10 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Opulent and hardwood are two sides of the same coin. If you are going to disagree, we will refer you to at least have a glance at a hardwood flooring first and then at its price tag. We know the look, quality, and price, each one of them was an eye-popper for you. Those of you who already know about it are free to have your ‘duh!’ moment.

That is the reason there are so many fancy cleaning machines, specially designed to clean hardwood floors. So, what’s their contribution and how important and functional they are is the keynote here.

Is Cleaning Machine Safe for Hardwood Floors?


Cleaning machines are not safe to use on hardwood floors unless specifically designed and made to clean the hardwood. A hardwood flooring is pretty delicate and needs optimum cautiousness to make it last. Any cleaning machine that is not for hardwood floors will soon cause the warping, bending, color fading, and the floor will lose its sheen too.

When you look back at how much you have spent installing hardwood floors, it becomes all the more essential to invest in a high-quality cleaning machine designed to clean the flooring and a machine that is safe for the hardwood.

The good news is that cleaning machines for hardwood floors do exist. After all, that floor demands an exasperating high-level mollycoddling. The number is endless, but only a very few could do the deed without ruining the hardwood surface by a hair.

As a homeowner, you know how challenging it is to keep the hardwood floor clean. Besides, if you have a pet, you already have trouble picking the hair & pet messes from the surface. Indeed, tidying up the hardwood flooring is a tiresome task.

However, using the right cleaner, you can keep your hard surface neat & spotless at minimal effort. But, picking the best cleaner for hardwood is daunting as there are thousands of options available, from conventional brush to modern vacuum.

In this comparison guide, we reviewed some of the best hardwood floor cleaning machines. In return, you can compare each of the cleaners and pick the best one for you. So, let’s dive into this guide right away.

Buying Guide For A Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine

We have already talked about the perfect hardwood cleaning machines. But the question is why we concluded them as the best ones. So, to make it clear to you further, we bring the buying guide at the front. The below qualities made them the best, in our opinion. You should also prefer these qualities in hardwood floor cleaner machines. What are they, let’s find out.

Buying Guide For A Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine
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Designed For Hardwood

The machine you are buying must be designed for a hardwood floor. If it is not, it is not a hardwood floor cleaning machine. The multiple surface cleaning machines must also have it clear in its manual that using it is fine on a hardwood floor. Do not even think of touching your hardwood floor with a machine that is not designed for cleaning it. Doing it will call for the purposeful ruination of the hardwood.


We have hinted at it earlier, we will repeat it, a hardwood floor is a sensitive surface, needs to be handled with care. So, anything less than high-quality will ruin it. What you bought, every component of it has to be top rated.


If it is a steam cleaner, the heat and the pad has to be gentle. If it’s a spray mop, the pad and cleaning solution has to be gentle. What if it’s a vacuum cleaner? The power of the motor has to suit and be gentle but effective on the hardwood floor. If it’s a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, the water has to be the bare minimum, and the brush roll has to be gentle on the floor.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines
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Light, Easy And Comfy

Cleaning a hardwood floor is a tiresome and tedious task. So, do not burden yourself by buying an inconvenient cleaning machine. The most injustice you will do to yourself is not purchasing a lightweight tool. The cleaning machine has to be easy to use, convenient to carry, and comfy to maneuver.

Cleaning Pad/Cloth

You can either use terry cotton cloths or microfiber pads to clean your hardwood floors. Nothing else, and take that as a heads up. If you ask us, we will refer to microfiber pads or cloths. The ones we reviewed if you haven’t noticed yet, all clean the floor with microfiber pads. They are gentle, firm, but effective on the surface.


If someone thinks a hardwood flooring needs a pricey cleaning machine, there is nothing pompous about it. It is what it is. Hardwood cleaning machines can very well be expensive, and frankly, most of them are for 70% of the people. If it is high-quality and works well in cleaning your hardwood floor, there is nothing wrong with spending more than enough on a cleaning machine. We actually prefer moderately pricey ones too when it comes to cleaning machines for hardwood floors.

