The 6 Best Spin Mop in 2023 and A Definite Buying Guide

Spin mop is the current favorite mop. It constructively picks up the dirt & is suitable for all kinds of floor. The microfiber pad of the mop spins and cleans. So reduces manual labor of the user. It picks more debris in less time due to rotation motion of the head.

Spin mops are more comfortable & easy to use than traditional sponge mop or yarn-head mop. You can clean both light dust & heavy duty filth & grease with your mop.

Benefits of Using the Spin Mops


To clean the floor in home and work place, Spin mop is immensely convenient to use regularly.

Several advantages of spin mop are,

  • You don’t need to touch the dirty mop or water with hand
  • You don’t need to swipe the excess water on floor with rag/cloth
  • No waiting time for the wet floor to dry
  • Most spin mop has machine washable & reusable mop head. This makes the mop a cost effective product.

A number notably popular of spin mops are introduced below.

Keep in Mind Before Buying a Spin Mop

Hope the following part will help you to buy your desire one with affordable price. It helps you to reduce the hassle of buying one.

Simplicity in use:

Choose a mop which is simple as well as easy to use. Complex construction increases hazel of using it, nothing else!

Mop head fabric:

Microfiber mop head is best to clean any type of floor. It picks dirt precisely. In fact, washing such synthetic pattern mop is easy. Almost all spin mops has microfiber as its mop head.

Keep in Mind Before you Buy a Spin Mop
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Replacement of the mop head:

Take the opportunity of buying a mop with reusable mop pad. Then you can use the head several times by washing it in machine or manually. It is an economical choice!

Spin operation:

There are two ways to run the spin -foot pedal & stretching of the handle. Both are parallel good. It is your choice which you would feel comfortable to use.

Expandable handle:

If you can change the length of the handle then, you can clean any surface irrespective of height. It is convenient the mop has a collapsible handle

Swash guard:

Splash guard would not allow dirty water to spread outside the bucket.

Bucket with wheel:

It is wise to choose the mop whose bucket has wheels below. The wheels would help you to move the heavy bucket over floor.

There are a lot more factors.

Take help of this list of spin mops to pick the best spin mop for you.

The Top 6 Ultimate Spin Mop Reviews in 2023

Top Spin Mop Reviews
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1. Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Mop is a remarkably long lasting spin mop. Correspondingly, It performs the task of deep cleaning pretty well. You can use the cleaning solution to clean all types of floor. The mop performs orderly on laminate,tile, vinyl, concrete, stone and hardwood.

Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop
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Unlike other mop prevailing in the market, the bucket & handles are made with stainless steel of very high quality. Equally, It ensures more durability of the spin mop compared to plastic bucket mop.
Check Price at

Mponado Features:

  • Suits to all types of floor
  • Completely safe for wooden floor
  • Microfiber mop head provides 180 degree swivel
  • Expandable handle ( up to 56 inch)
  • A stainless steel made bucket with two handles & two wheels

Additional parts:

  • Two mop heads (of microfiber).
  • A scour brush.
  • A cleaning solution dispenser (built inside the mop bucket).
  • Handle set (made with stainless steel).

The microfiber mop produces 180 degree rotation of the head. The mop cleans the corner and edges of your house pretty well. Also, You can reuse the mop several times as it is machine washable. Use & clean the mop with care; you would not need to replace the mop head in frequent time.

Expand the handle up to your reachable height if it doesn’t reach to ceiling or a tall window.

As the bucket is made with stainless steel, it is bit heavy. For easy maneuver of it , there are wheels on its side. Wheels simply slide the bucket.

The mop doesn’t generate streak.

Pros Cons
  • A substantial mop
  • Potentially cleans dust & grime/filth
  • The large wheel on sides of the bucket corroborate easy movement of the bucket
  • You can extend the handle to clean ceiling & window
  • The 180 degree swivel of mop head makes the cleaning easy below furniture.
  • The mop is machine washable
  • Weights almost 10 pounds; a bit heavy.
  • Not recommended to clean pet mess.

This is a budget friendly spin mop. It’s economical as the microfiber mop is reusable.

The mop saves your time & ensures hygiene of the home. Enjoy tidy cleaning with the Mopnado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop.

2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

The mop is a modern designed mop but gives you old styled operational vibe. Additionally, It includes a bucket along with the whirling mop. This mop works pretty well irrespective of variety of floor and reduces the manual labor. On the other hand, You don’t need to squeeze the mop to drop extra water. The work is done automatically by the mop & bucket. Such a relief, right!

