors Reviews in 2023

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors
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1. Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum:

Dyson V7 is the best trait when it comes to cleaning up your hard floor surface at great ease. The heck is it’s digital V7 motor which is seamless and effective for versatile use. After the suction feature, the soft roller cleaning head ensures the complete removal from fine dust to large debris.

Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum
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Check Price at

How it works:

Dyson V7 works in two modes, the first mode is for the intensive cleaning hard floor and the second mode is for the balanced cleaning for ceiling. That being said, from mini motorized tool to mini soft dusting brush or soft roller cleaner head, it can transform the modes of cleaning. Therefore, based on the type of removing dust or debris you can use it in these versatile modes.

Aside from the hard floor and ceiling, you can get your hand on it for the cleaning of under the furniture. Having a low profile head will get you through it.

Phase Discussion

The Fluffy Dyson V7 has gotten an amazing rating 4.7 out of 5 and if we go through the customers funnel, many of them find it an excellent cleaning solution. The first phase of it is with the immersive suction power which we can say fade-free suction. Under the suctioning process the average run time of it would be half an hour.

If we delve more into the suction modes of it, then it concludes 15 cyclones. The main parts are arranged across 2 tires and they work in parallel, boosting the tool to increase airflow, turns out it can capture more fine dust or debris.


How many speeds does it have?

It comes with two modes of speed, the first one is turbo speed and the second is regular speed.

How long does the battery last? 

The battery last depends on the intensive usage of it, for say, if you use it at a higher speed, then it may not stay more than half an hour.

Does this come with the charger for the docking station?

Yes, thankfully it comes with a generous docking station where you can hang it on and leave it to the charge.

2. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Aucma by whall:

Aucma is a seamless cordless stick vacuum cleaner that comes with powerful 3 suction modes, making it a perfect bait. The best part of it is to have the 4 layer efficiency filtration system so cleaning up the fine dust or large debris is so easy.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Aucma by whall
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Check Price at

How it works:

This vacuum has been designed with cyclonic technology and it comes to activate with 3 different modes. The standard mode works to clear up the fine dust alongside the pet hair. Afterward the crumb brush tool runs in moderate mode under 16Pa, which is generous to pick up medium sized debris. Finally the most immersive one runs on the 19pa mode which is maximum mode and thus easily picks up large debris.

After the thorough cleaning you can place it on the wall as it has a dock charging station allowing you to save more space. You will find this amazing cleaner great for the living room where it can go under the sofa and the tight spaces without giving you the hard time.

Phase Discussion:

The design we love to see with a cordless vacuum stick cleaner is with ease of maneuvering. Thankfully, Acumma will save you a day as it is easy to push through the hardfloor due to it’s lightweight design. Moreover, the switches to start and stop alongside other operation modes. Turns out, it is so easy that a kid can operate.

Secondly, you would love to see the filtration which is HEPA based, turns out it ensures the maximum clean up up to 99.99%. The dust absorption is good enough to weigh enough debris. With its 500ml big capacity bin can hold that without leaking. Moreover, the humanized design of it will serve you a pleasant cleaning experience.


How frequently one needs to change the filter? 

The 4 level of filtration serves long-duty, so depending on your applications, you may need to replace it from 3 to 6 months.

Is the power head wide enough? 

Well, the power head comes with the electric floor brush and it is 11.8*9.8*3in wide.

How can I remove it when hair gets stuck inside of it? 

Normally, it won’t happen, and we recommend you to use a clean brush, however if you encounter such an issue then contact the service team, they will either solve it or replace the item.

3. Bissell ICONpet Edge Cordless Vacuum, 2894A:

Bissell ION pet Edge Cordless Vacuum cleaner is the best bait for pet hair cleaning up. Moreover, it reaches to the tight spaces and ensures the edge to edge cleaning performance. The amazing CleanSlide Technology allows thorough cleaning which is the selling point of this item.

Bissell ICONpet Edge Cordless Vacuum, 2894A
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Check Price at

How it works: 

ICONpet works with the tangle free brush roll, allowing it to eliminate the fine dust and pet hair. The brush roll runs in moderate suction power so when the debris comes around it can easily catch up without facing hard time.

