Can you Vacuum Sand with a Dyson?

The problem we face in our everyday life at our home and workplace is sand. Sand is everywhere, especially at the beach. If you are thinking of spending the vacation at your beach house, then be ready to clear sand out of your apartment every day. 

Sand gives you an uncomfortable feeling under your feet. There are many ways you can clear sand. Vacuum cleaning is one of them. Dyson is a popular brand in the cleaning industry. Let’s find out if you can vacuum sand with a Dyson or not.

Which vacuum to buy?


If you are looking for a vacuum that can clean sand from the beaches of soft sand, then Dyson is the best. Their incredible suction power does the job just fine. 

Can you Vacuum Sand with a Dyson?
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If you are in trouble with heavier sand from a farm or horse stable or random larger particles like coins, you need a shop vacuum. You need to understand your needs and buy your vacuum cleaner accordingly.

Why should you choose Dyson?

Dyson is a famous company in the cleaning industry. They make air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, lights, bladeless fans, hairdryers, hand dryers.

Whether you want to vacuum pet hair or your hard floor or sand from the beach, you need a vacuum cleaner. Dyson vacuum is the best in this aspect. Their vacuum cleaners have very powerful suction. 

Dyson is also very good for cleaning your carpets. If sand gets on your carpet and you don’t clean them, it will go deeper into the carpet. And result in damaging your carpet. You can vacuum different things with different Dyson vacuums.

Best vacuum for sand 

In terms of reliability and performance,  Dyson vacuums are steps ahead. Dyson vacuums have more suction and cleaning ability than most of the models. Dyson makes the best suction vacuum. 

Dyson warranty is also a factor here. Dyson gives five years of warranty for their products. If you have money and cleaning is a big factor for you, you should buy a Dyson. 

But the problem is there are a number of Dyson models available all over the market. Then which one are you gonna trust? If you want to avoid such hassle, check this Dyson animal here.

Dyson DC65 Animal 

It is also known as the Dyson animal. This model is a high-end model. But it does its job properly.  

Dyson DC65 Animal comes with stiff brushes designed to dig sand and debris in between the fiber of your carpet. This upright vacuum cleaner will clean your floor and carpet no matter how much sand you carry with you from the beach.

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This model is also very quiet despite its huge suction power. If you don’t want to create noise while cleaning, this will help you. Due to its incredible suction power, you don’t have to go over a place twice. Many consider this model as the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood


  • Upright vacuum cleaner 
  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Bayless design
  • Swivel steering
  • Best for hard floor and carpet
  • HEPA Filter Bag
  • Corded electric

What to avoid vacuuming with a Dyson?

Though vacuum cleaners are meant to clean, that doesn’t mean you can suck up anything. If you want to know how to run a vacuum cleaner, consider reading this. 

Can you vacuum glass?

If you want to keep your vacuum safe, first, you should not vacuum the glass. Large pieces of broken glass will tear up the bag. It can also damage the interior or get stuck in the pipe.  You need to use a broom instead. 

Fine dust vacuuming?

Another thing you should keep yourself from vacuuming is fine dust or smaller particles, or microscopic dust. For example, don’t vacuum sand residues from home remodeling. 

Also, fireplace ashes are not compatible.  These will clog up the filters. This may cause the fire of the dust back in the air. 

Wet food or anything moist?

Anything wet is bad news for your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are not designed for anything moist. You must not vacuum leftover wet food, dog or cat food leftovers, wet tissues. This will ruin your vacuum cleaner. 


Is beach sand bad for a vacuum?

Beach sand is lighter. Not every vacuum can suck them up. If the sand is wet, then it is best not to use a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you may not remove all the sand with a vacuum only.

Can I vacuum sawdust?

Sawdust is fine dust in nature. If you intend to vacuum large particles, then that is somewhat fine. But the fine dust from sawing may clog up your filters. 

Is it worth getting a Dyson vacuum?

Dyson vacuums are pretty high-end. But they give you that much service. They provide you with a five-year warranty. Also, they are a big and old player in this market. If your profession is cleaning, then investing in Dyson will be worth it.

Why is Dyson so expensive?

Dyson invests a huge part of its profit in R&D. They are also the first brand in the industry to ensure 0 suction power loss. Their products are more reliable than the brands in the market. These are reasons for Dyson being so expensive.

Does Dyson vacuum ruin your carpet?

Dyson makes some models just dedicated to carpets. This model comes with stuffed brushes that are able to take out dust, dirt, and other debris from in between your carpet fabrics.

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Keeping your apartment clean is a way of a healthier lifestyle. Sand, dust, and dirt can be a barrier to enjoying life fully. But with the proper vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy life fully. 

Dyson vacuums are the best in the market. Sand, dust, dirt, or other large particles or debris is no problem for a Dyson to clean. We leave you here for today. Catch you on the next update. 

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