The 5 Best Mop for Luxury Vinyl Floors Buying Tips in 2022

The vinyl floor is attractive, shiny, and durable. If you clean the base properly, then it lasts for a long time.  But, if you brush up your LVP surface inappropriately, it loses its glittering look and damages the finish. Yes, you can tidy up the surface following the traditional mopping process using a gallon of warm water mix with vinegar.

But the heck is- it’s a time-consuming task and there is a chance to scratch the LVP flooring. In this case, using a decent Mop Cleaner that comes with a reusable soft microfiber pad is the best way to clean the LVP floor. But finding such a kind of mop is confusing as a lot of Mop brands are available out there. Fortunately, our editorial team found the best mop for luxury vinyl floors. So, you don’t need to hustle to choose the right one for taking care of the LVP surface.

What to Look for Before Buying

The following considerations help you to pick the right mop that cleans and protects the vinyl plank surface at the same time.

Type of Mop

Several types of mop are available on the market, including steam mop and spray mop.

Steam Mop cleans the flooring with the help of heat and water. This type of mop doesn’t only tidy up the surface but also sanitizes it. But the problem is- if you fail to keep the heat as low as possible, it may damage the delicate vinyl base.

On the other hand, spray mop comes with reusable and disposable microfiber pads. The sprayer trigger allows you to dispense the right amount of cleaning solution. And the pads let you pick up the dust.

We recommend you to use a Spray Mop like Bissell 20391 that comes with soft and reusable pads.

Floor Protective features

You must consider a vac that includes protective features like soft microfiber pads and a rubberized corner.

Soft microfiber pads don’t scratch the floor while capturing and removing dirt and dust efficiently. Fortunately, all of the Mop Cleaners we included come with soft microfiber cloth. So, you can pick any of them from the list.

In terms of rubberized corners, you can consider Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Mop. It ensures to protect your LVP surface from getting scratched.

Ability to clean hard-to-reach areas

Consider a mop integrated with a swivel head. It lets you maneuver it in tight spaces like under furniture. In return, you will clean those areas with ease.

You can choose the 24” Professional Microfiber Mop as it comes with a 360-degree swivel head. 

Besides, an extendable handle of a mop allows you to tidy up high places.


You should also consider the durability of a mop cleaner. Pick a mop that comes with a sturdy handle.

Regarding this, 24″ Professional Microfiber Mop will be your ideal choice. It is made of stainless steel that makes it durable and offers a prolonged life to it.

Ease of use

Whether a mop is easy to use or not depends on the mop’s weight and handle length.

Fortunately, most of the mop cleaners on this list are lightweight. So, you can lug them around easily for deep cleaning.

On the other hand, an adjustable handle of a mop lets you customize it according to your need. Also, you can store it easily.

Our Top 5 LVP Floor Cleaner Mops Lists

  1. Best-Overall: Bissell 20391 Silver Spinwave Plus 
  2. Best Budget With Quality Cleaning Capacity: Rejuvenate Click N Clean 
  3. Best pH Neutral Spray Mop Leave no Dulling or Sticky Residue : Bona Premium Spray Mop, for Stone Tile Laminate and Vinyl LVT/LVP
  4. Best Durable Flat Mop: 24″ Professional Microfiber Mop 
  5. Best Value & Pet Hair Cleaner: Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System 

What is the best mop for Luxury vinyl floors, and how does it work?

Undoubtedly, Bissell 20391 is the best mop for Luxury vinyl floors for its reusable soft microfiber pads. It doesn’t scratch the surface and keeps the shiny look of the flooring.

Here how you can use this Bissell mop for cleaning hard flooring like vinyl:

Firstly, plug the electric cord into a grounded outlet.

Secondly, turn the machine on to start cleaning.

Thirdly, to start rotating the mop pads, you should recline the body backward.

Fourthly, spread the cleaning solution by pushing the spray button.

Finally, move this mop cleaner backward and forward to remove the mess from the surface.

Now, let’s check out what they included on the list.

Top 5 Mop for Luxury Vinyl Floors Reviews in 2022

Best Mop for Luxury Vinyl Floors
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1. Best-Overall: Bissell 20391 Silver Spinwave Plus

Finding a mop that is lightweight, easy to use, and, most importantly, compatible with vinyl flooring is a tiresome task. Fortunately, our editorial team found the best deal for you after thorough research: Bissell 20391. 

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It will be the best mop for luxury vinyl floors for its on-demand spray and soft-touch pads. With the on-demand spray button, you can spread the right amount of cleaning solution for minute cleaning. On the other hand, soft-touch pads ensure you brush up the LVP flooring without damaging it.

Its swivel cleaner head allows you to maneuver it in tight spaces like under furniture without any effort. So, tidying up every corner and giving a shiny look to your home is easier than you think.