Benefits of Using Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

There are quite a few benefits of using hardwood floor cleaning machine to clean the exquisite flooring. It is a pretty common notion to follow the hard and fast rule of not using a cleaning machine on hardwood floors. If it’s a cleaning machine that uses water and a cleaning solution, we know how well the hardwood floor will endure liquid, don’t we? If it’s a steam mop, then the heat and vapor will ruin the floor. So, it is tricky. That is why one should invest in a specific cleaning machine made for the hardwood floor. If it asks to use a cleaning solution, it should also be made for hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Using Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine
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The cleaning machines require bare minimum tools to clean the floor. Whatever it needs is included in the cleaning machine package only. It knows the floor is not a plain surface. It has corners, crevices, and it needs to be cleaned along the baseboards. One needs to carry it upstairs and bring it back downstairs too. The machine knows how much to use, and it keeps you in control also. If you are using a cleaning solution, it sprays the right amount, which might be hard for you to do. If it’s steam, the machine will transmit the right temperature and right amount of steam to clean the hardwood flooring and not damage it.

Easy On You

Any cleaning machine designed to clean a hardwood floor is made after a lot of thoughts and analysis. So it knows the floor type and how it should clean that particular surface. There is no way you can ruin the hardwood floor with the machine unless you go too overboard, deciding not to follow the rules or user manual. So, if you know how to use a machine, it becomes really easy for you to clean the hardwood floor without putting too much effort and energy. Besides, you don’t need to bend, kneel, lie down, or try any other gymnastics to clean an unclean hardwood surface.

Less time Consuming

The high-quality machines clean the toughest of dirt, dust, grime, grease with just one or two passes. You move the machine, and the filth disappears. They are that level effective. So, when a tool cleans stuff with just a couple of passes, calculate how less time consuming your hardwood floor cleaning sessions will be. As a result, you will not get bored or tired and enjoy cleaning the rather snotty hardwood.

Ensures Thorough Cleaning

If you try cleaning the hardwood floor manually, a thorough cleaning is close to impossible. During manual cleaning, you might only try a thorough dusting, albeit with a vacuum cleaner. But that is it. The wet mopping is highly prohibited, vigorous scrubbing is not allowed as water, and continuous rubbing will damage the flooring. In that case, the cleaning machine is your savior. It is designed for hardwood flooring, so even if you scrub the floor with it, it will not get scratches. The cleaning solution it uses or the steam it emits will be harsh to cause warping and bending.

Easy to Clean Tough Stains

You can clean the dirt and dust by dry dusting and once in a while, mopping. But the stains will remain stuck on the surface forever unless you clean it thoroughly. That level of thorough cleaning, you cannot perform without a machine. The machine and its technology will allow you to be tough on the stain only, and the surface underneath the stain will remain undamaged as you could specifically target the stain, not the floor.

Cleaning Machines vs. DIY Cleaning on Hardwood

Cleaning machines like vacuum & mop cleaner are excellent to brush your hardwood floor efficiently. It requires less time, minimal effort, and offers an optimum cleansing solution. On the other hand, DIY cleaning methods like using a cloth & a brush take a lot of time to tidy up the floor. In this chapter, we compare both the machine cleaning and DIY methods. So, let’s get started.

Cleaning Efficiency

Cleaner machines like a steam mop or vacuum cleaners are superior for thorough cleaning. Vacuum cleaners like Dyson V11 come with immersive suction. With this, you can pick away sticky or stubborn dirt from the surface efficiently.

Therefore, its fibre filament allows you to suck away dirt & debris from hardwood floors without scratching. On top of that, this vacuum also features a crevice tool to capture dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Indeed, you can suck away every dirt & debris from a surface efficiently using a cleaning machine. On the other hand, the DIY cleaning process like using a brush, a bucket of water, and the cloth doesn’t give you the best cleaning result.

You can’t reach every nook & cranny to brush up. Therefore, applying DIY methods, you can’t remove embedded dirt. In some cases, you can also build some mud when you use excess water. Indeed, thorough cleaning with the DIY method is challenging.


In the DIY cleaning, you need to give so much effort to clean your floor thoroughly. Wiping down the surface with a cloth for a long time makes your hand pain. Even you feel pain in your neck and back for cleaning the floor.

On the other hand, using a vacuum or steam mop, you don’t require a lot of effort. What you need to do is- just fill the water tank and run the machine. Then, move it around the floor to pick up dirt & debris.