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
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The 360 degree rotation of the mop facilitates easy maneuver. The mop is used for both wet & dry cleaning i.e. a two in one mop. Use the mop whatever your floor type is.
Check Price at

The mop ensures efficient cleaning in every corner of the house. It doesn’t let you bend to clean delicate area. The mop is really good for health.

O-Cedar Spin Mop Features:

  • Microfiber pads used in the mop are of very good quality
  • The spin whirling is activated by a foot pedal. The pedal also controls the moisture level.
  • An ideal sized bucket contains auto wringer
  • Splash guard doesn’t let splash outside the bucket during whirling
  • Telescopic handle expands up to 51”

You would drop the surplus water to swipe the floor. But don’t need to do this manually.  Simply hold the soaked mop inside bucket and press the foot pedal. Moreover, It enables the wringer which releases the surfeit water from the mop. The bucket is such wide it holds the water and doesn’t make your floor wet with water.

The mechanism is so amazing that you don’t need to squeeze the dirty mop with your hand. The foot pedal enables the wringer. Furthermore, It would rotate and clean the dirt mop by supplying controlled amount of clean water.

Pros Cons
  • Use in any kind of floor.
  • Customize the moisture.
  • Change the height of handle according to user comfort.
  • The mop being triangular in shape reaches to corner area & cleans the dirt.
  • The mop is machine washable.
  • Drop the excess water by stepping on the foot pedal.
  • The built in wringer doesn’t let you touch the dirty mop.
  • A cost effective product.
  • Little bit insubstantial product; handle it softly.

3. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop

BISSELL Spin wave is a lightweight mop. Also, You would not find difficulties in using the mop. You can clean both light dust & heavy grease with the mop.

It doesn’t clean with steam. It scrubs the floor by rotating two cleaning pad in counter motion. More than that, People have back pain appreciates the mop for its self propelling nature.

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop
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The mop is completely safe to clean sealed floor like hardwood floor, tile, vinyl flooring, and linoleum. The product comes with Bissell cleaning multi surface solution.
Check Price at

BISSELL Spinwave Features:

  • Effectual to clean hard floor like laminate, linoleum, vinyl flooring, tile, and hardwood
  • The water reservoir holds 28 ounce of clean water.
  • Two kinds of cleaning pad:

Soft pad: to clean the hard floor gently

& scrubby pad: to clean grime & sticky mess

  • Power spin pad would reduce manual labor
  • Spray the exact amount of solution required
  • Power requirement:0.9 Ampere per second
  • swivel steering makes the mop movement hassle free

The two pads rotate in opposite direction (clockwise & anti clockwise). So you don’t need to move the mop in different direction.

The mop swivel itself. So you don’t need to push much. When you keep the mop stand straight, it automatically stops spinning.

You can control the amount of cleaning solution by the spray trigger lies on the handle. Similarly, It helps you to use the amount required and abstain from wastage.

Pros Cons
  • Scrubs the floor pretty well.
  • Lightweight mop (11 pounds); can be easily moved in order to mop the floor.
  • Gives less pressure on your back while working with it.
  • The head moves and cleaning.
  • Machine washable cleaning pads.
  • Doesn’t create noise.
  • Works only with water or cleaning solution of Bissell.
  • Not easy to run below low furniture for the vertical shape.
  • Chance to leave fleck. You can use filtered /distilled water to remove streak.
  • Does not work well on grout.

Already mentioned, the mop provide two kinds of pad; soft & scrubby pad. The soft microfiber pad removes dust and light dirt. It plays role in dry mopping. Additionally, The scrubby pad has whisker which breaks the obstinate dirt. Don’t use fabric softener to wash the pads.

The liquid reservoir holds up to 28 oz cleaning solution. Consequently, You need to fill the water line with water & then add cleaning solution. The amount of cleaning solution varies for small & large area.

To avoid swirl mark on floor, it is recommended to use distilled water. Warm water would also work well to clean the floor.

Two multi surface formulas(8 oz each) come with the mop.

4. Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews

To clean properly and with less hazel below the furniture, wouldn’t you prefer a 360 degree pivoting mop head. No doubt, you will love it. Hurricane Spin Mop is such a mop.

