Bona Mop Head Came Off? [Instant Solution]

Do you use the Bona spray mop tool for mopping the floor? If you do, it’s normal for you to face problems using this tool after multiple months of usage. One such problem is when the Bona mop head comes off and this is a very common issue that many users face. But, not to worry!

If, like others, your Bona mop head came off as well, there’s nothing for you to worry about. I will tell you how you can easily fix it up within minutes.

Furthermore, in this discussion, we’ll discuss how you can correctly use this impressive tool for mopping the floors. So, stay tuned with us till the end.

Bona Mop Head Came Off? [The Solution]


While you are using the Bona spray mop tool for mopping your floor, its mop head might come off if you apply too much pressure on it. Or, this unfortunate event can also happen if the mop head has been subjected to awkward pressure or physical impact.

Bona Mop Head Came Off?
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And, once this mop head comes off, it can be quite difficult to reattach it to the pole of the Bona spray mop.

So, here are a few things that you can do when your mop head has come off:

  1. Examine If The Mop Head Joint Frame Has Got Broken:

It is normal to see that the mop head has come off because the mop head support frame has gotten broken due to excessive pressure imposed by the user. 

That’s why, the first thing you have to do when your mop head has come off, is to check if the joint frame (where the pole head attaches) is still intact or not.

If you see that the mop head joint frame is broken, then we’re afraid that there’s no other way but to replace the mop head. Or, you may have to replace the whole tool altogether as well.

  1. Checking If Excessive Dirt Has Accumulated On The mop head Joint Frame:

Another very common phenomenon that can be seen when the mop head comes off is that excessive dirt is accumulated in the joint frame. As a result, the joint has gotten cranky and consequently, the mop head has come off.

If this is the case for you, then the first thing you have to do is completely clean the mop head joint frame. You may use your hands to clean the dirt or filth off of the mop head joint frame.

How To Reattach The Mop Head To The Pole?

After you have pinpointed the problem of why the mop head has come off, it’s time to make an attempt to reattach it. 

In order to reattach the pole back to the mop head, you’ll have to closely look at the pole head. There, you’ll find two retractable white buttons.

The function of these two buttons is to lock the mop pole to the mop head joint frame. So, you’ll have to understand here that, in order to reattach the mop head pole to the mop head joint frame, you’re going to have to insert these two retractable buttons to their respective holes (in the mop head joint frame).

Now, to reinsert the mop head pole into the mop head joint frame, you can employ any of the below-mentioned techniques:

1) First, you can try inserting the pole head into the joint frame and twisting it. As you twist the pole head, it will click the retractable buttons into their respective holes. 

As a result, you’ll have successfully reattached the pole to the mop head joint frame.

2) Secondly, you can place the mop head on your knee and put your hands on the two ends of the mop head. 

Then, you will have to put pressure on the two ends of the mop head to make it bend a little bit.

Once it is bent to a certain degree, you’ll see that the mop head joint frame has opened up a little bit. As a result, you’ll be easily able to insert the pole head back into the joint frame.

Once the pole head is inserted onto the mop head joint frame, you can release the pressure. 

Then hopefully, you’ll see that your pole head has clicked back into the mop head joint frame.

And, there you go! You just reattached the mop head back to the mop pole.

Correct Way Of Using The Bona Spray Mop Tool:

If you want to avoid accidents (such as the mop head coming off), you can utilize the following tips while using the Bona spray mop tool:

1). Do not apply too much pressure on the mop pole. It’s because this tool is designed to work at its best efficiency while medium pressure is applied to it.

2). Only use Bona floor cleaners in the cartridge of the Bona spray mop tool.

3). If you want to clean difficult stains from the floor, there’s no need to apply extreme pressure on the stain. 

Rather, you have to use a little extra amount of Bona floor cleaner solution on the stain, and let the solution sit on the stain for 2 to 3 minutes.

Then, you can gently clean the difficult stain by using the Bona frame mop tool on it.

4). Don’t try to take apart the parts of the Bona spray mop tool. It’s because this tool is not designed to be taken apart once it’s been assembled. 

So, if you are not super careful with it, there’s a risk of breaking the tool in the process of taking it apart. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I detach the mop head from the pole?

In order to detach the mop head from the pole head, you’ll have to pinpoint the two white-colored buttons on the pole head. 

As these buttons are retractable, you can press both the buttons with your fingers to retract them back inside. Then, you can pull the pole out of the joint frame. 

It’s as easy as that!!

  1. Can I separately purchase the mop head if it’s broken?

Unfortunately, you cannot separately purchase the Bona mop head if it’s broken. It’s because the manufacturer of this tool does not separately sell its parts. Rather, you have to buy a new Bona spray mop tool altogether.

  1. What to do if the mop head is constantly falling off?

If the whole plastic part of your mop head is falling off, you have to understand whether it is incorrectly attached to the pole or has gotten broken. Either way, you will have to closely examine the mop head and reattach it in the correct way.

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As you can see above, taking advantage of the Bona spray mop tool requires you to have the correct know-how. That’s why we have provided the exact details you need to know in order to solve the problems you may face while using the Bona mop head.

And, now that you have got a clear idea of how to handle this problem, you won’t have any difficulty fixing the Bona mop spray tool when its mop head comes off. Best of luck to you!!

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