Once the vacuuming is done then you can empty it at great ease. Because the dirt tank is easy to open and comes with the mess-free CleanSlide solution.

Phase Discussion: 

We found this vacuum as a great bait for the pet hair cleaning as it has specialized pet tools including the LED flash light. The tools are turbo brush alongside the crevice and dusting brush. Turns out the crevice tool will ensure edge to edge cleaning, turbo brush for immersive cleaning and the dusting brush will pick up fine dust with pet hair.

The best part of it is to stick smoothly on the surface of rug areas and hard floors. We suggest you keep the settings at medium level and you will get to see the gentle but thorough cleaning. The vacuum is easily customizable so it turns out handheld mode and cleans your upholstery and stairs with its extended reach.


Is it a power brush or does it just work based on the suction?

This one is a true power brush which is driven by suction drive, besides you may customize the power as well.

Is it noisy? 

Not at all, it delivers the gentle suction which will never hurt your ear and wake up a sleeping person.

How long does the battery stay charged ?

The battery will stay on charge depending on the intensive or gentle use. For example, if you run it in between middle and high settings on average then it lasts for 25 minutes approx.

4. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Pro EX:

Tineco Pure ONE tuned up the most advanced sensor tech so it detects the hidden dirt or debris and catches up using an automatic suction process. Among many hard floor surfaces, we find It is the best stick vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Pro EX
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Check Price at

How it works: 

It works with the direct-drive multi-tasker 6x mode soft roller brush especially designed for any hard floors. Turns out as the best cordless stick vacuum for Lifeproof LVP floors. This surface requires more power brushing and through cleaning and when a stick vacuum runs with such immersive suction power up to 100 minutes, then this would be the main selling point.

Furthermore, you can convert it to the handheld vacuum mode, it seems like you can find a great ease while getting your hands on it.

Phase Discussion

This S12 PRO EX model comes with the automated power brush directed by LED light. So it not only allows you to ensure quick clean up but also, you can easily operate it under the dark.

The attachments are available with it which are crevice tool, dusting brush, flexible long crevice tool etc. The innovation of iLoop sensor technology makes it so unique and a smart cleaner which will adopt seamlessly into every home.


Does it have the power brush?

Yes, this direct-drive multi-tasker comes with an innovative power brush which is run by the immersive motor, and on the front size you will have a LED light as well.

Can it work in 220V? 

Yes it can weigh 220V and easily cope up that amount of voltage under 100 min run-time.

What unique technology does it have? 

Well, it comes with the amazing iLoop sensory technology, which helps to detect the

5. INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

INSE is the best bait when you are looking for a quiet and lightweight stick vacuum cleaner. It is designed for quick charging and stays long for operation, that being said 5 hours of charging will endure 45 minutes. It helps to clear up all-sorts of dirt and debris and the surface type would be hard floor and carpet.

INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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Check Price at

How it works: 

INSE works in two continuous power modes which you may activate in one tap. The standard mode is good for kicking out the pet hair and fine dust and the power mode is for the stubborn dirts. The best thing about it is to use under flexible steering so it can direct to the different directions up to 270 degrees. That being said, you are going to have a swivel sideways and let you go in every direction.

Phase Discussion: 

Once we delve into it, we get to see it ensure the deep cleaning and never allow any hidden dust. The heck with it is to have the 2.0 brushless motors, turns out it can produce powerful suction and picks up any sorts of dirt or debris. INSE’s first and foremost feature to take our attention is with its multipurpose use. To be honest, it is the best bait that comes with variable attachments. The long crevice tool is to design for going to the ceiling along with the retractable wand. The  simple mini tool is good for equipment cleaning for example, you may clean up your computer keyboard. Aside, from that the countertops, dusting tables and heating vents as well. The regular crevice tool is also included.


How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

Well, the INSE has gotten the automatic sensor and it will let you know with the dot flash located in the battery monitor.

What are the main attachments of INSE stick vacuum cleaner? 

We found the tretractable metal tube, soft & stiff roller brush, long crevice tool, and motorized cleaner head are the main attachments.

