The 5 Best Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo in 2023 [Hard Floor, Carpet, Furniture, Upholstery]

What are your favorite memories of being a kid? Is it the visits to the beach or getting a game console? Maybe playing with your friends. No matter what it might be, one thing is for sure. You probably did not have to look after and the house chores as much. Chores were there, but they did not stare at your face like a menace. Now that you’re an adult, chores like house cleaning are a daily routine. Yes, adulting sometimes sucks, but with these vacuums, it can suck a little less. Clean your floors and sanitize them easier than ever. We rounded up the top 5 of these combo cleaners you can buy. So, without further to do let’s jump into the review. There is also a buying guide to help you choose as well.

Buying Guide for the Best Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo


Alright, so you have set your mind on getting a versatile vacuum and steam cleaner combo. To make your life easier, here are the things you need to look for when choosing the vacuum.


Remember, that you are looking for two different power levels here. You need one with good suction power as well as good steam power. A worthy combo cleaner needs to have enough suction to be able to get the dust and dirt out.

Also, the steam needs to be powerful for deep cleaning and sanitization. Weak vacuum suction and steam power can be frustrating to use and simply does not get the job done.

You will thank yourself for getting a powerful one when you’re doing the cleaning and all the grime and dust just comes off the floor with ease.


Some combo cleaners are quite powerful. Albeit they are not that powerful. Consider how you might use your combo cleaner. If you need to reach tight spaces or need to carry it with you around the house, a portable cleaner might just be the right one to get.

Steaming Time

Steaming time is essentially how long it takes for the water to be ready for use. Naturally, the shorter the time, the better it is. So, pick the one with the shortest time.

Having said that, it is important to balance the features. If you get a cleaner combo with the shortest steaming time, however, it does not have a powerful enough vacuum or steam, it isn’t worth it.


Some cleaner combos can clean both carpets and floors and can reach difficult places. A low-profile handle might help you reach under furniture with ease.

Some combo cleaner work on hard floors as well as carpets. All these small details are important to consider.

Ease of Use

The purpose of these cleaners is to make your job easier. If you end up getting a cleaner combo that is confusing to use, you will end up shooting yourself in the foot. Look into the controls and how easy the cleaner is to set up.

What about the buttons? Are they labeled and easy to read? Buy one with intuitive controls and friendly functionality.


Lastly, you have the price. Price is a bit arbitrary. Good cleaner combos will be on the pricier side. But there is a point of diminishing return. Avoid paying for gimmicky features.

Paying for power, good build quality and other useful features is the best way to go here.

Our Top 5 Vacuum and Steam Cleaner All in One [List of 2023]

  1. Best Overall For Hard Floors: BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh All-in-One
  2. Best For Pet Hair on Hardwood & Tile: Symphony Pet Steam and Mop Combo Cleaner by BISSELL
  3. Best For Carpet Cleaning: Rug Doctor FlexClean
  4. Best Budget With Quality Steam-Vac For Furniture & Upholstery: Vapamore MR-50 Portable
  5. Best For Marble & LVP/LVT: BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1

What is the Best Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo and How it Works

All of the products we reviewed are handpicked to be the best cleaner you can find in the market. But if you held a gun to our head and asked us to pick one, we would have to go with the BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh.

It simply hits all the checkmarks of a good cleaner combo. Powerful, durable, easy to use and comes with accessories as well. All in all, a solid choice.

How Do They Work

The vacuum and steam cleaner combo works like a wet dry vacuum. You can vacuum larger debris and give your floors a deep clean with the steam mop. Since you essentially get two appliances built into one, it makes your job easier.

The use of steam also kills germs and sanitizes your floors. There are mop attachments you can use. For example, with the BISSELL models, you can pick from a smooth pad or a scrubby pad.

Use it on hard floors or vacuum our debris – the choice is yours. There is no need to use any liquid cleaning agents in most cases either. It is one of the most versatile Cleaning appliances every household should have.

Benefits of Using Vacuum and Steam Mop Combo

There are some clear benefits of using a combo cleaner to keep your house clean. Some worthy of a mention are:

  • They are convenient and easy to use
  • The high heat produced from the steam sanitized the floors
  • Can be used with scented water and discs to make your house smell refreshing. Perfect for when you have guests over
  • A reliable way to give carpets a deep clean. Although not all are designed to be used on carpets
  • Comes in different form factors – either choose to go big and powerful or small and portable
  • They work great as grout and tile cleaners too. Whether you have porcelain or ceramic tiles, a good cleaner combo will get the job done with ease

The Top 5 Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo Reviews in 2023

Best Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo
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When buying household appliances, it is worth buying the best one out there. They are an investment and won’t break on you in a couple of months. Here are 5 of the top choices.

  1. Best Overall For Hard Floors: BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh All-in-One

BISSELL is perhaps one of the most renowned and loved brands when it comes to vacuum and steam combo cleaners. Their products are high-quality and filled with quality-of-life features.

BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh All-in-One
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For all-around reliable vacuum and steam cleaning, you can’t beat the 2747A PowerFresh from BISSELL.
Check Price at

Whoever thought of vacuuming your floor and steaming at the same time deserves a raise. It not only cleans your hard floors but also sanitizes. You can get rid of 99.9% of the bacteria with ease. One sweep over an area and bam! You have cleaned and sanitized it. The dust and debris are collected in the tank.

Speaking of the dust tank, it is moisture-proof. No water is getting in here. You can be sure it will be dry.

On top of that, you can accessorize it with different mop pads. There are two mop pad types. One washable soft mop pad and a washable scrubby mop pad. Changing out the mop pads is a breeze as well.

How would you like your floors to smell just as clean as it is? You can get scented demineralized water to use with this vacuum and cleaner combo. There are 3 different scents you can choose from.

There are also scented discs you can use with the mop pads for an aroma boost. This is the best vacuum and steam cleaner combo you can buy right now.


  • Cleans and sterilizes at the same time
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Dry dust tank
  • Scented water and disks


  • There is no toggle for the steam, you need to keep your finger on it
  1. Best For Pet Hair on Hardwood & Tile: Symphony Pet Steam and Mop Combo Cleaner by BISSELL

If you knew cleaning your floors would save an animal’s life, would you do it more often? With every Symphony Pet Combo Cleaner purchased, a portion of it goes to support their pet foundation.

Symphony Pet Steam and Mop Combo Cleaner by BISSELL
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Get this one if you want the most convenient way of cleaning out your dust tank with the added benefit of supporting animal lives.
Check Price at

It features a powerful suction motor, coming in at 400 watts of raw power. You can work with a whopping 1100 watts of steam power. No dirt or dust stands a chance against this pet-loving beast.

There are useful disposable pads too. With these one-time use pads, you can clean messes made by your pets. After you’re done, throw the pads away).

You also get two pads for everyday cleaning. Doing the mopping part of the job is one washable soft pad and one scrubby pad. You can clean a wide range of hard surfaces with the pads – granite, marble, hardwood or ceramic.

Making things even easier is the innovative tank. Exclusive to the pet model, you get a hands-free dust tank. You can empty the dust tank with a press of one button and keep your hands clean. And yes, there are scented water and scented discs too.


  • A portion of every purchase goes to support the pet foundation
  • Exclusive hands-free dust tank
  • Scented water and disc
  • Powerful vacuum motor and steam cleaner


  • The cord is at the bottom of the vacuum so you need to careful not to trip
  1. Best For Carpet Cleaning: Rug Doctor FlexClean

The doctor is in town. The Rug Doctor at least. How does this vacuum and steam cleaner combo perform apart from its quirky name?

Rug Doctor FlexClean
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For those who want a versatile combo cleaner that works great on both carpet and hard floors, look no further than the Rug Doctor FlexClean.
Check Price at

Right off the bat, we like the color. It is bright red and makes it easy to spot. Our previous inclusions had good color finishes but nothing as bold.

Keeping things running is its versatile vacuum. You can use it on both carpets and hard floors. There are no cumbersome steps for switching between the two modes either.

You can switch up the modes with ease in just two steps. Attach the appropriate nozzle and turn the knob to the preferred mode.

There are rotating brushes attached to give your floors a deep clean that most other vacuums cannot achieve. With this combo cleaner from Rug Doctor, cleaning up everyday messes like spills or grimy carpets becomes easier than ever.

The large dust tank also makes this a great choice for commercial spaces like offices. It has a volume of 1.5 gallons meaning you don’t have to clean out the tank frequently. But be reasonable though. If the tank is full make sure to empty it.


  • Large dust tank
  • Deep cleans both carpets and hard floors
  • Easy to operate and switch modes
  • Durable build quality


  • Due to its large size, it might a bit heavy for some
  1. Best Budget With Quality Steam-Vac For Furniture & Upholstery: Vapamore MR-50 Portable

This one from Vapamore, does a complete 180 from the previous product. It is portable and handheld. Does the size hinder its performance?

Vapamore MR-50 Portable
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The best choice for those who are looking for portability without sacrificing too much in the power department.
Check Price at

It might not be as powerful as the bigger ones out there; but it is still impressive. The vacuum and steam combo work perfectly for removing stains and dirt from floors.

You can use it to quickly clean pet messes like urine, molds, mildew or other pesky stains and debris. The 210°F steam sanitizes and kills germs in a jiffy. It heats up rather quickly too. From start to finish, expect an initial heating time to be around 20 to 30 seconds.

The fact you do not need to use any harsh chemicals is a great thing about this one. It saves you the risk of using potentially harmful chemicals in a house with children or pets. All this without really sacrificing the cleaning quality. However, due to the size, it struggles with larger debris.

The great size also lends itself pretty well for cleaning your car or going into those tough of reach places. This is one of the best vacuum and steam cleaners combo you can get in a compact form factor available.


