The Best And Safest Way To Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are one of the most durable and easy to maintain floors at an affordable price. It tackles both heavy foot traffic and moisture efficiently. Thus it is highly preferred in the kitchen area and bathrooms.

Vinyl flooring comes in very distinct designs. Even the price varies a lot. But even if it is high priced, it remains low in price compared to most other floorings.

There are traditional vinyl planks, then you have the luxury vinyl planks like LifeProof LVP, and you also have textured vinyl planks.

Reason For Vinyl Flooring In Demand


The main reason for vinyl flooring being in demand is its price point. It is way too inexpensive. Yet it lasts for a long, long time. Though it is not repairable and recyclable, the money you spend is way less. Unless you are making your dream house with a ton of money, costly flooring is a rare sight.


Even if it is a luxurious house, one has to use an easy to clean, durable flooring in at least the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Suppose you are constructing your dream house and decide to have hardwood flooring in it. But can you have a hardwood floor in your bathroom?

Is it practical or reasonable to put expensive hardwoods in a kitchen where you are going to work with water most of the time? The kitchen is the most common place which gets too dirty too soon. There will be grease, grime, food, stains, whatnot. And you will have to clean all these, way too frequently, to keep the kitchen hygienic and neat.

best way to clean textured vinyl flooring
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To maintain hygiene and clean the unlimited dirt and stain, you cannot be rigorous. You have to scrub off the dirt and stains vigorously. Forget the hardwood floors; even for the vinyl floor, a long-term harsh scrubbing is not easy to withstand. However, it tackles the harsh cleaning better. So, in such cases, to save your money and hardwood floors, what you can do is use textured vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms replicating the design and texture of the hardwood planks you adhered to the rest of the house.

Cleaning A Textured Vinyl Flooring

A textured vinyl flooring is very similar to hardwood flooring. It looks as sleek as any hardwood floor that, too, without costing you much.
Now when you have installed textured vinyl flooring, perhaps only in your kitchen area and bathroom or probably in the whole apartment, time to know how to keep it clean. The best way to clean textured vinyl flooring is by daily dry dusting and using all-natural products while sweeping. Our favorite will always be apple cider vinegar.

ACV Homemade Cleaning Solution

Apple Cider Vinegar is all water with 6-7% acetic acid in it. So it is not a harsh chemical yet has a strong element that cleans stubborn stains and dirt. Cleaning a textured vinyl flooring is never a time-consuming task if you know how to do it. Sweep the vinyl floors with a mop using a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar. A gallon of water will properly dilute one full cup of vinegar.


You can sweep the whole house with the same solution. There is nothing to be wary and worry about ruining the floor or its sheen. It will not only remove the dirt but will also kill germs and bacteria.

Cleaning A Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you have installed LifeProof vinyl flooring, which is, by the way, a luxury vinyl flooring, for those who do not know what it actually is. It requires even more delicate cleaning. So you too might be searching for info on how to clean lifeproof vinyl flooring. Let us say it loud and clear. A diluted apple cider vinegar with a soft microfiber cloth or pad works without causing any damage even to the luxury LifeProof flooring. Try it to test it.

Swiffer If Not ACV

Now, we know ACV is not full proof. Nothing is, to be frank. So, here is your issue. The apple cider vinegar solution is not working for you, and you have tried all the possible household products like jojoba oil, baking soda on the tough stains.


But none worked. You also don’t want to use harsh chemicals and liquid disinfectants. In this case, our suggestion will be to try Swiffer.

The Next Safe Option

Swiffer is a renowned brand that makes cleaning mops with microfiber mop pads. They have their cleaning solution too. It is a very gentle liquid cleaner to clean the floor.

If not apple cider vinegar, then the next best and mild way to clean the textured vinyl flooring will be Swiffer WetJet. Or its simple mop with microfiber pads will clean your vinyl planks. It has both wet and dry pads. Dry pads efficiently remove the dirt, and wet pads remove and lock the stubborn stains without causing any change to the floor’s texture or sheen.


Seldom Use Of Swiffer

And that brings us to a relevant heads up. How often should you Swiffer floors? Swiffer could be gentle and could be fine to use three-four times a week. But that is not the best option, especially when you are using the solution or the wet pads.

Sweeping the textured vinyl flooring or LifeProof LVP with Swiffer dry pads every day is more than fine. But if you are using the solution, apply it on your floor once every two weeks, not more than that. Also, make sure to use the solution through the dual nozzles to control the excessive spraying.

You do not scrub stubborn stains every day. The same applies to Swiffer as well. Swiffer wet pads and Swiffer WetJet kit both require minimum use, and whenever used, they clean the surface effortlessly. These are potent and efficient. Thus do not require everyday use.

Vinyl plank flooring doesn’t matter which type has a protective layer over it. It could last up to a couple of decades if well maintained. And when the maintaining process is so easy and costs the bare minimum, you could be assured of it lasting for generations to come. So, what is your excuse for not trying vinyl planks?

2 thoughts on “The Best And Safest Way To Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring”

  1. Bernadette Sullivan

    I have read the articles on what to use to clean vinyl plank flooring. My question is… can one use Dawn liquid to clean the vinyl plank flooring. If so, what would the ratio of Dawn and water be?

    1. You can use Dawn Dish Soap on vinyl plank floors. You can use any cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia and bleach.

      The ratio is 1 to 2 tablespoons of dish soap mixed in with a bucket of water and use it to clean the floors.

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