Best Mop for Laminate Floors 2021: Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

To be hale & hearty, living in a clean house is important. To keep the home germ free & clean, you should clean the house each day. Cleaning with mop is potent, easy & less time consuming as well. There are varieties of mop in market. Apart from traditional mop, there are spin mop with bucket, steam mop, fragrance mop etc. They have different working procedure. They potentially provide service; swipe the dirt, clean your floor & keep your home sterilize.

Below are brief note on five top mops in today’s market. A buying guide is presented too to help you pick an apt mop.

Buying Guide to Pick the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Floor type:

Before you buy a mop, make sure you have enough knowledge about which cleaning procedure you should choose that would suit your floor type. Make sure you don’t pick the mop which would damage your floor. You can consult with the manufacturer about the right choice of mop for your floor.

Comfortable mop design:

Microfiber mop pad works remarkably efficient in comparison with a traditional mop. 

Consider your laboring aptness & limitation both while choosing the mop. Like, you should choose a mop with expandable handle if you have problem to bend. A mop with bucket and with an auto squeeze procedure of the mop is more convenient.

Lightweight mop are easy to use and carry.


To disinfectant your home is a prior goal of cleaning. You must keep in mind; the mop should clean such efficient that it retards the growth of microbes. Use germicide to get better result. It is wise to pick the mop which kills germs more credibly.


The mop should be adaptable to place you would clean. The head should give smooth rotation. Then it would reach the edge & clean. The handle should long enough to clean outlying area.

Buying Guide to Pick the Best Mop for Laminate Floors
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Water reservoir:

More volume of water repository results more steam production. It is wise to choose a mop with large water tank.

Integral power button:

Every time plugging in to the power is tiring. You may not get convenient power source in a spacious room. A mop with integral power on 7 off switch is more appreciated.

Quick heating:

Of course you want to complete the cleaning task in as much less time as possible. The steam mop system which produces steam in shortest time is preferable.


A mobile & lightweight mop is more convenient to use. You can easily carry the mop walking through the stair case. Then one single mop can serve the purpose for the multiplex house.

Drying the floor:

To dry the floor is time consuming when you clean the floor with traditional mop & bucket. On this note, a laminate floor cleaner machine is more convenient. The mop takes lesser time to dry the floor after wet cleaning.

Top 5 Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews

Top Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews
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1. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is an improved quality mop that would clean the floor in much less time than a traditional mop. Its thick microfiber pad cleans both dust & hard grime efficiently.

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The product is really good for daily use. You can wash the pad and then reuse it. It doesn’t need replacement on frequent use. You can use the same product several times. It would save your money.

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop features:

  • Microfiber dust pad ensures 50% more efficient cleaning than a regular mop
  • Non scratch scrubber is obtainable for headstrong dirt
  • Apply to all kinds of floor including laminate, tile ,vinyl & hardwood etc
  • Provide refillable bottle (22 oz); you can fill the bottle with your chosen liquid/ solution
  • Prepare the  liquid mixing 2 table spoon of cleaning solution in warm water
  • Microfiber pads are reused on machine wash
  • Spray trigger doesn’t require battery to run
  • Lightweight product

Additional kits:

  • Dry dusting mop pad
  • Three refillable bottle
  • Four microfiber Wet Mopping Pads (multipurpose)

A mop irrespective of floor:

You can clean any type of floor with the product.  Such as cement, stone, granite, glazed& unglazed tiles. It efficiently cleans stairs too.

Sterilize your home:

If you have baby & pet, in both the situation, the mop would be preferable. The baby needs to be taken special care. So it’s the ultimate responsibility of the family member to ensure the sterilization of the house. On the other hand, you should keep in mind the pet may cause to spread the germ among the members. So sterilization of the home is much important to keep it germ free. The Rubbermaid Reveal Mop decimates 55% more microbes in comparison to a traditional mop. 

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop on Laminate
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Customize the liquid cleaner:

The product comes with a refill bottle filled with liquid solution. You can change or customize your own solution. You can spray warm water using the spray bottle. Drops of germicide or detergent with water would work well. Using vinegar to the solution would help your floor to shine once you swipe.

Different purpose mop pad:

The pads are made from high quality microfiber. The multipurpose pad is used to clean stubborn dirt. You can use liquid on such purpose. The dry can be used for dusting purpose. Use the scrubber pad to clean old & deep stain / dirt.

Pros Cons
  • Spray as much liquid as you require cleaning the floor.
  • Pads are reusable
  • Potentially perform both dry & wet cleaning
  • Can afford service for a long period of time
  • The lightweight product is easy to carry & use
  • Does retain scrape on the floor as it has a non scratch scrubber
  • A budget friendly product
  • The refill bottle may work potentially for short period of time.
  • The product doesn’t allow 360 degree rotation of the microfiber pad.

The mop doesn’t bend. The shaft is 54 inch long. It’s convenient to use in a large distant area. The product is durable.

2. 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop for Laminate Floors

The mop is designed to serve professional quality cleaning service. It serves the purpose of cleaning the floor with no bucket & chemical irrespective of floor type (like hardwood, tile etc). It works pretty well on laminate floor and retains no stain.

