Can I Use a Steam Mop on Laminate Floors?

The answer is No!

The functionality and usability of a product not only depend on the product feature and quality but also depends on its application.

Before you think of buying a product in the market, you need to consider several factors. Apart from the price, durability, and warranty, check on how you will make use of the product. At times, it sucks buying a product then later keep it in your store due to lack of proper functionality.

However, the article discusses the characteristics of a steam mop and whether it can be used for laminate cleaning.

Let’s have a look.

A Steam Mop, What Is It?


It is a mop that uses heated water that produces steam to clean carpets and floors. As compared to ordinary mops that use washing detergents, steam mops use steam that generates heat to clean carpets.

You use the microfiber pad beneath the steam jet to get rid of dirt. Although most steam mops are designed with tiny water tanks and always result in dry steam.


It has a dust-free mechanism to clean your carpet and floor without dust emission. It does not use an external water supply with a bucket during cleanings, and this may reduce the chances of accidents, especially if you have pets and little children.

Additionally, a steam mop operates on electric power, which may be dangerous during cleaning due to shock circuits in case it comes in contact with water.

Using a Steam Mop on Laminate Floors:

Before you power on a steam mop, ensure you install a clean pad. Remember to take safety measures to avoid injuries and burns.

A steam mop uses a tiny inbuilt tank that holds water. It is an inconvenient machine to use as the tank can only hold little water at a time. Although, this may be a significant disadvantage for you if you stay in a large room.

Also, you need to be extra careful when using the mop and ensure that the steam mop is not powered on when the water tank is empty. The mop head can be messed and damaged.

Can I Use a Steam Mop on Laminate Floors
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Now with the knowledge of using a steam mop on several types of floors, you are set to use it. But there are still many questions raised on if a steam mop can be used on a laminate floor or not. The answer remains no.

To get the best reason why a steam mop cannot be used in a laminate floor, you have to understand how a steam mop works appropriately. Let’s have a look!

How It Works

This cleaning machine uses electric power and cleans the floor using heated water in the form of steam. Immediately you power it on, and the inbuilt heater heats the water on the tank. After some time, the water gets vaporized, and the steam from the heated water goes to the microfiber pads. All the steam moves through the jets.

Later after the microfiber pads get dampened, you can kick off the cleaning task. All water vapor formed helps in trapping dust on the floor.

A good steam jet has 15 jets on the mop head. That’s why it is different from a traditional mop. A steam mop produces high temperatures as it uses electric power. Therefore, it is a vital machine best for killing dirt and bacteria. Additionally, it does not produce unwanted smell as compared to the traditional mops as it uses steam.

Besides, a good steam mop has two-headed pads that create a smooth cleaning effect — one designed to clean hardwood floors while the other head pad cleans slightly sturdy floors.

 A Laminate Floor:

It is a multi-layer flooring made of hardwood. It has four different types of layers:

  • A design layer that has a photo that intensifies the laminate appearance.
  • A back layer that helps in balancing and prevents moisture from accumulating on the floor.
  • A core layer that is also durable protects the laminate floor from indentations.
  • A wear layer is an uppermost layer with aluminum oxide building that acts as burn and stain resistance.

A laminate floor is highly durable as it has a multi-layer construction. Never to forget, it cannot t sustain extremely high temperatures, and therefore, cleaning it with hot steam can hamper it. Even though steam can clean a laminate floor, it results in a negative impact and will finally damage your laminate floor.


Though steam is capable of cleaning the laminate flooring, it will create an adverse impact gradually and damage it.

Why You Should Not Wash the Laminate Floor with a Steam Mop?

Laminate floors have treated wood with aluminum that doesn’t support hot steam. Use a steam mop on your laminate floor at your own risk. It damages the materials used in building the laminate.

Some floating laminate floors use a lock and click technology and need glue to fix them. Steam mops remain harmful. But why? The heat and moisture cause a warping effect resulting in swelling of the sharp edges.

All these affect the laminate floor, breaking down the click and lock function.

Therefore, you will end up replacing the entire floor, which is too costly. It is highly recommended to avoid steam mops on laminate floors.

The Bottom Line!

Much is said, bringing issues on the table, a steam mop is not the perfect machine for cleaning your laminate floor. It will make you spend more funds on regular repair of the laminate floor, especially if you are budget-savvy.

However, if you have a laminate floor and you still want to avoid using the traditional mops, you can always make use of your steam mop. But you must follow some guidelines, and there you go. Use it carefully! Never place the mop head on the laminate floor for long hours.

Mentionable also, don’t allow accumulation of moisture on the floor. Remember to change the water tank always to ensure it has a continuous water supply. Never power it on while the tank is empty.

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