  • Portable
  • Relatively vacuum and steam power
  • Quick heating
  • No chemical required for cleaning


  • The small size also means it holds less water
  • Dust tank needs to be emptied frequently
  1. Best For Marble & LVP/LVT: BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1

If you are looking for one of the best vacuum and steam mop combo, you really can’t go wrong with BISSELL. They have been dominating our review with 2 of the products till now being BISSELL.

BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1
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Get this one if you are into good design that does not sacrifice functionality, thanks to the adjustable 5-way handle.
Check Price at

The impressive lineup continues with this powerful multi surface cleaning machine. Meet the BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2-in-1. This vacuum sucks. No wait, we mean it literally sucks.

Thanks to its powerful motor and steam cleaning mop, you can pick up any dust debris without a problem. All of this, plus, it leaves your floors sanitized and safe for kids and pets.

This vacuum and steam cleaner combo cleaner is meant to be used on hard floors like hardwood or bare floors for example.  The steam cleaning needs only water and no other chemicals whatsoever.

With a 25 feet cord length, it will reach almost all over the house. Giving you a pristine and sanitized floor in every corner.

Just like our previous inclusions, it comes with the staples of a BISSELL product. You get the two washable mop pads – one smooth and one scrubby.  You can use scented water and scented disc pads to enhance the fresh smell.

Keep in mind that the water and disc pads are add-ons. You need to pay a little bit extra to get both of those.



  • Would have been great if the pads were included

Carpet Cleaner vs. Steam Cleaner vs. Steam Mop

Despite sounding pretty much the same, these three are not all that similar. Each has its best use cases.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are exactly what it sounds like. They are purpose made to clean carpets. The benefit of using a carpet cleaner is you don’t need to use hot steam to clean out pesky dirt and grime.

Steam Cleaner

This one is a bit tricky. Steam cleaners do not use steam as you would think it does from the name. Rather it uses chemicals with hot water. The mixture is sprayed on top of carpets and is let to sit for a while.

You extract out the mixture along with any dirt and grime. Most steam cleaners come in some sort of handheld form. It makes them perfect for cleaning things like upholstery and ovens.

Steam Mop

For hard floors like wooden or tiled, steam mops give you a seamless cleaning experience. You get a squeaky-clean floor without having to use harsh chemicals that may be injurious to health.

To get better performance, we sometimes suggest adding a floor cleaning agent. That is just about it though. These are easy to use and convenient as well. However, they are not the best for cleaning carpets though.

Steam Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner

Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners can be used for similar purposes. There are some differences though.

Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone knows what vacuum cleaners are. They are a popular appliance and you can use vacuum to pick up dust and debris off the floors and especially carpets. They are used more frequently but do not provide a deep clean. They are easy to use and maintain.

Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners on the other hand give you a deeper clean. They can go deep into the carpeting or floors and provide a more thorough clean. These work great for stubborn stains too.

You can use water and heat to get a good clean or add a bit of a cleaning agent as well. They are perfect for an occasional deep clean now and then. If you have a high footfall area, steam cleaners are the best way to go. They also require a bit more effort to set up.

Steam Vacuum vs Carpet Steamer

You can use both steam vacuums and carpet steamers to clean carpets. But there are some subtle differences.

Steam Vacuum

Steam vacuums are vacuums that can produce hot steam and also vacuum suction to clean out the dust, debris and grime.

Carpet Steamer

Carpet steamers have evolved a bit over the years. Carpet steamers use steam in conjunction with a cleaning solution to give your carpets a deep clean. They have rotating brushes that take out the dirt out from the carpets.

If you have a rather stubborn grime on the carpets, this is a good way to deal with them.

The wastewater goes to a reservoir following that. It is important to note that some carpet steamers do have a suction functionality. They are not to be used as a traditional vacuum cleaner though. It can cause damage to the appliance if the debris are too large.


Can you use a vacuum and steam mop on hard floors?

Ans. Yes, you can. They work great on hard floors.

Can you use vacuum and steam cleaner on Carpet?

Ans. Not all of them can be used on carpets. Before you buy one make sure to check if they are designed for hard floors, carpets or both.

Is there any vacuum that also steam cleans floors?

Ans. Yes, Vacuum and steam cleaner combos will also steam clean floors with the help of the steam mop attached.

How does steam cleaner and vacuum work on life-proof Luxury vinyl planks, Hardwood, Laminate floors?

Ans. Steam cleaner and vacuum combos should not be used on vinyl planks and laminate floors. These are not meant to be steam cleaned. When cleaning hardwood floors, make sure the seal is still intact and the combo cleaner model you use doesn’t leave excess moisture.

Final Words

Cleaning your house just got a whole lot easier and might we dare say a bit more fun? With any of these best vacuum and steam cleaner combo, you can get a deep and sanitized clean for your floors quickly and easily. Pick the one that works for you and you are all set

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