Using a cleaner machine like a vacuum, it takes only 30 minutes to cover a room. On the other hand, the DIY cleaning method takes hours after hours to brush up an entire room. So, using a cleaning machine will be your best bait to tidy up the hardwood floor.

Reviewing 10 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

Beneath, we have ten professional wood cleaning machines for you. Yes, we are reviewing all of them for you by shoving up as much info as possible.

  1. BISSELL 2307 Spinwave Cordless Wood Floor Cleaner Machine

When it is about cleaning a hardwood flooring, Bissell Spinwave has to be discussed.

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Make sure to wash the pads well after every use. These are washable, and washing often ensures a longer shelf life. If not rinsed well, the dirt and grime will slowly wear off the pads, and they will eventually wane.

Microfiber Pads

You have two sets of microfiber pads. One set is soft touchpads, and the other set is scrub pads. The touchpads do all the gentle cleaning, and the scrubby ones are for removing the tough stains and grime.

Spin And Clean

It’s called Spinwave because the round mop pads duo on the mop head spins continuously to clean the floor.

Water Tank

The water tank has a 28-ounce capacity. Fill the water tank and mix the cleaning formula it includes. This formula does the magic, albeit gently on your precious hardwood flooring.


There is a spray trigger or button right on the top of the handle. You push it to spray a fine mist. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount, of course.

Swivel Steering

Cleaning around and beneath the furniture and along the baseboards was never this easy. The swivel head and the spinning mop pads do the trick well. Though sometimes cleaning narrow edges becomes difficult with the round pads, if you hold it a bit longer, even the slandered edges are easy to spruce up.

Pros Cons
  • Two round soft microfiber mop pads.
  • Two round scrubby microfiber mop pads.
  • Spray cleaning solution on-demand.
  • Quiet.
  • Swivel head, easy to maneuver and clean.
  • Though fluffy, round pads miss edges.


  1. BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 2554A CrossWave is one of its kind. It vacuums and washes simultaneously.

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Use the WiFi+Dash Replenishment feature. Staying connected through the app will save you from the hassle of keeping a constant check on the machine’s different parts. The app will auto-order when the vacuum cleaner needs something.

Vacuum And Wash

Save yourself from dusting the dry dirt before using a wet mop on it. Instead, go for a vacuum and wash. There is no need to dust the dirt before damp mopping because you are doing both at the same time with the same tool.

Run Time

A 36V lithium-ion battery is pretty powerful. Thus, the cleaner runs for 30 minutes per full charge of it.

Two Tanks

There are two tanks to keep the dirty water and the clean water with solution separate. Right from the first sweep, the clean water tank dispenses water solution, and all the dirty water goes directly into the dirty water tank.

Self Clean

It, not just self cleans but charges too when stored. Thanks to the convenient 3-in-1 docking station. Store it in the storage tray, push the button to start the self-cleaning cycle and plug the cord and let it charge.

Edge And Corners

The cleaner cleans the edges and corners like no other. It is designed to follow the sideways, corners, and crevices, and clean them thoroughly with one stroke.

Pros Cons
  • Vacuum and wash at the same time.
  • 36V Li-ion battery runs for half an hour per charge.
  • Two separate tanks.
  • Improved edge and corner cleaning.
  • Self cleans while stored and charging.
  • Little heavy and bulky.


  1. Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco iFLOOR is another wet-dry vacuum that works on multiple surfaces, including hardwood. The limited use of water and it, saving the time of dusting.

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The spot mode works and could be tempting every time. But the extra power it requires drains the battery fast. So unless it’s a spot too stubborn, do not waste the power. The vacuum without the spot mode is already pretty fatal to most stains.


A wet-dry vacuum cleaner cuts off the working period. Its two processes in just one. So, what Tineco iFLOOR does is vacuums and wash the floor at the same time. Using it means saving time and energy both.


Vacuums with two tanks generally tend to be heavy. But not this one. It has a lightweight design. Very easy to carry from room to room and upstairs.

Two-Tank Tech

Fill the clean water tank with water and mix the Tineco Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution in it. The moment you start sweeping the floor, the dirty water tank will begin filling. That is what the most significant advantage of two-tank technology is. Clean water stays clean until the end. Dirty water doesn’t get mixed with it, not even a drop.