Cordless Stick Vacuum vs Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The main differences between cordless stick vacuum and corded upright vacuum are design related. First off, a cordless stick vacuum is intentionally designed to pick up debris & dust from hard floors like tile, hardwood, and so on. As it is cordless, you can maneuver it around your home and clean the hard surfaces. Indeed, a cordless stick vacuum is easy to maintain, portable, and efficient for light cleaning up jobs. On the other hand, a corded upright vacuum is designed for doing deep cleaning workflows. Mainly, an upright vacuum is suitable for picking up dust & debris from plush surfaces like carpet.

As it is corded, it generates enough suction to pull out ground-in dirt from the carpeted floor. The only con of a corded upright Vac is- it is less portable for its large & corded design. So, which is the best between a cordless stick and a corded upright vacuum? It depends on the floor type of your home and also your personal preferences. If you have hard floors and want a portable vacuum that is easy to maintain, then go for the cordless stick Vac. On the other hand, for the carpeted surface, we recommend you have the corded upright vacuum in your lineup.

Which Vacuums You Should Not Use on Vinyl Floors?

Whether it is corded or cordless, stick or upright vacuum, you should avoid altogether if the Vac comes with a rotary brush or a beater bar. The vinyl plank flooring is so delicate and tends to scratch easily. And a vacuum comes with a beater bar, or rotary brush scratches the LVP floor. For vacuuming your luxury vinyl flooring without scratching, pick a vacuum that has a soft bristle brush. Regarding this, you can choose Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum. Its fluffy cleaner head has extra soft bristle brushes that make it vinyl floor-friendly.

Best Way to Pick up Pet Hair from LVP Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is delicate. So, you can’t use your traditional brush to sweep away the LVP surface. If you do so, it will damage your attractive & shiny flooring by getting it scratched. The best way to pick up hair from the LVP base is to vacuum the floor gently with a soft brush. Besides, you can try out rubber gloves to suck away dirt from the surface. However, we recommend you to use a vacuum that comes with a soft bristle brush. It helps to catch dirt excellently. In this case, Dyson V7 will be your best bait as it comes with an extra soft bristle brush that is compatible with your LVP floor.

Benefits of using cordless stick vacuum on vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is so shiny and attractive. So, it requires regular cleaning to keep the sparkling look for a long time. If you don’t clean them regularly, they start fading over time and lose their shiny appearance. However, you can’t use your regular brush to wipe it away as the Vinyl surface is so delicate.

Fortunately, a stick vacuum is easy to maintain and portable. As a result, you can lug it around your home to clean the LVP floor thoroughly. Best of all, all the vacuums we enlisted are safe to your delicate base as they come with soft bristle brushes. In return, you can keep the glittering look of the vinyl flooring without damaging its finish. Therefore, using the stick vacuum doesn’t only clean the surface but also improve the air quality as most of them come with HEPA filters.


Can you vacuum Lifeproof vinyl flooring?

Vacuum the LifeProof vinyl flooring will be safe if the Vac you are using or going to use comes with a soft bristle brush. Otherwise, a Vac with a rotary brush scratches the vinyl surface.

What is better vacuuming or mopping on the Vinyl floor?

Vacuuming and Mopping both are good for Vinyl flooring. However, mopping is a time-taking process as you need a bucket of water and a brush to wipe down the floor. On the other hand, using a vacuum, you can easily clean the surface without breaking your waist. So, vacuuming will be better for the vinyl floor. However, make sure the Vac you have comes with a soft brush. Otherwise, it damages your delicate Vinyl surface by scratching it.

Can you use Dyson on Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Dyson V7 fluffy comes with an extra soft bristle brush and a soft dusting brush. So, it doesn’t scratch the vinyl floor. As a result, you can use this Dyson on LifeProof Vinyl Plank flooring without any hesitation. However, all Dyson Vacs don’t come with soft bristle brushes. So, before picking one, make sure it has included soft bristle brushes.

Final Words:

So, which is the best cordless stick vacuum for vinyl floors? After thoroughly researching the market, our editorial team brought those top 5 stick vacuums that are vinyl-friendly. So, you can pick any of them without any confusion. But we recommend the Dyson V7 Fluffy most. From the perspective of price, cleaning efficiency, portability, and battery life, it will be your best bait. However, you can purchase any of the vacuums from the list based on your personal choice.

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