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The premium quality microfiber used to make the mop cleans comparatively better than the regular microfiber. It doesn’t have a bucket like the O-Cedar mop. Only a single mop stick cleans the floor home effectively.

18″ Professional Microfiber Mop features:

  • Telescopic handle larges to 70″
  • Dual operation: clears large dross & grime as well.
  • Allows 360 degree movement of the microfiber mop pad.
  • Frame width measures 18”. Collects dust from more wide area.
  • Aluminum frame makes the mop more rigid.
  • You can wash the mop in machine.


  • Two microfiber wet mop pads
  • One microfiber dust mop pads
  • Adjustable handle of stainless steel (6’)
  • Aluminum mop frame
  • Two premium quality microfiber cloth (free)

Cleans large area:

The mop pad is 2 inches wider than the mop frame. In fact, it is wide enough to collect dirt from larger area of the floor. Ultimately more space is cleaned in less time. The thick foam core absorbs more liquid that allow you to clean more space using the mop once.

The 360 degree swivel makes the mop more flexible to use any part of the house. It runs smooth over the floor.

Expansible handle:

The heavy stainless steel makes the handle notably durable. It extends in length from 42″ to 70″. The user doesn’t need bend him to use the mop.

Choose to your requirement! Wet or dry?

You can swipe the floor in both ways, with the dry mop or wetting it. Comparatively, the wet mop cleans better. On dipping the mop inside a bucket, you need to use your hand to squeeze the extra water. The mop doesn’t perform well on saturation. It would be wise to spray the liquid on floor and then swipe the floor.

Replaceable mop pad:

You can replace the mop once it gets dirty. As the mop pad is machine washable, you can easily clean the dirty one. Keep more than one piece of pad to use them by rotation.

Pros Limitation
  • It gives premium experience to the user.
  • Potentially cleans the floor of all types like tiles, laminate, stone etc
  • Takes less time than the traditional mop.
  • Meticulous performance
  • Dust mop swipes derbies like dirt, dust & pet hair as well.
  • Wet mop does the deep cleaning
  • More flexible & economic for being machine washable.
  • Available substitution mop.
  • You need to squeeze the mop with hand to drop the additional water from it.
  • People may find it larger in size to adjust in a standard oval shape bucket.
  • Wet pad doesn’t lock Velcro pad.
  • Doesn’t hold germicide.

Hang the mop with a hook when you don’t use it.

The microfiber fringe assemble larger particle like pet hair, food crumb etc whereas the interior mop fiber cleans the dust particle. It provides professional quality to service.

3. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is a modern styled mop. The mop is mostly suitable for the hard floor as well as laminate floor. It reduces the physical labor. It would create negligible amount of mess. You can easily swipe the unreachable corner of the home using 0-cedar mop.

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Microfiber absorbs 30% morefilths than a traditional mop. The mop is washed in the machine. So lessens the time & pain to clean the mop. The mop is really a wonderful product to keep your floor clean.

You don’t need to wet your hand to mop the floor. It’s more effective mopping system than the traditional one.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber features:

  1. Comfortable sized bucket.
  2. High quality microfiber cleans deep dirt.
  3. Foot paddle actuates the spin squeezing & controls the moisture level as well.
  4. Splash guard confine the splash & spray in bucket during wringing
  5. Available refill of the mop
  6. Collapsible handle; expands up to 51”

Microfiber mops the deep dirt:

Microfiber mop cleans the floor precisely. It reaches to the distant corner of your house & picks the dirt. It cleans the floor in the smartest way possible. In fact, it works flawless in both dry & wet state.

Microfiber picks – delicate micro particles, dust, dirt, pet hair, and crumbs. In fact it mops adhesive liquid, kitchen mess, mud mark & spills as well.

It cleans deep dirt effectively in less time. Wash the mop in a washing machine in every three months to get the best upshot. The furry fiber dries & wet easily.

Dampness customization:

Manifestly the mop would absorb as much water as it can. But you don’t need all water to mop. The foot pedal help to control the dampness level.

The wringer is placed on foot of the bucket. Loosely hold the mop and enables the foot pedal using the foot. The wringer whirls and drops the surplus water.

Don’t worry. It does not drop water on the floor. A splash guard on the tub ensures the water fall inside the bucket.

Hand free design:

You don’t need to use the hand to wring the mop. The auto wringer doesn’t let your hand make dirty.

Trouble free operation:

The mop is very flexible. Its triangle shape head allows a 360 degree rotation. So you can clean the corners pretty well. The fiber runs below furniture and clean the floor as well.

In fact, the mop is replaceable. So on changing the mop after a certain time, you would get more effective cleaning.

Pros Cons
  • Usable to all kind of floors.
  • Convening of different parts is simple & easy.
  • A budget friendly mop
  • One can personalize the mops dampness
  • Excess water of the mop is removed using the foot paddle
  • One can adjust the handle height in accordance with the requirement.
  • The mop can be washed in the machine
  • Wringing doesn’t require hands involvement.It is done automatically.
  • A bit frail composition. The product should be handled with much care.

