Can I Use K&N Cleaner On Spectre Filter?

While we are freshening the organs of our vehicles, we often face plenty of questions regarding the vital instrument of our cars. However, some of us have become experts after doing it several times. Yet, mystification can grow at any time in our minds. As a result, nowadays, numerous people are asking, ‘can I use K&N cleaner on Spectre filter or not?’ 

The short answer is, both are roses from different plants. The effectiveness and the working methods are the same. Today we shall disclose the facts profoundly so that you never forget the information. Moreover, after the conclusion of the decision, we shall also discuss the accurate ways to clean a Spectre filter.

Answer To ‘Can I Use K&N Cleaner On Spectre Filter?’


Now it is time to tell your answer to the most awaited question.

K&N Air Filter Cleaner

K&N Engineering is a world-renowned brand which produces air filter products with related items like air filter cleaners, oil filters, cold air kits and many more. And their products are certainly masterpieces to the car owner for fruitful results. 

So, it is not unexpected that their air filter cleaner is sturdy enough and quality. Moreover, K&N Engineering designed the product to clean their air filter from top to bottom with maximum washing capabilities. 

About the best creation of the manufacturer as an air filter cleaner is the 99-5000 EU Filter Care Service Kit. In this cleaner, two ingredients are primary. The first is the Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and the second is the Poly(oxy-1, 2-ethanediol). Besides, some other compounds are not trifling alpha- sulfo- omega (dodecyloxy) and sodium salt.

Can I Use K&N Cleaner On Spectre Filter?
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K&N Air Filter Cleaner With Spectre Air Filter

Before understanding the Spectre air filter, we must understand the general air filter. An air filter consists of four parts vitally. The first layer is the grip or cover, which gives us physical control to hold the filter. 

The second part is the micronic fibre traps. It prevents the entrance of microscopic objects and filters the air. Under this layer, the part that comes is called the anti-drain back valve. It is made of silicone. And the fourth part is the gasket which allows us to remove or replace the air filter. 

When we consider the anatomy of the Spectre filter, there was nothing which is barely matched with the general type of air filter. Neither the K&N was different. So, we can rationally say that both are identical to each other. And we can use both of the cleaners on both air filters. 

How To Clean Spectre Air Filter With K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Though washing or cleaning an air filter is an easy task, we must follow accurate procedures. To learn the proper washing methods, read below. Moreover, it is best to constantly clean the air filter after driving 7000 miles.

Firstly, we must learn the proper way to remove the air filter from the car. Take a flathead screwdriver and unplug the screws from the air filter. Your air filter will come off quickly.

Secondly, give the filter a shake so that the loose particles fall off the filter body. If there is any visible dirt, you can use a piece of cloth to wipe it.

Next comes the cleaner application. Before applying the cleaning agent, shake the bottle well. After that, use the cleaner by spraying it on the surface of the air filter gently and evenly. And do not forget to spray inside the filter. 

You have to make the utter air filter soaked with the solution. And let the filter rest for 10 minutes so that the solution can start the loosening procedure. 

After the resting period or 10 mins, you need to dip the air filter down in a bucket full of water. You will notice that the air filter started releasing all the dirt and other materials, and the water is becoming brownish. 

Now, give the air filter a set of gentle shakes so that the water passes through the fibre filter papers. Do not use the spray to rinse the filter. It may cause damage to the filter fibres.

After rinsing for once, you can rinse for another time. Though it is optional, it ensures the proper dirt removal. Now let the filter sit to dry. You can’t use a dry blower or heat gun to dry the filter sooner than average. 

The optimum way to dry the filter is to let it sit in the sun. Moreover, you can also use a paper towel to soak the water and reduce the volume. And the average time it can take is 6 hours if you let the filters sit in the sun. 

After ensuring the dryness of the filter, it is time to apply the air filter oil. Before starting to spray, shake the bottle well. Now start spraying from 3 to 4 inches away with the air filter oil aerosol and ensure the even distribution. After the spraying, when the whole filter is soaked with filter oil, attach the filter to your car. 


What can I use to clean my Spectre air filter?

Answer: A car’s air filter requires a set of cleaning agents, including air filter cleaner and oil. After applying the air filter cleaner, you have to wait for 10 mins and rinse the filters with water gently. And when the filters are dry, you have to spray the filter oil. 

Is Spectre the same as K&N?

Answer: Both Spectre and K&N are best for their products, including air filters and cleaning agents of the filter. There are many other products, but these are prime. And both manufacturers produce the same quality products. So, you can say both are the same.

Are Spectre performance air filters washable?

Answer: Yes, Spectre air filters are washable. But, you can only wash with the determined cleaning agents. There are many cleaning kits available in the market. You can choose any of them like K&N.


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