Remarkably, the SpinWave design has two counter-rotating microfiber pads. As a result, you can scrub your hard surface the way you do with your hand and knees.

Besides, this Bissell Mop comes with multi-surface formulas that are tough on messes but gentle on your sealed hard floors like vinyl.

For removing sticky and stubborn messes, it comes with two scrubby pads.

However, we don’t recommend using those scrubby pads on vinyl floors as it may scratch the surface. But for other hard flooring like laminate, it’s your go-to option.

On-Demand Spray + Soft Touch Pads

The easy-to-use on-demand spray button helps you to dispense the right amount of cleaning solution onto your floors. Afterward, soft touch pads offer you to clean your delicate vinyl floor without damaging or scratching it.


  • Cause no damage to your delicate hard floors
  • Swivel head offers to brush up tight spaces
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to put the pads on the centered

2. Best Budget With Quality Cleaning Capacity: Rejuvenate Click N Clean

Rejuvenate Click N Clean is our second pick for its ultimate cleaning efficiency, multi-surface compatibility, and ability to clean tight spaces.

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It will be the best pick for its grout brush. With it, cleaning the grout area is now a breeze and you don’t need to down your hand and knees to do so.

Its scrubbing pads let you remove sticky and stubborn messes and dirt efficiently without scratching the floor. On top of that, the 17″ cleaning head captures and cleans dust 70% faster than other mops.

The sweet feature of this Rejuvenate mop is its All Floors Cleaner formula. You can use and pour the cleaning solution with the Click N Clean spray mop system. Now, brushing up every floor type including, laminate, tile, and vinyl, is effortless.

Apart from this, Rejuvenate Click N Clean comes with a flexible swivel head. In return, tidying up and maneuvering it to hard-to-reach areas is a breeze.

The only con we come across is its sprayer. It gets clogged often.

Click N Clean Multi-surface Spray Mop System

The best feature we spot out of this mop cleaner. It includes all click-on clean accessories, including grout brush, microfiber mop dusting pad, and microfiber cleaning pad refill. With a single tap, you can install the grout brush and efficiently clean grout areas without any hassle. Besides, the microfiber dusting pad and cleaning pad refill lets you pull out messes effectively.


  • Easy to put together and use
  • Efficiently clean grout areas with ease
  • Easy to clean tight spaces
  • Portable


  • Spray tip gets clogged often

3. Best pH Neutral Spray Mop Leave no Dulling or Sticky Residue: Bona Premium Spray Mop, for Stone Tile Laminate and Vinyl LVT/LVP

At number 3, we bring Bona Mop as it is cost-effective, easy to use, and offers better controllability. The Bona Mop comes with reusable microfiber pads that you can wash up and use again and again. In return, you don’t need to spend extra bucks by buying pads like other mops require.

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It will be the best bait for those who look for easy to use but efficient mop cleaner. The extra-large mop head allows you to clean large areas 40% faster, while the flexible corner ensures to protect your LVP floor from getting scratched.

Cleaning the floor with this Bona Mop is effortless. It includes all the accessories like hard surface cleaner, high-quality spray mop, and microfiber pads. With these, you can effortlessly brush up any hard floorings. On top of that, the mist spray trigger allows you to spread the right amount of solution for minute cleaning.

For offering extra control, it comes with a comfortable secondary grip to scrub stubborn dust.

The only issue we spot out of this Bona Mop is its cheap pads.

Extra-large mop head + Flexible rubber corner

The 16.5″ mop head lets you clean your surface 40% faster than other competitors. Besides, its flexible rubber corner ensures to protect your vinyl floor from being scratched.


  • Efficient to clean hard floors like vinyl
  • Cause no scratch to your luxury vinyl surface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Would be best if it comes with better pads

4. Best Durable Flat Mop: 24″ Professional Microfiber Mop

We bring the 24″ Professional Microfiber Mop at number 4 for its long durability and 360-degree swivel. The adjustable handle is made of stainless steel that gives a prolonged life to it. Besides, you can adjust the handle from 42-70 inches. As a result, cleaning high places is effortless with this mop. For efficient dusting, its microfibers are split, which means they have an extra clingy feeling.

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It will be your ideal pick if you are looking for a durable but efficient mop cleaner. The stainless steel ensures the durability of it.

Afterward, the 360-degree swivel head makes it easy to maneuver too hard-to-reach areas. Now, brushing up under furniture and every corner of your home is effortless.

Therefore, the washable microfiber pads offer you to use them, again and again, to reduce your cost.

24″ Premium Microfiber Pad

The best feature we spot out of the mop is its 24″ premium microfiber mop and wet pad. Using the 24-inch mop, you can easily pick up large debris like pet hair and dust. On the other hand, the wet mop pads let you deep clean the surface.


