Can You Use the Bissell Crosswave as just a Vacuum?

Bissell CrossWave is a multi-purpose wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It means this wet-dry vac allows you to sweep & wash the floor at the same time to leave the surface dirt-free. 

But, sometimes, you don’t need to mop the floor; you just need to vacuum the surface to pick up only dry messes, which brings this question: Can you use the Bissell CrossWave as just a vacuum?

Yes, you can use your Bissell CrossWave as just a regular vacuum cleaner. What you need to do is- just keep the water tank empty. Then, vacuum your surface with it as you do every day.

If you are still in confusion, keep scrolling as we will let you know how to use the Bissell CrossWave without water. 

Can You Use The Bissell Crosswave As Just A Vacuum?


Yes, Don’t fill the tank with water. Then, turn it on, and you can use it as a regular vacuum to pick up dirt, debris, and dust from multiple surfaces. 

However, you can easily disable the mopping function by keeping the water tank empty. Indeed, no water means no mopping. 

Can You Use the Bissell Crosswave as just a Vacuum
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In short, don’t refill the water tank, and you will be ready to use this wet-dry vacuum only as a regular vacuum cleaner to vacuum the surface. Keep in mind; the cleaning ability will decrease when you use it as a vacuum only. It fails to deep-clean the area rug or carpeted floor. 

How To Use Bissell CrossWave As Just A Vacuum?

We mentioned above that it’s possible to use the Bissell CrossWave as just a vacuum. Now, we let you learn how to use it like a vacuum cleaner only. 

First off, make sure you remove the water tank from the unit. You can find two water tanks (a clean tank and a dirty tank) located on the back of the machine. Just lift the clean water tank straight up to remove it from the unit. We should remove it to disable the mopping function.

Secondly, plug the unit into a dedicated grounded outlet. Then, press on the cleaning mode (Hard Floor or Rug) to turn on your vacuum cleaner. 

Thirdly, recline the unit backward to start the brushroll spinning. Now, push your vacuum cleaner forward and backward and start passing it on the floor to pick up dirt & messes from the surface. 

Finally, press on the cleaning mode a second time to turn off the unit when you finish the cleaning workflow. 

How To Clean Bissell CrossWave After Use

This chapter will let you learn how to clean your Bissell CrossWave after every use. 

Start with removing the dirty tank from the unit. To remove the dirty tank, press down the recessed button on the top of the tank. 

Make sure you grab the front handle while tapping on the recessed button and pull out the dirty tank from the unit. 

Now, hold the top of the dirty tank in the recessed area on each side of the filter and pull upward to remove it from the top of the tank. 

Next, pour the dirty water & debris into the sink and rinse the dirty tank with water. Afterward, pull the vacuum filter from the top of the dirty tank and wash this filter with the solution of warm water & detergent. 

Then, leave the filter and dirty tank to let them dry.

Finally, reassemble everything back into its place and make it ready for the next use. 


Can Bissell CrossWave vacuum without water?

Yes, Bissell CrossWave can vacuum without water though it’s a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Just leave the water tank empty or remove it from the unit. Then, turn on your vacuum by pressing the cleaning mode button. Afterward, pass your vacuum forward and backward to pick up dirt & dust from the floor. It can clean your surface better than other regular vacuum cleaners on the market. Once the cleaning workflow is finished, turn off the vacuum. 

Can you use Bissell CrossWave on carpet without water?

The answer is both Yes and No. Bissell doesn’t mention the carpet floor to clean with this wet-dry vacuum cleaner. However, you can use it as a dry vacuum cleaner to pick up dry messes from the carpet like a champ. On the other hand, you can’t use it on the carpet as a wet vacuum cleaner. To use it as a dry vacuum cleaner, just leave the tank empty. 

Can you put Pine Sol in a Bissell CrossWave?

No, you shouldn’t put Pine-Sol in a Bissell CrossWave as it can damage the unit. The Pine-Sol will eat up the gasket and cause a leak because it contains chemicals. And the chemicals react with the internal components of your vacuum and damage them. In the worst, it may break down the suction power. Indeed, you should avoid putting Pine-Sol into your vacuum to prolong the life of your wet-dry vacuum cleaner. 

How long does the Bissell CrossWave battery last?

Generally, the battery of the Bissell CrossWave will last around 25 minutes to let you suck away dirt & debris from the surface optimally. However, how long you can brush up the surface will depend on the cleaning mode you use. You can run the vacuum for 10-14 minutes if you use the Booster mode. On the other hand, you can vacuum with it for 25 minutes in Eco mode. 

Does the Bissell Crosswave vacuum and mop at the same time?

Yes, Bissell Crosswave can vacuum and mop at the same time. So, you don’t need to wash or sweep your surface separately. It is a wet-dry vacuum and allows you to pick up both wet & dry messes to leave the surface spotless. Just fill the water tank with water & cleaning solution. Then, turn on your vacuum and press the trigger to sprinkle water on the surface. Lastly, move the vacuum forward & backward to pick up both wet & dry waste. 


We hope you get the answer. You can use this machine to clean your rug areas or low-pile carpet. Just remove the water tank from the unit or keep it empty. Then, move it forward and backward and vacuum your floor to pick up dirt & debris

However, you might lose the cleaning efficiency of this vacuum cleaner if you don’t fill the water tank. We recommend you use it according to the guideline of the manual to get the most out of it. 

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  1. Teresita Bauer

    It was very nice to learn that the Bissell Crosswave Vacuum can be used without water. Sometimes we really don’t need to vacuum with water. Now I know and I can start using the machine. Thank you.

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