Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus – Comparison

Bissell has an amazing product line of mops. It offers Spinwave, Spinwave cordless, Spinwave plus, and other models in its product line. Due to this wide line, it is tough to differentiate among the features and functions of mops at first glance. Most of the people fail here, especially the newbie people. As a result, they cannot get a good result even if they purchase a good mop.

After doing several studies, I have figured out that people should know the differences first among those mops instead of looking for the best one. It will help them choose the right one for their task.

That is why we have come up with a comparison among Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus. It will help you know the differences as well as similarities and choose the exact one you are looking for.

Differences- Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus


Those mops are surely the best and most popular mops in the market. Each of them is special in their own sector. However, to make a better decision, here are some differences and similarities you should know.

Mop pads

Mop pads play the most important role to clean the floor. These pads rotate at 360 degrees and thus, scrub the floor. As a result, all the dirt and junk get loosen and then removed by the mop pads. All these three models come with power spin pads that reduce your effort to scrub the floor and clean it.

Bissell Spinwave


You will have soft pads for soft surfaces and scrubby pads for tough and thick messes. Spinwave and Spinwave cordless come with 2 softs and 2 scrubby mop pads where Spinwave plus comes with 4 soft and 2 scrubby mop pads. This addition will reduce your effort of washing the pads regularly.


Weight is crucial to handle and move the mop. It has to be lightweight enough to clean the floor with ease. When it comes to weight, Spinwave and Spinwave Plus are lighter than the Spinwave cordless since the cordless one comes with a battery.

Bissell Spinwave Cordless



Spinwave and Spinwave plus weigh 9.5 pounds. For this low weight, it becomes easier to move the mop and clean around the baseboard and furniture. On the other hand, the cordless one weighs 14.57 pounds. However, it is not that much to use at all.

Wood floor formula

Not all types of floors are the same to clean. You can simply clean some floors easily with water where some floors need extra care. In that case, you need a floor formula. All of the three mops come with two 8 oz. multi-surface formulas to help you clean tile, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl floors. But this formula is not perfect for sealed hardwood floors. That is why the Spinwave plus comes with a wood floor formula that allows you to clean the messy hardwood floor with ease.


Battery brings extra comfort to the mops. When you have the battery, you can move the mops anywhere you want and clean the floor everywhere in your room. The Spinwave and Spinwave plus do not feature any battery. They take the power directly from the electric socket.

Bissell Spinwave Plus



On the other hand, the Spinwave cordless comes with an 18V Lithium-ion battery. As a result, you can have great comfort, convenience, and flexibility when cleaning. However, you cannot use the mop for a long time due to this battery power. This one offers a maximum of 20 minutes of run time. This might be good enough for people with a small room, but this is surely not a good option for the large homeowner.

Cords size

On the contrary, corded mops can eradicate this problem. When you get power directly from the power outlet, you do not have any tension about run time. No matter how large your room or home is, you can easily clean the floor with ease. The Spinwave and Spinwave plus offer you a 22 feet long cord.

It allows you to reach every corner of your floor. However, the Spinwave cordless comes with a battery instead of the cord. So you cannot get that much power to clean the large floor in a single charge. It will support you for only a few minutes.

Carrying handle

Since you need to move the mop from one room to another, one place to another, it is important to be portable for the mops. Otherwise, you cannot easily move it and that can interrupt your cleaning of all rooms as well. To remove your problem, the Spinwave cordless comes with a small and comfortable carrying handle that allows you to move and place it anywhere you want.

However, the Spinwave and Spinwave plus do not have this option. Since these two are lighter than the cordless one, you may not have any problem to move and place it for sure. But if these two had this feature, surely it would have added some extra comfort to use the mop.

Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus
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Storage tray no yes no

Keeping the mop in the right place is really important. You surely do not want to put it in the wrong place. It will reduce your storage and run time of the mop. The good news is that Spinwave cordless comes with a storage tray so that you can easily store your mop in the right place. Also, it attaches the mop pads to the feet for more convenient cleaning. You will not get this amazing feature in the Spinwave and Spinwave plus, unfortunately.

Significant regular things in Bissell Spinwave, Spinwave Cordless, and Spinwave Plus

Along with all those differences, there are some similarities that you should know as well. When you know the similarities along with the differences, it will help you make a better decision for sure.

One common similarity of all these three mops is the on-demand spray. These mops come with a trigger that allows you to spray the solution to the floor for better cleaning. To clean different types of floors, all three mops feature a multi-surface formula.

Besides, you will have washable pads for Spinwave, cordless, and plus. Simply remove the pads from the mops, wash it, and reuse it for the next cleaning. It allows you to use the pads for even more time. Despite the fact that all these mops are powerful enough to clean the messy floor, these do not make that much noise at all. So you can have a noise-free operation all the time.

An auto shut-off feature is also available in all the models. Whenever you stand your mop upright, it will stop working so that you can move the furniture or attend a call. With the Swivel Steering and powerful spinning action, you can clean the floor with less effort with all these three models.

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have any questions? If yes, you can check out the questions below asked by the users often.

What is the difference between SpinWave and Spinwave plus?

SpinWave plus is the updated version of SpinWave. All the major features are pretty similar to both of those machines. But still, the newer one comes with some additional features that will make your floor cleaning slightly easier than the previous version.

How does the Bissell SpinWave work?

Bissell SpinWave works in a very simple process. It features spinning mop pads that rotate in 360 degrees to loosen up the dirt and then clean it smoothly. An on-demand spray is there to make the cleaning easier too.

Can you use other cleaners in Bissell SpinWave?

Bissell SpinWave comes with a floor cleaning solution that can help you clean different types of floors. If you use other cleaners, it can damage the machine. So it is better not to use any other cleaners. Rather we suggest to have Bissell cleaning solution for Bissell SpinWave.

Can you use Bissell SpinWave to clean the laminate floor?

Yes, the Bissell SpinWave comes with all the features you need to clean the laminate floor. You will have soft pads and cleaning solution to smoothly clean the laminate floor without any scratch. In that case, we suggest to use a cleaning solution to make sure the cleaning more perfect.

What is the difference between Bissell SpinWave vs steam mop?

The main difference between SpinWave and steam mop is that SpinWave uses its spinning mop pads. Basically, those are used to clean the floor where the steam mop uses steam and chemicals to reduce the cleaning time and effort.


Bissell comes with a wide variety of mops. SpinWave, SpinWave cordless, and SpinWave plus are surely some top-class mobs you can consider for cleaning your floor. There are some common useful features in all of those models and there are some specialized features as well.

We have shown all the main differences and some common useful similarities for you. After seeing all the differences and similarities, you can now easily make a decision to pick the right one. So make the right decision and make your floor cleaning easier.

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