Do You Dilute Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

Hardwood flooring increases the aesthetics of a house. But you need to regularly clean the hardwood floors. Because the surface of the hardwood floors is very sensitive to dirt and debris. Being a hardwood floor owner, you may wonder if you dilute bona hardwood floor cleaner.

It depends upon the concentration of the formula used to prepare the cleaning solution. You may need to dilute to increase the volume before usage. Because directly using the concentrated formula on the floor may damage the surface polish. 

But in some cases, the Bona hardwood floor cleaners come in ready-to-use versions. These are not required to be diluted with water. Read this article fully to learn more about the perfect usage of Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

How do you dilute Bona hardwood floor cleaner Concentrate?


First, make sure the product you have from Bona consists of the concentrated version of the cleaning solution. There are several methods by which you can dilute the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner while mopping the floor.

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In Bucket Mopping Technique

It is one of the most popular methods of cleaning the floors. In this technique, you prepare a bulk amount of cleaning solution in the bucket and use it to mop the floor of the entire house. Since you’ll be using a high amount of solution, it should be diluted beforehand for effectiveness.

  • First, Take a medium-sized bucket and clean it thoroughly with running water.
  • Roughly determine the target area to be mopped.
  • Now estimate how many gallons of the solution are required to clean the floor.
  • Take the 128 oz version of the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and pour it into a cup to fill it in half portions.
  • Pour the floor cleaner into the bucket.
  • Now, pour a half-gallon of water into the bucket and mix thoroughly.
  • The solution is ready to use for cleaning a floor area of 500-800 square feet.

Spray Mopping Technique

This technique requires refilling the 32 oz refill bottles. The spraying technique is good for cleaning a small area of the hardwood floors. Sometimes a small scratch or liquid food drips on the floors and requires cleaning immediately to avoid markings on the floor. You can simply spray the area and clean it using a microfiber towel for instant results.

  • Firstly, take a 32 oz spraying bottle. You can also use the official spraying bottle for better volume mapping.
  • Open the spraying bottle by grasping and rotating the head of the sprayer counterclockwise. Make a quarter turn and pull the spraying nozzle from the bottle.
  • Pour seven parts of the spraying bottle with water.
  • After that, fill the remaining part of the bottle with Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner of concentrated solution.
  • Mix the solutions thoroughly by shaking. Your instant cleaning solution for a small area is thus prepared and ready to use.

Using The Cleaner For a Longer Period

Sometimes your cleaning solution becomes less compared to the area of the floor to be cleaned. And it becomes impossible to refill the cleaning solution. In such cases, you can dilute the remaining amount of Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner to make it use cleaning the floor for the time being.

Do You Dilute Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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This method reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning action but does the work for the time being.

  • Take the 128 oz size of the refilling bottle.
  • Use the half cup Floor cleaner formula to be mixed with two liters of water. Using more water may overly decrease the concentration and damage the cleaning property of the product.
  • Pour the amounts according to the stated formula in the bottle and mix it well.

How often should I use bona floor cleaner?

The use of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners depends upon the frequency of your house floor getting dirty. Besides, the estimated traffic on the floor also determines how many times you should use Bona floor cleaner.

You should clean the floor once every week using the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for the low or regular traffic areas. You can clean the floor every alternative day for heavy traffic areas. Besides, it can be used for instant cleaning purposes such as accidental drippings, children’s paints, scratches, etc.

Can I dilute Bona with water?

There are a lot of Bona Products out there in the market. Some products are industrially designed for heavy use and are concentrated. Moreover, some are designed for home use. The home-use versions of the Bona come in 32 oz canisters or spray bottles.

These are not required to be diluted with water. But you should dilute the concentrated formula of the bona cleaning products before use, following the directions. It will save you money and increase the effectiveness of the cleaning purpose.

Do you rinse Bona floor cleaner?

Most of the Bona products are ready to use. This does not require any sort of dilution. Thus you can directly use the Bona product for cleaning purposes. Therefore you do not need to rinse the bona cleaners. But sometimes, overusing and over-spraying can cause a slippery surface. In such case scenarios, you must rinse the surface to avoid any type of residue.

Does bona leave a residue?

Generally, the Bonal cleaning products have a formula that does not leave a residue on the surface. The oxygenated water-based formula of Bona helps to avoid any type of residue on the floor. But if you overspray or pour cleaner than required and leave the surface without rinsing, residues may settle on the floor.

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A clean hardwood floor looks very shiny and improves your personality to others. The Bona hardwood floor cleaners make it easy to clean the sophisticated floor very easily. 

Now that you have learned about the different methods of the dilution technique of The Bona hardwood floor cleaner. It becomes easy to make a decision about getting a product and wonder if you dilute Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or not.

Though most Bona hardwood Floor Cleaners are made ready-to-use, the version you may not need to dilute. But if you do, you can dilute it easily with the techniques mentioned earlier.

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