Hurricane Spin Mop
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This one is a perfect mop to clean every nook and cranny of the house because the pivoting mop head produces 360 degree rotation. You can clean more area with less effort in short time.It makes the cleaning task easier and completes it in less time.
Check Price at


  • A 360 degree swivel mop head
  • Cleans all kinds of surface
  • Includes a bucket
  • The mop is cleaned using centrifugal spinning method inside the bucket
  • An easy moving mop

Cleaning the dirty pad with own has is not desired. The bucket doesn’t have any wringer like other cleaning system. Rather it generates centrifugal spinning force of water to clean the dirty mop.

Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews
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Dip the mop head in the small round bucket. Then accelerate the pedal with foot. It generates centrifugal spinning force and cleans away dirt.  You can control the speed with foot pedal. The faster the force generates, the less time it takes to wash the mop. But don’t make it too fast. The dirty water is collected from the mop by the bucket inside. It totally doesn’t require involvement of your hand.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight mop, so it’s trouble free to carry.
  • Drops excess water.
  • Don’t need to touch the mop water with hand.
  • Machine washable cleaning mop.
  • Flexible mop head.
  • Cleans dust, grease & pet dirt better than a sponge mop.
  • Doesn’t consume electricity.
  • A bit flimsy; you should use it with care.
  • You may find the bucket comparatively small. So you need to change water several times.

The mop will come with two mop head.

You don’t need to bend while using the mop. It would safeguard your health as well. Use the mop to have a clean home.

5. Twist and Shout Mop 

You would love knowing that Twist and Shout Mop is an award winning mop.It’s a self squeezing mop.It generates almost 2500 revolution per minute.

It is a multipurpose mop. Apart from cleaning the floor, you can clean the wall, window, car with this mop. Its operation doesn’t involve hand.

Twist and Shout Mop 
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The company provides life time guarantee on this mop. Definitely, you would love to pick such a product. In spite of having no foot pedal, its performance is incredible. It dries five times better than the mop with foot pedal.
Check Price at

Twist and Shout Mop Features:

  • Heavy duty, deep & lightweight bucket
  • Foot pedal, spinning axis, wheel, agitator are absent
  • Expandable handle (elongated from 44’’ to 55’’)
  • Self wringing
  • Axle  joint gives 180 degree pivot & 360 degree round move
  • Micro fiber mop performs 3 times better than cotton mop
  • Significant absorption power

The manufacturer has a kept an eye on the health issue too. You don’t need to bend down to clean below furniture. The rotating pad would pick dirt from below them.

The 180 rotation allows picking dirt from corner. The head being swivel picks up dust, dirt, liquid, grease and but it doesn’t leave any streak on the floor.

The bucket is light enough. It is easy to carry over staircase. Filling and emptying with water is easy as well.

You can expand the handle to clean an unreachable height.

To dry the mop, gently impel the handle and it will work. You don’t need to use your hand to dry the mop.

Pros Cons
  • Leaves no streak.
  • Dries fast.
  • Can be used both as wet & dry mop.
  • Mop head can be washed in machine.
  • Supple.
  • Mop head dwindles after several uses.
  • Little bit shaky; handle with care.

6. Casabella Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

Casabella spin mop would give you an incredible experience of cleaning your apartment in less time & labor. The mop cleans all types of floor pretty well.

Casabella Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket
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The Casabella Mop plays the role of a washing machine to your cleaning mop. It lessens the work of cleaning the dirty mop. Pick the Casabella Mop and use to keep your house clean.
Check Price at

Casabella Features:

  • Bucket is made with stainless steel.
  • Wringer in the bucket
  • Built in spinner to clean the mop
  • Integral soap pump system, easy to fill in & remove soap water
  • Wheels present for easy movement of the bucket
  • A fitted drawer where you can preserve the sponge, brush or the refill
  • Cleaning pad  is made with 100% Microfiber

Push down the handle of the mop to for spinning 7 wringing both. You don’t need to use hand. In fact, the inbuilt procedure generates foam to clean the dirt.  You don’t need to manually crate the mixture. Incorporated drainage system make the work easier and less time consuming.

Once the soap pump is empty, you can refill it. Refill for the product is available.

It’s easily portable .Use the sliding handle and the wheel to slide the bucket. Don’t need to lift it up.

Pros Cons
  • Heavy duty basket.
  • Slides the handle gently to tow it easily.
  • Wheel speeds up bucket movement.
  • Comparatively short handle.
  • There is chance to initiate scratch on the floor by plastic present on mop head.

Final Words

This inclusive buying guide assist you to get the best spin mop. Also, You should keep in mind that, various spin has various features. Take one which features you need badly. Conjointly, You can never go wrong with the above list. Hope you can catch your preferable one. Please let us know which your desire one is.

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