Run Time

It usually runs for 22 minutes. Not enough for cleaning the whole house. But it charges quickly.

Self Cleaning

Place it on the storage tray and click on the self-cleaning button. No extra effort and work needed to clean it for the next usage.

Pros Cons
  • Vacuum and wash concurrently.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easy to control and move.
  • Dual tank technology.
  • Self-cleaning system.
  • Underwhelming runtime.


  1. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

Don’t we all know steam mops are “injurious” to a hardwood floor’s “health”! Pun intended. But, yes, there is a big but here. If a steam mop is designed for cleaning the hardwood, it will be safe. And Bissell Symphony is one of those rare ones.

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Even though this is designed to use on a hardwood floor, still, use it with utmost caution. Follow the rules strictly. Do not hold the mop for too long at one spot. Avoid regular steam mopping.

Vacuum And Steam

We know vacuum and wash by now, but here we are in the vacuum and steam zone. So, the rule is the same. You do not need to vacuum your hardwood floor or dry dusting, because this steam mop is going to vacuum and steam at the same time.

Powerful Steam

The 1100 Watts steam power while mopping cleans the pet messes of every kind with one sweep.


You get two microfiber mop pads. They are washable. One is soft, and another is scrubby. Other than that, you have the disposable pads for the pet mess you do not want to clean with your regular pads. Throw them away without a second thought.

Dirt Tank

The dirt tank is easy to empty. Its exclusive Drop-It Tank Emptying System requires a pull on the gear like thingy, and it’s empty without any mess.

Dry Tank Tech

The unique dry tank technology tackles the moisture produced from the steam well by keeping it out from the dirt tank. You only have dry dirt, nothing sticky or messy.

Pros Cons
  • A steam mop designed for cleaning hardwood flooring.
  • Vacuum and steam at the same time.
  • Includes washable pads and disposable pads both.
  • Exclusive Drop-It Tank Emptying System.
  • Dry tank technology.
  • Have to be too careful about using it.


  1. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona is a simple spray mop but an effective hardwood floor cleaner. You get the Bona Original Wet Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner Formula with it to clean the pricey surface rigorously.

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Do not expect something extraordinary from a simple spray mop, and it will work just fine. The power and delicacy on the hardwood floor are of the original formula, not the spray mop per se. So, make sure to repurchase the solution and use that with this spray mop.

Original Formula

The mop has a compartment to insert the cartridge. It is similar to a water tank and comes pre-filled with the Bona cleaning solution. The cartridge is big, so the pre-filled one is going to last. After that, you just need to buy the economy size refills of the original formula and fill the cartridge when it’s empty.

Mop head

The mop head is 16.5-inch lengthwise and 4.5-inch in width. Thus, it covers and cleans large portions at one sweep. It cleans 40% faster due to the large mop head. The mop head also has flexible rubber corners, which double up the protection for the hardwood flooring.


The mop head has a microfiber pad attached to it. It can be washed up to 500 times. Thus reusable for a long time.

Secondary Grip

Other than the handle on top of the spray trigger, it also has a secondary grip. It ensures better power and control on the mop.

Fine Mist

The trigger on the handle sprays a fine mist and spreads it evenly right in front of the mop head. There is no way to overuse the cleaning solution.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight design.
  • Pre-filled cartridge.
  • Large mop head.
  • Dual grips.
  • Reusable microfiber pad.
  • Sometime streaky.


  1.  MOOSOO 23 KPA 4-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

MOOSOO is a 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner. So, you get a stick vacuum cleaner, a handheld vacuum cleaner, an electric turbine brush, and a 2-in-1 brush. It has a large 2200mAh capacity battery and a potent motor with a 23KPA suction power.

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Do not use it just to clean your hardwood flooring. Using it for only that is just a waste when it gives a thorough cleaning to every floor. Even things like furniture, curtain, and inside the car. So keep your bathroom tiles neat and stain-free. Do not hesitate to adorn your rooms with beautiful, mushy carpets.

