Does steam cleaning carpet remove stains?

Stains and spills are a daily occurrence. Yes, we are talking about unwanted spills of everything from dirt to coffee, which causes stains on our carpets. Those stains and spills become such a regular thing in our life that we get too used to it. But they always leave with our carpets looking even more uglier. But there is a will; there’s a way the same applies to the cleaning the carpets of the strains and dirt as well.

Recently there has been a surge of steam cleaning services and cleaners. They claim that it is the best way to get rid of the carpets strains.

But is it? Let’s find out!

Does steam cleaning carpet remove stains?


Yes, absolutely! Is it one of the best ways to get rid of the stains from any carpet, be it old or new? Why are they so effective at getting rid of stains from the carpet? The reason can be pinned down to only reason, and that is the basic working principle behind the steam cleaners. It is a highly pressurized water stream.

Yes, this water is very effective at getting rid of strains and able to clean very deep without any chance of ruining the fabric of your carpet. Because it uses 100% organic methods such as water and nothing else, that makes it one of the best ways to remove stains from the carpet! It is, in fact, growing at a rate of 7% in terms of the market size in North America alone and picking up elsewhere in the world as well!

Why should we be cleaning the carpet with steam?

Cleaning carpet using steam is a sure-fire way to get rid of the strains and other deeply hidden dirt inside the carpets. Regular cleaning with vacuums might not be able to do so. Steam cleaning removes up to 99% of stains from carpet. Besides, steam also kills fleas, bedbugs, mold spores, and germs out of carpets. It refreshes carpet and the entire household and makes it shining like new

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

It removes all kinds of stains.

Steam cleaning is good for removing any stains from the carpet, be it a year-old food strain or be it the wine spaghetti spill that happened quite recently. It even cleans hard strains like pet dogs poops and urine, and muddy footprints as well.

Does steam cleaning carpet remove stains
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The carpet’s lifespan extends by using steam cleaning.

Regular methods of carpet cleaning might ruin the carpets even more in their process of getting rid of strains. But steam cleaning is very safe, and it also extends its lifetime as it makes the carpet look almost new and does not weaken the carpet.

It is perfect for cleaning Fleas living on the carpet.

What happens with an old carpet is that things like flea and other insect starts to infest inside it and makes it happen. That is something we want to avoid at any cost because that makes the household very unhygienic. Steam cleaning is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get rid of those till the date. Highly pressurized water kills them almost instantly!

How does the carpet work?

As you might already know, steam cleaning works in a bit different method than any other cleaners. It utilizes a high pressured hot vaporized water is blasted into the rug. Any dirt and oils in the carpet fibers and grime are broken down due to the heat and can be removed quite easily without much effort.  As you will move the steam cleaner around and over the carpet, it will gradually pick out of the dirt and oils as possible and removes all the stains.

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to get a stain-free carpet. Also, it makes a carpet so clean that it will look almost new look. Steam cleaning is excellent for making the carpet disinfected and free of germs, allergens, and bacteria. But if your carpet is too dirty sometimes, regular steam cleaning might not be able to clean carpets. You may need a high-pressure handheld steam cleaner to remove spot stains. These stream cleaners are very effective at cleaning large surface areas such as a large area rug.

Tips to do steam cleaning to remove stains

  • Fill the tank of the cleaner with distilled water
  • Run the steam cleaner on the carpet, starting from one corner to another
  • Let the carpet dry. It may require 4 to 12 hours to complete.


We can’t avoid stains, but we have options in our hands to remove stains. There are many ways you can follow in cleaning your carpet and removing stains, applying baking soda, detergent, dishwasher, and many more. But very few of them are as effective as steam clean to get rid of stains from carpet.

4 thoughts on “Does steam cleaning carpet remove stains?”

  1. It was really interesting when you mentioned that highly pressurized water can kill fleas instantly. I am worried that my dog might have brought fleas into my home because my skin has been very itchy lately. I am going to have to have my carpets cleaned and my dog groomed as well and see if that fixes the problem.

  2. I just had our Berber carpeting steam cleaned. I’ve always used the Host dry method, where the orange sawdust like substance was worked into the carpet with a broom, then vacuumed out. I’d always been happy with it. However, I read where steam cleaning is best. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in some spots, which lightened up, but did disappear. They were dirt, not wine or other types of hard to remove spots. I didn’t expect everything to come out, but the cleaner got a huge chocolate ice cream spot to disappear, so I was fairly disappointed in smaller, lighter spots remaining. Personally, I don’t think the steam was not enough, nor enough pre-treatment used. So, it’s hard to really say if steam cleaning is the best method or not…

    1. I understand your thoughts. But nowadays there are lots of powerful steam cleaners on the market. These are an excellent solution for your dirty Berber carpets. However, before using it, you need to know the steaming process.

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