4. Shark Genius Laminate Hard Floor Cleaning 

Shark genius mop system is popular for being a steam cleaning system. It is something more than a traditional mop.  Apart from cleaning, the shark steam mop sterilizes the floor as well.

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The mop is an advanced mop which potentially cleans the floor. It uses steam technology. The mop keeps your floor germ free with sterilization. The mop pad is cost effective as it is a washable piece. You will enjoy the smartest experience of cleaning by using the product. The product assembles a lot more features.

Shark Genius features:

  • Dual operation: cleans & sanitizes
  • Coupled smut grip pad
  • Steam gust helps to cleans strong & old dirt as well as stain
  •  Provision of customizing the steam through 3 setting smart steam actuator
  • Dirt grip pad absorbs liquid cleaner pretty well & speed up the cleaning
  • Hand free cleaning mop
  • A pad release button drops the dirty pad on pushing it; really simple to change the pad.
  • Washable pad


  • Mop head
  • Filth grip pads
  • Spray pocket mop
  • Spray bottle filled with fluid & a clip
  • Water loaded flask

Sterilize your home:

To preserve a healthy environment in home, sterilization of your home is very important. Apart from cleaning, the Shark Genius cleaning system sterilizes the floor as well. You don’t need to spend additional money & time to disinfect the home/office once you start using the mop.

Sterilization gets much preference when you have baby in the home. If you are in such a situation, don’t be late & pick a shark mop to keep the home clean & sterile as well.

Steam cleaning!

Steam cleaning is an environment friendly cleaning procedure. Its harm free for children & pet as well.

It leaves no potential germs and microbes on the floor. The steam doesn’t require additional germ killer product. Ultimately saves your money this way! And refrain you from using harmful chemicals too.

Steam mop lefts less water than traditional mopping. So it dries quicker.

The cleaning requires only a single tool i.e. the mop to complete cleaning.

Hard stains don’t need to scrub manually. Only the effective blow of steam is enough to remove such strong smear.

3 ways cleaning doesn’t involve the hand!

Changing & cleaning the dirty & soaked piece of cloth is detest to the user of course. The mop is an automatic tool. Attach the grip pad, then use the mop & click to release the cloth.

Pros Cons
  • Effectively cleans the dirt from an sealed & hard decorated floor
  • Steam cleaning is a quick & effective procedural
  • Doesn’t let the microbes to be on floor
  • The steam channel directly creates a cleaning area over the floor to loosen the dirt & clean.
  • No liquid cleaner retain on the mop after cleaning is complete
  • Doesn’t support the use of bleach.

The S5503D model is available in gray color. The mop swivels pretty well.

5. Power Fresh Steam Mop + Pads and Fragrance Disks

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Bissell presents you a completely new 3 in 1 mop. The mop includes

  • Power fresh
  • Steam mop
  • Fragrance disk

The mop potentially performs on different floors like hardwood, ceramic, granite & marble & linoleum as well. You can clean dry floor. Then the mop scrubs the floor properly to remove dirt. You can choose the steam level as per your need. The user has complete liberty to use the mop the way he requires.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop features:

  • Destroys 99.9% microbes
  • The scrubber cleans the hard stain and grease, toughest spot as well.
  • Works two times faster than usual steam mop.
  • Personalize your steam control profile as per the requirement(high, medium & low)
  • Mop pads of two different categories; 1. Soft microfiber mops pad (diurnal use) & 2. Soft microfiber mop pad with scrubbing strips (for adhesive dirt)
  • 4 spring breeze aroma disc to ensure the fragrance after you clean.
  • The incorporated Microban technology inhibits the odor producing bacteria growth in the mop. The mop would not stink during its service period.

Sterilize your home and office:

The steam kills approximately 99.9% microorganism. The Microban doesn’t let bacteria & germs to grow on the mop as well. The mop helps you to live in a healthy environment & live a vigorous life.

 It’s a chemical free cleaning procedure. The mop cleans the floor with natural steam. It doesn’t require artificial germicide to sanitize the floor.

The ultimate floral vibe!

Three different scent water are available; Spring Breeze 1394, Eucalyptus Mint 1392, Citrus 1393. The demineralized water leaves a nice fragrance inside the room. In fact there is provision to insert fragrance disc in addition.

The mop would serve as a room freshener too.

Pros Cons
  • Steams fast comparing to traditional steam mop
  • Cleans larger region
  • Dries in short time
  • Efficiently cleans different type of floors including hardwood & hard tile floor.
  • Potentially cleans dust & grime, smut
  • Lightweight; labor saving to carry the product.
  • Take out the fragrance disc when cleaning the mop. Otherwise, the scent would reduce.
  • The steam takes longer time to evaporate on laminate floor.
  • Need to  dematerialize to enhance the durability.
  • Need to unclog on a regular turn the way water comes out.

Try the multitasked mop & hope you would love it!

Hope you have got clear idea regarding buying the best mop for laminate floors. A mop should be chosen according to the floor type, area of the house i.e. area / space that the mop would clean. Maneuver of the mop actually matters. Pick a budget friendly mop that is worthy to your space.

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