Lightweight But Sturdy

The vacuum cleaner is a solid aluminum alloy tube but very lightweight. Weighing just 3.3lbs, this is an adjustable stick vacuum that is easy on the hands and the back. It’s robust built allows it to be used vigorously, yet its built-in stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles of the mop head and the two-in-one brush is gentle on the hardwood.

Run Time

You can work on the dust and dirt of your apartment for at least half an hour. The timeline varies depending on the modes you are using it on. It, by the way, has two different modes to work with.

4-stage Filtration

The dirt, dust, and allergens go past a four stages filtration system. They are Cyclone, HEPA, and Honeycomb Filtration.


It collects the dirt in a 1.3-liter capacity bin. With one click, the bin empties without you even touching it.

Swivel Head

The swivel head helps to clean hard to reach spaces with ease. You stay straight by letting the vacuum cleaner move around furniture and crevices, up and down the wall and curtains.

Pros Cons
  • A lightweight 4-in-1 cordless vacuum
  • Weighs 2.84 lbs, easy to carry and has an ergonomic handle
  • 2200mAh large capacity battery runs 20-35 minutes straight
  • HEPA Filtration System removes 99.99% of dust particles
  • Swivels a complete 160° sideways and 90° up and down
  • Noisy.


  1. BISSELL Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252

BISSELL Cleanview vacuum cleaner makes the hardwood floor cleaning convenient with its lightweight design and swivel steering. Its mop head covers a 13.5-inch cleaning path. Way wider than similar vacuum cleaners.

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Empty the dirt cup after you are done cleaning one room. Do not overfill it, especially with pet hair. It will help increase the vacuum cleaner’s lifespan.

Patented Brush Roll

The mop head has a built-in Triple Action Brush Roll on it. The patented brush roll works through a Multi-Cyclonic Suction System. First, it loosens the stubborn dirt and hovering hair. Then it lifts them. The third step to triple action is removing them from the floor and passing it to the dirt cup.


The powerful suction and filtration system won’t let the dirt and hair scatter much. Both the system rather picks and locks all the filth meticulously.

Easy Edge Cleaning

Bissell always designs cleaners for better edge cleaning. This one also has a great ability to clean the corners, edges, and crevices. The edges of the baseboards or sideways fit the edges of the cleaner from all sides. Basically, it reaches the edges instead of missing them.


Other than the brush roll, the package also includes a Pet TurboEraser tool, a Pet Hair Corner tool, and a 6 feet hose. The dirt and hair that the brush roll missed will surely be removed with one or the other of these.

Dirt Cup

The bin empties with one click and has a 1-liter capacity. Easy to wash and clean, just like its filtration system.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight vacuum with a swivel steering.
  • Patented brush roll.
  • Scatter-free technology.
  • Meticulous edge cleaning.
  • Needed a better-quality belt.
  • Needed a better-quality belt.


  1. Stanley 5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Stanley 5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum is a 3-In-1 cleaner with dominant suction power, stainless steel built, and water-resistant design.

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If you do not want to empty a dirty water tank frequently, are fed up with throwing buckets after buckets of water and refilling it and want to continue cleaning the hardwood floor without any impediment or interruption, Stanley 5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum is for you.


The vacuum has 18.5 L capacity. That means you can pretty much clean a whole apartment without worrying about cleaning it with dirty water. Drain the water quickly with the built-in tank drain.


Forget about carrying a bucket with a mop or carrying the whole stick vacuum cleaner to clean the corner of the room. Because this one though bulky, comes with a long hose, approximately 5 feet, double the size of the hose power cord and three extension wands. So, leave the bulky cleaner at one corner and move freely holding the lightweight hose.


It could be bulky but very lightweight. You have the handle to carry it and wheels beneath to move it without carrying it all the way.


It’s a versatile cleaner. With the same machine, you can pick up the dry dirt and debris, as well as remove the spilled drink and food mess. Not merely that, you can blow the leaves from the yard, garden or terrace too as it’s also a blowing vacuum.


The 4 Horsepower motor gives you all the might to clean even the dirtiest of surfaces. Yet it is a good hardwood floor cleaner. The motor is for powerful suction and high-level performance but with the much-needed gentleness and caution.

