Cleaning Cedar Siding With Oxiclean

In terms of building new aspects, such as homes, walls, partitions and many more, we use a variety of items. We often see people cleaning cedar siding with OxiClean

It is not rare to use durable wood to make it beautiful and long-lasting. Some of us use expensive timbers to build siding, whereas most people in the United States either use red cedar wood or white ones. Both of them are equally athletic or sturdy in the case of home sidings. 

OxiClean is a brand that provides consumers with plenty of varieties according to their purposes. If you use the OxiClean product to remove the stains properly from your cedar wood siding, you won’t need any pressure washer. Moreover, a pressure washer can cause depreciation to your siding since the robust water flow removes the specks of dirt and stains by the force of water. And certainly, the force of water can harm your wood or cedar sidings.

How To Use OxiClean Properly To Your Cedar Siding?


If your siding is red, you do not need to wash the sidings of your home frequently. And most of us choose red cedar to carpet our walls for that reason. 

However, it is not a problematic issue if you have the white cedar anymore. By using OxiClean, you can remove the dust and stains with no hassle and without the help of an expert.

Cleaning Cedar Siding With Oxiclean
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To make your work easier than earlier, we are explaining the ways to use the OxiClean to wash your cedar sidings below.

Choose The Right Product Or Cleaner

Go to a shopping point where all the products of OxiClean are available. Cause you can find the exact product for your cedar siding cleaning. 

Generally, OxiClean provides an agent to the stores to explain their products and usability. The OxiClean also educates the existing customer service agents of a store. 

Hence, you can ask the agent about the problems and find the right solution. If you go to another shopping point like a departmental store, you may not consult with the customer service agent.

Wash the Cedar Siding Prior To Apply Cleaner

In this step, it would be best if you use a general water sprinkler. Attach the sprinkler to the water line and sprinkle water all over the cedar sidings. 

After that, let the sidings rest for a while. If you are washing your sidings during summer, apply water twice. This process will help your cedar to relax the cells and let the dirt come out easily.

Prepare The Concentration By Mixing Water And OxiClean Powder

Another thing you will be needing is a portable sprayer or sprinkler bottle. In this step, we must be aware of the portion to blend and turn into a solution. Since it is all about cedarwood, the solution must be gentle. 

Now, observe the dirt and stains on your cedar sidings if it is too sturdy or not. If it is sturdy, blend a solution according to the ratio of 1 tablespoon OxiClean with 1 cup of water. One cup means 236 ML, and one tablespoon is around 5 grams. 

In 2 liter water, you have to blend around 8.5 – 9 tablespoons of OxiClean powder. Now, tighten the bottle with a cap and shake the bottle well. After that, observe if all the powder has mixed well or not. 

Apply The OxiClean Solution

With the bottle sprinkler, spray the solution on the damp cedar sidings. You must shake the sprinkler often while applying so that the concentration of the solution remains the same all the time. 

Now, let the cedar sidings rest for a while, like 30 – 40 mins. 

You will notice the solution is getting dry. When the solution is about to dry, rinse the solution off with pure water. Keep rinsing the cedar sidings until you feel all the solution has flown away. Now, you will notice that all the dirt and stains are coming out.

Sometimes it is hard to get rid of all the dirt from the surface of your cedar siding. In that case, you need to wash your sidings frequently twice a month for a couple of months. 

After that, you can wash the sidings once every three months or more. After washing 2-3 times using the OxiClean solution, you will experience the sidings similar to new ones.

Why Should We Avoid High-Pressure Water Wash?

We often experience that high-pressure water flow is more effective than this delicate cleaning process. In many cases, we do not require OxiClean or any other solutions to apply on the surface of cedar. 

The robust force of water is enough for the washing purpose. Nonetheless, the force surely depreciates the sidings since these are tolerating massive enforcement.

Moreover, if you want to use the high-pressure water wash system, you also need to buy a pump, which is more costly than the washing powder. Furthermore, while using the high-pressure water flow system, the feeble parts of the sidings can be broken. 

Another most vital problematic issue is a significant chance of water going inside your house. 

Other than these, if you desire a deep clean, you must use a high-pressure water flow. And, we recommend you to have an expert hand in this case. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot of effort.


  • What is the best way to clean cedar?

Answer: There are several methods to use while cleaning a cedar wood surface. If the object is inside your home, you can use OxiClean powder by preparing a solution with water. And, if you are talking about the cedar wood siding of your home, you can use either OxiClean solution or the high-pressure water washer. 

Both of the ways are highly effective in cleaning cedar. But, if you are looking for an efficient, safe, and effortless way, OxiClean is the ideal option.

  • What can you use to clean cedarwood?

Answer: Washing a cedar is not a complex process. You can either use a high-pressure water sprinkler to wash cedar or use a similar detergent solution. There are plenty of products like OxiClean. You can purchase a pack of OxiClean and mix the powder with water according to the right proportion. This process includes applying the solution and washing the surface.

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In the end, after all the discussions, we can conclude that OxiClean is beneficial when you are washing the cedar sidings of your home. Frequently washed by the OxiClean solution can provide shine to your cedar walls. 

Nevertheless, it is not an ideal product for commercial use because it will cost way more than the high-pressure washing system.

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