Can You Clean Hardwood Floors with Pine Sol?

The wood floor is the best choice for an organized homeowner. Though sometimes it makes him sitting on the fence to clean the hardwood floor, pine sol will be the best alternative. If you have a delightfully slippery floor, you usually kept looking its best with simple. Regular dry-mopping or vacuuming is very common to hardwood floor owners, but sometimes it requires a more concerted cleaning effort. Since 1929, pine-sol is an effective cleaner as well as a deodorizer. It would be more suitable for wood if you use it correctly.

So there are significant advantages to use pin sol for its widespread cleaner. It’s expected, though, that pine sol is only used on hardwood floors, but this universal cleaner can also be applied on the tile floor, ceramic tile, carpet, cement, and granite and linoleum surface. It gives pine sol the winner as a multipurpose cleaner.

Applying pine sol on hardwood floors not only gives disinfect the floor, but it is also essential to follow instructions whenever using it on the floor and thin with water.

What is pine -sol?


Pine-sol has excellent rewards for cleaning. It is a trading name of Clorox. It uses for household cleaning products, heavy soul stain, and hardwood stain. Pine-sol is made of real pine scent, so its fragrant is essential pine oil. Thought it was created in 1929, but rises to national popularity in the 1950s. besides, Clorox Company’s product line incorporated Clorox commercial pine sol cleaner in 2006. And still, they maintain the same ingredients as the original pine sol brand.

Is Pine-Sol being safe on Wooden Floors?

A common question always comes that is Pine Sol safe to use on a wooden floor? The answer is yes. Pine-Sol is entirely secure for use on wooden floors that even your floor has been sealed or finished. Though manufacturers sometimes recommend that what shouldn’t be used on an unsealed or unfinished wooden surface, Pine-Sol may have no significant negative effect on the wooden floor surface. But you cannot ignore the simple impact on humans, pets, and the environment.

Can You Clean Hardwood Floors with Pine Sol
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You know the wooden floor is made of solid wood material, where common types of wood used for wooden floors include oak, cherry, ash, maple, and poplar.

Some environmentalists state that Pine-Sol has a few negative effects on health and the environment. It possibly causes respiratory health issues to humans and pets. Before using pine sol on the hardwood floor, you make sure there are no kids or pets around.

How to use pine sol on hardwood floors?

Pine-sol is an alternative to remove tough stains and make your wooden floor newer, but you need to apply them properly.

Pre-Appling preparation

When you will use pine sol, remove extra dust and dirt or any residue from the floor once you start cleaning. It would be best to use a dry mop, vacuum cleaner, or sweeping tools so that you can get rid of pet hair and crumbs from your wooden floor.

Make a Mixture

To make a pine sol mixture, you need a bucket, then take ¼ cup of pine sol with a gallon of distilled water. And mix the solution properly. There is a manual with a pine sol bottle that gives you the right amount of mixing way. If you need, you can apply raw pine sol on your wooden floor, but it is too strong for the base and dilute with water; instead, that’s the way it is not advisable as well.

How to use Pine-Sol?

You need a mop and dip it into the solution. Then mop the entire floor. Be careful that there no puddle leaves on your hardwood floor because the excess solution can damage the floor as well. This can streak and wrap wood flooring.

Whenever you see any stubborn stains, use pine sol directly from the pine-sol pot on the stain, and you don’t need to dilute it. On the other hand, you can use a spray bottle. Pour pine sol into the spray bottle and spray on the stain and scrub the stain. Mop the stain with a towel so that the floor turns in a shiny finish. Make sure it doesn’t discolor your floor.

Experts recommend that don’t apply pine sol on unsealed or visibly worn floor and waxed floor also.

How to use pine sol with a spray mop?

It is very useful to use pine sol in a spray mop. A spray mop can mop with a cleaning solution, and it helps clean the surface correctly.

Firstly, sweep the floor and get rid of dirt, dust, pet hairs, and crumbs. The vacuum also can help to remove them.

After getting dirt and dust, take warm water with pine sol and fill them into the water tank. Mop the floor. There are lots of spray mop available in the market. Choose the best one and make your hardwood cleaning job easy. If the microfiber pad gets dirty, wash it, and use it again.

What kind of mop do I need for pin sol?

This is very important to choose the right types of mop for pin sol application. There you can use a very wide headed mop which makes cleaning efficiently. So choosing the right mop for pine sol cleaning is time-saving and energetic too.

The cleaning mop must have a spray bottle because it helps the users control the ability during solution application. And keep the solution spray bottle is tightly sealed with foam to keep it safe.

Should the pine-sol be the best cleaner for the hardwood floor, its solution bottle has a refillable option several times. And you can fill it with any liquid for further use.

Is Pine Sol safe for engineered hardwood?

We know that engineered hardwood is different from solid wood. It is structurally durable too. So it’s hard to leave behind scratch marks on this floor. Pine-sol is safe to use on this floor. Even it’s safer than other typical cleaning products and water-based products. For oil-based, wax-based, and ammonia-based hardwood formulas, you may get various advantages too.


The exciting part about using pine sol is it has a lovely scent that provides your home a great fragrance. Using pine sol on your hardwood floors isn’t just limited to the good looks of your home, but it’s aroma as well.

It provides six nature-inspired scents that are available in orange energy, lemon fresh, lavender clean, weed, mountain energy, and sparkling waves that you choose your own choice.

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