Pros Cons
  • A wet, dry and blower vac.
  • 5 L capacity.
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty pick-up ability.
  • 4 HP motor.
  • Multiple tools, nozzles, hose and extension wands.
  • Needs more storage space than normal.


  1. Eureka NES215A Blaze

Cords could be annoying. But not always, and the Eureka NES215A Blaze is a shining example. 3-in-1 handheld and stick vacuum cleaner, albeit corded.

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When most cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to work not more than half an hour, a corded vacuum cleaner like Eureka NES215A lets you work continuously for hours. Sockets are there in every room. So, grasp how to use a corded vacuum cleaner to its full potential.


It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Easy to carry upstairs. Its maneuverability, the efficient cleaning, the flexibility in its movement are all top-notch.


Remove the stick and mop head and turn this stick vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum. Attach the mop head to the handheld vacuum and make it a stair vacuum. If that was not enough, it comes with a crevice tool for cleaning up the ceiling and its corners and edges. Also, other hard to reach places.


It functions with a mighty 2 amp motor. Thus, pretty efficient in picking up the dust and pollen at one go.


The powerful motor draws the dust particles, and all the dirt passes through the filtration system and gets locked then and there. The filtration system is easy to clean too.

Unlimited Run Time

It is a corded vacuum. So the runtime is not limited. Keep it plugged in and work without pause.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight, only 4lbs.
  • 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner.
  • 2 amp motor with a potent suction power.
  • Washable filtration system.
  • Swivel mop head.
  • Hard to use at 90-degree angle.


  1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

We had to end it with a steam cleaner, didn’t we! Not just a mere steam cleaner. A legit one. We are talking about Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner.

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It is a powerful steam cleaner. So, we suggest you use it only after you know what you are doing. Read the user manual and follow it A-Z to avoid ruining the hardwood surface. It is best when you know how to use it.

A Design To Remember

It’s an efficient cleaner, but what attracts you towards it is its sleek design. A white square-shaped box with a long hose ever ready for attaching the never to be ended add-ons it comes with.


It is a compact, lightweight cleaner. Carry it if you can’t reach any space with the hose. Just retract the handle and carry it accordingly. Or just make use of the rolling wheels.

Heavy Duty

This one is made to last and lets you work for a long time. To be precise, about 50 minutes continuously. For that, you just need to fill up the 1600ml tank with water through the integrated funnel and wait for seven minutes for the water to heat up and emit powerful 275-degree Fahrenheit steam.


This steam cleaner disinfects without using any chemicals. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and leaves a fresh odor.

Tools And Brushes

The steam cleaner includes up to 18 tools, pads, brushes, tubes, and hose. It is not just a hardwood floor cleaner but a multi-purpose cleaner that cleans anything and everything.

Pros Cons
  • Sleek, unique, powerful.
  • Cleans up to 50 minutes.
  • Compact, lightweight, retractable handle for easy carrying.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Uses plain water but deodorizes.
  • Filling water is a slow process.


Steam Mop vs Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood

Steam Mop and vacuum cleaner are two common floor cleaning machines. Both of them are designed to tidy up surfaces efficiently.

Let’s see the difference between a steam mop and a vacuum cleaner.

Floor compatibility

Firstly, you can use the steam mop for cleaning & sanitizing hardwood surfaces like laminate and tile. You can’t use it for cleaning the carpeted floor.

On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner is compatible with every surface type. It lets you tidy up hardwood floors and carpeted floors.

So, if you look for a multi-purpose floor cleaning, then a steam mop will not be your go-to option. But you can get the vacuum cleaner to tidy up every type of surface.


To use a steam mop on the floor, you should first sweep the floor to suck away dirt & debris. Otherwise, the remaining debris on the hardwood floor will form mud when you clean it with water.

In contrast, tidying up the floor with a vacuum doesn’t require extra preparation. Just turn the vacuum on and start moving it around the surface to take off the dirt.

Steam Cleaner vs Floor Scrubber on Hardwood

Steam cleaner and floor scrubber both find the debris and somewhat they kick out such debris as well. A scrubber comes with it’s pre-set functionality, for example, it is a tool but not as handy as steam mopping. The reason is quite obvious, you won’t be able to run the engine like any steam cleaner.

