DIY Engineered Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Engineered hardwood floor, as we all know, is composed of a few layers of different materials. Among those layers, it’s the top layer that is legit wood. Any layer beneath that is other materials. That thin piece of the wood layer makes it affordable compared to hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood floor is durable and gets to grips with moisture very well. Better than the hardwood. That is why many prefer engineered hardwood floors rather than spending a fortune on the rather delicate flooring, which is so hard to maintain.

DIY Cleaner On Engineered Hardwood Floors And A Few Formulas


DIY Cleaning Solution

To keep a surface clean, we always do not require high-end cleaning machines for hardwood floors and products from top brands. Sometimes a simple homemade cleaning solution and a worn-out piece of t-shirt could work like magic in cleaning the surface. And when its engineered hardwood floor, low maintenance is almost a synonym. You can clean it with any wood floor cleaner you want.

Does It Work

If you do your analysis well, you know there are many recipes for DIY cleaning solutions for every type of floor. DIY is the abbreviation of Do It Yourself. That means you are the one who is going to make the cleaning solution all by yourself. So it’s a given that there are hardly any harsh chemicals that you are allowed to use or can use or available to you for using to make a cleaning solution. That means the cleaning solution you made will be safe. But the ingredients will, of course, work, there is no doubt about that. We hardly realize how effective the products within our reach are for cleaning the floor.

Affordable And Risk-Free

Our mind is always around cleaning machines, cleaning solutions, and cleaning tools of every sort, even if it is hard for us to afford or completely useless. So, we tend to take easy but effective products for granted. These readily available products make some really good cleaning solutions and clean the floor without ruining it or putting your kids’ and pets’ health at risk.

Sharing Our Favorites

A durable, moisture tackling floor like engineered hardwood will have homemade cleaning solutions at a greater number than many other floor types. So, we have our favorites to clean the engineered hardwood floor that doesn’t mess with our pockets and floor. Here we will share those favorites with you so that you can ensure thorough cleaning of your engineered hardwood floor without searching and researching for the right recipe.

Forewarning And Things To Keep In Mind

But we need to have a forewarning for you. Using anything too much is always wrong. So, no matter how mild or safe the cleaning solution you are making at home is, you should never overuse it to clean your engineered hardwood flooring.

Yes, the number of times you can clean it, especially wet mopping on hardwood floors, will always be way more than the number of times you should clean a hardwood floor. But still, it is not much. Twice or thrice in a month, deep cleaning your engineered flooring with the DIY cleaning solution after thorough dusting will work even with the thickest dirt layers.

Also, we always suggest people do the dusting of the floor with a simple broom every day. That keeps your house clean, floor safe from scratches, and keeps the sheen intact. Always clean the spilled water and food immediately. There will be no tough stain to rub and scrub vigorously then. You can use plain water to mop the floor twice a week or according to your schedule. There is no need for additional products, just wet mopping after thoroughly wringing the pad.

diy engineered hardwood floor cleaner
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Doing that regularly, meticulously, and then ensuring twice a month deep cleaning, yes, wet mopping with a DIY cleaning solution will take care of your engineered hardwood flooring. It is always easy.

Recipe #1 – Vinegar And Water

Vinegar is the most used household product ever. Vinegar cleans everything from face, to pans, to an oven to even the engineered hardwood floors. But after the diluting of it. To dilute a cup of vinegar, you will need a gallon of water. And a gallon of water cleans a room just fine. So, dilute the white vinegar in water and use a regular stick mop with a microfiber cloth or mop pad. Using a vinegar cleaning solution will be of no use if you bring up an abrasive tool to scrub the stain. So, along with the homemade cleaning solution with what you are rubbing the surface also matters. Nothing but microfiber or terry cloth should be used to clean the engineered hardwood floor. They are soft, gentle, and the safest.

Recipe #2 – Water And Dish Washing Soap

Dishwashing soap is the mildest of all. It has to be mild but effective because you are washing plates and glasses that carry edible stuff. A safe cleaning thus is a must. The edible stuff on top of that can be really greasy, sticky, and nasty when you are done eating. So, you need to remove all that from the plates and pans but have to ensure safety. That effectiveness but mild nature always works for the engineered hardwood flooring. So, get the best dishwashing soap available, add a few drops, perhaps a full cup in a gallon of water, and clean all the sticky dirt and stubborn stains from your engineered hardwood flooring.

Recipe #3 – Baking Soda Paste

Now, this is what we call a risky favorite. It requires much cautiousness to use and needs to be used very little, just on the specific spots with sticky stains and grimes. It is not something that you will sprinkle all over your floor, and then take the mop and start sweeping. Take a little amount of baking soda, depending on how small or large the stain is, mix water to it and make a thick paste. Apply the paste over that stains and let it sit there for no more than 5 minutes. Immediately rub the stain with a microfiber pad or soft brush and take off all the residue, dirt, baking powder paste with a thoroughly squeezed damp cloth or pad.

Cleaning an engineered hardwood floor is easy and affordable. And that easiness and affordability still work in making it last for years with the same sheen if you do your bit in making it last. Have the area rugs, carpets, walk inside your house with clean and dry feet or shoes. Use padding’s under furniture. Those were just a few examples; basically, try to do every bit to let your engineered hardwood floor stay clean, shiny, and fresh for a long time.

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