  • Adjustable handle lets you clean tight spaces
  • Efficient to trap large and small debris
  • Durable
  • Easy to store


  • It would be best if it comes in a smaller size

5. Best Value & Pet Hair Cleaner: Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

If you are on a budget but looking for a high-efficient mop, then Microfiber Mop is your best deal. Though the price of this mop is low, it doesn’t sacrifice the mopping efficiency. Its 360-degree swivel head allows you to brush up tight spaces like under the couch or furniture. Besides, the lightweight design of this mop lets you carry it everywhere with ease.  On top of that, the extendable handle allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

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It will be your best bait if you are on a tight budget. Therefore, the machine-washable pads allow you to use them repeatedly to reduce your cleaning cost.

For tackling large debris, it includes two scrubbing pads. On the other hand, two soft and refill pads are available to take care of delicate surfaces like vinyl.

Therefore, this mop is compatible with every floor type. So, you can tidy up almost every surface, including laminate, vinyl, hardwood, and carpeted floor.

The only issue we come across is its extra-long mop head. It will be challenging to reach and clean small spaces.

Eco-friendly microfiber pads

The noteworthy feature we spot out of this Mop is its machine washable microfiber pads. You can use the cleaning cloth repeatedly or reuse it. As a result, it saves your cleaning cost.


  • Reduce the overall cleaning cost
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to put together
  • Lightweight


  • Challenging to reach smaller areas for its long mop head

How to mop luxury vinyl floors like a pro?

The following step by step cleaning guide allows you to mop your luxury vinyl floors without scratching or damaging it.

Firstly, vacuum your LVP flooring to get the best output. When it comes to vacuuming, don’t use a vac that comes with a rotary brush. It may scratch the vinyl surface.

Secondly, mix apple cider vinegar and warm water in a bucket proportionately. The apple cider vinegar doesn’t only clean the surface but also protects the shiny look of it.

Now, dunk the mop into the bucket and start mopping your floor. It removes stain and grime.

However, you also use a Mop Cleaner like Bissell Mop. In this case, you need to pour the cleaning formula and warm water into the refill box. Then, set the soft pads on its head.

Finally, press the spray to spread the solution onto the floor and start mopping.

If there is stubborn dust on the floor, you need to put the scrubby pads in the head.

How to disinfect luxury vinyl floors?

To disinfect luxury vinyl floors, you can use white vinegar with warm water and mop your flooring.

White vinegar contains acetic acid that can kill bacteria and viruses on the vinyl surface. At the same time, it also helps to clean the base.

On the other hand, for a grimy surface, apply liquid dishwashing soap (a few drops) on the vinyl ground.

Therefore, Mop cleaner like Bissell includes cleaning formulas that can also disinfect and clean the floor at the same time.

Using Benefits of Lifeproof LVP Floor Cleaner Mop

The first and foremost benefit of using a mop is it doesn’t cause no damage or scratch your LVP flooring.

A decent Mop Cleaner like Bissell 20391 comes with soft pads that pick up dust without getting the surface scratched.

Besides, you can sanitize your luxury vinyl surface as a dedicated Mop comes with cleaning formulas. It keeps away the floor free from bacteria by killing them.

For minute cleaning of the surface, a mop also included scrubby pads to remove stubborn dust.

Nonetheless, an LVP floor mop quickens the cleaning process and saves your time. For example, Rejuvenate Click N Clean comes with a 17″ head that removes and brushes up the floor 70% faster


Can you use a wet mop on luxury vinyl floors?

Experts recommend using a wet mop with soft cleaning pads. Otherwise, a scrubby pad will scratch your vinyl flooring and dull its finish.

Is steam mop damaging luxury vinyl floors?

Steam Mop uses water and heat to clean the surfaces. A Steam mop can damage your luxury vinyl floor if you fail to keep the heat low as possible as you can.

Should I use a spray mop on luxury vinyl floors?

Spray Mop comes with both reusable and disposable cleaning pads. However, we recommend you use the spray mop with reusable soft cloths. In return, you can use the places repeatedly to clean the floor while keeping the surface protected from getting scratched.

Is microfiber mop safe on luxury vinyl floors?

Microfiber mop, especially with soft pads, is safe on luxury vinyl floors.

Why do I need regular dusting on Luxury/LifeProof/textured vinyl floors?

Dust and debris damage the vinyl floor seriously. So, it would help if you cleaned your vinyl flooring every day to protect its shiny look.

Final Words:

So, which is the best mop for luxury vinyl floors? All the mop cleaners we included are excellent to clean LVP flooring.  Among them, we recommend the Bissell 20391 most. It comes with cleaning formulas and reusable soft microfiber pads. The sprayer of it dispenses the right amount of cleaning solution. And its soft pads let you pick up dust and debris efficiently without damaging the vinyl surface. However, you can pick any of them from the list based on your personal preferences. But Bissell 20391 will be your best bait.

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