Commercial Cleaning Vs Residential Cleaning ( Which One Should You Adapt)

Let’s face the undeniable truth again.

Covid 19 pandemic has made us realize the core importance of cleaning.

And when it comes to cleaning, you will see two types of distinct services: commercial cleaning and residential cleaning.

Don’t get bluffed by thinking that cleaning is cleaning, be it home or office. Because there are several key differences between these two types of cleaning.

So you should have a better understanding of both the cleaning service to meet the expectation of your need.

In this blog post, we are going to cover all the necessary things on commercial cleaning vs residential cleaning so that you can have an in-depth idea and smartly select the exact type of cleaning service. 

Just walk with us.

Commercial Cleaning Vs Residential Cleaning
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What Is Commercial Cleaning?


Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of commercial spaces like:

  • Industrial buildings and premises
  • Medical and healthcare facilities
  • Cleanrooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Retail stores

This cleaning service is carried out by an expert team who specializes in performing quality cleaning. To keep your workstation healthy and germ-free, these trained personalities use advanced knowledge and equipment to ensure the maximum safety of your staff and visitors by maintaining a well-organized cleaning process.

Commercial cleaning is ideal for commercial setups and specialty facilities that require advanced technology, knowledge, and training to ensure minimal hygienic working conditions.

What Is Residential Cleaning?

Residential cleaning serves the exact purpose as the name suggests. This cleaning refers to the cleaning of homes and other domestic dwellings. It has the coverage of:

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Sweeping floors
  • Mopping and vacuuming floor
  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of oven
  • Washing basin and countertops sinks
  • Emptying all trash bags

Technology and training involved in this cleaning service highly depend on the provider and can vary a lot due to the different expectations of clients.

Commercial cleaning deals mainly with cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. So it is way more detail-oriented and thorough.

Many residential cleaners have a tendency of using their own cleaning technology and supplies which might contain harmful chemicals instead of green cleaning. So you should be careful in that regard.

Key Differences Of Commercial  Cleaning And Residential Cleaning

For your better comprehension, we are going to present the main differences between these two cleaning services in a table. Let’s take a look here!

Area Of Differences Commercial Cleaning Residential Cleaning
Purpose  Commercial cleaning requires great expertise to make a working place tidy and well organized. As a result, it consumes more time and money. Residential cleaning deals with regular domestic cleaning like removing dust and grime from bathrooms, vacuuming carpets, washing floors, etc. It requires less effort than commercial cleaning. With the right cleaning process and tools, you can also perform the cleaning on your own.
Methods  Commercial cleaning uses a well-integrated and advanced process to clean commercial property. It not only does the task of mopping and floor cleaning but also covers the area of dusting desks, cabinets, shelves, and cubicle walls Most residential cleaners use a tailor-made process to do the cleaning. But you should make a custom checklist so that you can supervise the cleaning process thoroughly. By doing so you can rest assured that your entire house is cleaned properly. Don’t forget to see if they have used a green cleaning process.
Servicing time This cleaning process generally takes place during late nights, evenings, and weekends. So it demands additional cleaning crews. Residential cleaning is performed during the daytime. So it is less challenging when compared to commercial cleaning. Because cleaning crews are willing to work in day time instead of working night and weekend.
Cleaning Time It is not a detailed-oriented cleaning process so it requires faster cleaning by meeting up cleaning specifications on the contact This cleaning is much more detail-oriented so it requires much time. Your clients become sensitive when you touch their personal belongings. And they give more attention to small details like how you place the pillows on the couch or beds. So you should not make any hustle to do the job.
Payment Method With commercial cleaning, you will get paid later. The payment is done according to the contract. So most of the time you have to issue an invoice monthly. So the cash flow is not satisfying. Residential cleaners get paid after completing each day’s service. So they enjoy a good cash flow.
Pricing And Profit Margins Cleaning commercial property requires costly chemicals, equipment, and supplies. So the profit margins get lowered per client. Domestic cleaning doesn’t involve costly equipment and chemicals. So there is a rise in profit margins. 
Production Rate In commercial cleaning, the average production rate could be 2500 to 4000 or even more. The average production rate of residential cleaning is 700 to 1000 square feet. That means in one hour one person can clean that amount of space
Marketing and Competition It is a business-to-business service. So companies try to acquire more accounts to make up the profit margin. So the competition is huge. Residential cleaning is a business to consumer service. So there are more opportunities out there when compared to commercial cleaning vs residential cleaning. 
Observation  Commercial clients don’t observe the cleaning process and don’t pay heed to the arrival time of the cleaning team. But sometimes they keep ‘Traps’ to see if the crews are cleaning thoroughly. Residential clients observe every move you make since they are generally at home during the cleaning process. They want you to be on time and keep an eye on the clock to see how much time you take to clean certain things.
Area of Coverage Being a team consisting of experts, commercial cleaners can also handle special events like a fire or flood clean-up. In a residential model, cleaners perform duties such as polishing mirrors and fixtures, dusting, mopping floors, washing surfaces, etc. at homes and apartments.

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Final Thought

Now you can see there are notable differences between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning in terms of purpose, techniques, and processes.

So you should get your hands on a reliable cleaning service company to clean the mess of your home or office and build a germ-free, odor-free and hygienic environment. 

Otherwise, your messed-up spaces might be more detrimental if you choose a startup or the wrong cleaning service company.

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