Using Scrubber on the hardwood will cut the cost for sure, but it takes more time and effort. On the other hand, the steam cleaner will save your time but once finishing the cleaning stuff, you won’t find tidy up hard floor compared to any scrubber.

However, it doesn’t mean that a steam cleaner is full of drawbacks. Some industrial steam cleaner sounds more accurate and immersive. Dewalt churns out many heavy-duty wet-dry vacs as well, we can say it is a big daddy to give birth to such steam oriented cleaners.

If you are ready to have a scrubber then you should get your hands on it with a view to cleaning the grout areas. A steam mop produces more power or energy but sometimes the nozzle or attachment won’t get access to every crack and crevices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best machine to clean wood floors?

Uh, that needs an elaborate answer. Oh, wait. We have already answered it by reviewing ten cleaning machines designed for the hardwood floor. So, we can do with a brief explanation and refer you to our review. You can buy any of the ten from our list. They are really the best. We won’t name just one because that might not be simple for all the people we are trying to help with information. We prefer variety in options. If you want us to reveal a brand, we will definitely choose Bissell. This brand makes some really good hardwood floor cleaner machines.

  1. Is there a machine to clean hardwood floors?

There are at least ten. Come on; we have already talked about those above. So, yes, there are enough machines to clean hardwood floors, not just one. There are multi-surface cleaning machines that clean every type of floor, including hardwood. There are steam mops, vacuum and wash cleaning machines, spray mops, vacuum cleaners, cordless and corded cleaning machines, the list has no end, to be honest. But you need to choose the best one for you, depending on your affordability, convenience, and comfort.

  1. How do you clean a hardwood floor machine?

You should clean your hardwood floor machine every time you use it. Some cleaning machines have a self-cleaning system. So put them in their storage tray and push the button to let them self clean. The ones that need manual cleaning requires cleaning carefully, following the manual. You will have to remove the mop head and the pad from it, then there is the dirt tank, water tank, and other parts. Try to clean the components with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap in it. The components which require dry dusting, use a little brush to brush the dust off them.

  1. What do professionals use to clean hardwood floors?

What the professionals use to clean hardwood floors entirely depends on the condition of the hardwood. So, first, they are going to assess the situation. If it’s only dirt and grime, they use regular cleaning machines, if needed, liquid solutions. Do not get surprised if you see them working with a flat mop and plain water. Hardwood is hardwood for everyone. So, what you can use on it is the same for the Pros as well.  The only difference is that they know better. How to use, how much to use, how to remove the stains, and suchlike. Repairing and refinishing are complex, though.

  1. How do you clean hardwood floors without damaging them?

It is tricky, tedious, and too much hard work. First of all, you need the best cleaning machine that is made to clean the hardwood floor. That will do half the job for you in cleaning the hardwood floors without damaging them. And we have a long list of the best ones for you to choose from.

The second thing you must ensure is not to over clean. Daily dusting or vacuuming is fine and required. But using these pro-level cleaning machines very often is not allowed. Regular dusting and once a month mopping will ensure safe cleaning of your hardwood floors.

  1. Will vinegar ruin hardwood floors?

Yes, it will. Using water on the hardwood floor is forbidden. And vinegar is made of 92-95% water and 5-8% acetic acid. Water seeps in pretty quickly in the hardwood. You need to dilute vinegar by adding water to it. That too, not less than a gallon. Which means you need a wet cleaning. So, it’s a No. Then, no matter how much you dilute the acetic acid in vinegar by pouring it in water, the acid in it will ruin the finish of the hardwood floor. So, keep your hardwood floor away from vinegar.

  1. Will Swiffer ruin hardwood floors?

Swiffer products are made for cleaning all types of floors. Vinyl, linoleum, tiles, and also hardwood, name any. So, it is safe on wood and is not going to ruin your expensive flooring. For example, you have Swiffer WetJet, which is a spray mop. The cleaning solution is very gentle towards the finish on the hardwood but equally fatal for the stains or dirt. The dry pads are microfiber-like, known for removing dirt and grime from a surface without leaving scratches and ruining it. The wet pads by Swiffer could be used but carefully. So, yes, Swiffer products are hardwood floor friendly.

  1. Can you use Pine Sol on wood floors?

Pine-Sol multi-surface cleaner is safe to use on hardwood flooring. It is a gentle floor cleaner with a fresh scent. And these come in multiple fragrances, made with varied ingredients. Take a bucket and fill it with a gallon of water. Measure 1/4th cup of Pine-Sol and pour it in the bucket.

Keep in mind that water is not good for hardwood floors. Before you mop the hardwood with this liquid solution, you need to squeeze the mop or pad rigorously. Use Pine-Sol directly on the stains or footprints to remove them. But never use Pine-Sol too often.

  1. Is Murphy’s oil soap good for hardwood floors?

Murphy’s oil soap suits hardwood floors. It is actually a great hardwood floor cleaner if used the right way. You will have to mix the oil in water to make it less concentrated. One gallon of water will need 1/4th cup of Murphy’s oil soap. To remove stubborn stains, you can make a solution by increasing the quantity of oil soap in a gallon of water. Wring your mop or squeeze the sponge to remove all the excess water before cleaning the hardwood floor. You cannot dampen the hardwood floor too much, remember?

  1. What not to use on hardwood floors?

The question should have been what to use on hardwood floors. The answer would be way brief compared to our current attempt. Never try wet mopping the hardwood floor. We give a veto to using water.

Harsh chemicals, lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, oil, wax such items are harmful to the finish and sheen of the hardwood flooring. So, you should not use those as well.

Only use the machines that are designed for hardwood cleaning. That means the ones that are not for hardwood cleaning, no matter how high-quality or good cleaning machines they are, you must not use those.

  1. Can you use Dawn dish soap on hardwood floors?

We usually do not prefer using a bucket of water while cleaning a hardwood floor. But in some cases, you need to dilute a product to use it to its full cleaning potential. One such product is Dawn dish soap. Though a dish soap, it is safe on wood floors. However, we will not suggest using it to clean your hardwood floor frequently. Hardwood floors, in any case,  do not require regular cleaning. At least not with dish soap. But if compelled and there is no other way, we won’t deny Dawn dish soap being a nice, natural cleaning product.

  1. Can you steam clean hardwood floors?

The answer is both yes and no. Steam mops work with heat and vapor, which means moisture. In the long term, both are harmful to the hardwood floor. Moisture will seep in, and slowly the layers will warp out. The heat will remove the shiny finish and cause dullness. So, we say no.

But we have reviewed a couple of steam cleaners. If you want to steam clean, you can use steam cleaner on your hardwood floors. So, we echo, yes. They are steam cleaners but designed for hardwood. The moisture, heat, mop head, all will be gentle on the wood.

  1. Is Bona good for hardwood floors?

Bona makes cleaners for hardwood floors. If you are using that specific item, of course, it is good for hardwood floors. The cleaning solution by Bona is also specially made to clean the hardwood surface. It is gentle but effective in cleaning the obstinate stains. With a single sweep, you can feel the difference. It cleans the dirt and grime and leaves a fresh, shiny story without any residue. But the condition is you will have to use the cleaning solution carefully. Overspraying and using it often is impermissible. Once in two months will suffice.

  1. How often should you clean hardwood floors?

Unlike other flooring types, hardwood floors follow the less, the better tag. Dusting the hardwood floor will ensure no layers of dirt on the surface. Not letting the dust gather on a hardwood floor for a long time auto eliminates the chances of scratches and stubborn grime. So, no need to mop it frequently.

If you are using any of the machines we recommended then, we suggest, twice a fortnight in heavy foot traffic areas, once in every two months in less foot traffic and immediate sweeping of only the portion that has stains from spilled drinks and foods and of course, make sure you continue daily dusting.

Final Verdict

A hardwood floor is everyone’s dream project, right! A nearly untouchable wish, which many for glaring reasons try to fulfill with replicas. And cleaning the same hardwood floor is not less than any nightmare. Because, frankly, posh will be high maintenance.

We very well understand its importance; that is why we concentrated on compiling only the best hardwood floor cleaning machines. We highly recommend you all ten without an iota of doubt.

Choose any of the ones and put us on a test to see what we claimed was right or not. And we are pretty confident you will be impressed, and your hardwood floor will definitely have a longer lifespan with the sheen intact.

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