Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

In the current world, most of the people have their houses tiled, including the kitchen and the bathroom floors. Are you looking for a solution to cleaning your floor? If yes, then steam cleaning is the best solution for you.

It removes all the stains and solves all the problems in your floor easily. Despite its importance, several people have questioned if it’s harmful or not, does it damage grout? Also, most people have wanted to know if the heat, pressure, and moisture is safe for the surfaces. It’s time we get to answer the questions. Go through this short article and find answers to your questions.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?


The answer is No. Steam cleaning will not damage your grout. It’s advisable not to use steam cleaning on already damaged grouts, and this is because majority of the people do that and later realize the grouts damaged. Also, they should not be used with chemicals. Steam cleaners soften mildew and dirt. Therefore, it’s not harmful to the surface.

Usually, other than grout, heat, and moisture are generally not harmful to the tiles.

Let’s get back also to know what grout is. Grout is in most cases, a combination of cement and sand that is used to fill the gaps between tiles.

Damping and allowing dirty mop water to stay in the grouts makes the molds grow and also causes a change in the colors of the grout. The color might turn Gross, and for this case, a steam cleaner is the best solution for the proper cleaning.

The floors should be strong and scratch-resistant while using a steam cleaner to avoid damages. The steam mop is usually helpful because it makes the cleaning activity easy and simple, therefore saving time.

Another benefit of steam cleaner is that it ejects allergies by using a top-quality grout and tile cleaner machine. It binds all the dust together.

This should now be good information to the professional cleaners who prefer using strong chemicals for cleaning grout, thinking that steam cleaners will damage the grout. The chemicals are harmful to both users and children. A good number of people are now realizing that steam cleaners are the best tools for cleaning the grout.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout
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Now that the question has been answered, its worth knowing that steam cleaners are the power tools of grout cleaning and also other types of deep cleaning.

How to Use Steam Cleaner To Clean Grout

Bathroom tiles and grout makes our houses shine, but also they need proper cleaning so as not to be a health issue. This can be achieved by knowing how to use a steam cleaner and making the best use if it for safety. What you need:

  • Broom and mop or sponges and buckets.
  • Steam cleaner with grout brush attachments.

The following are the steps.

  • Clean the Tile.

Cleaning the tiles should be the first step before steam cleaning. This removes the dirt, grit, and also gunk that can reduce the cleaning efforts of the machine. More dirt or scum can end up clogging the brush of the steam cleaner. When cleaning floor tile, sweep, and then damp-mop. In the cases of the wall, you should use a sponge to clean the tiles using a mild detergent then rinse before using the steam cleaner.

  • Set up the steam cleaner.

At this stage, fill the steam cleaner with water and then turn to the unit and set it to steam following the manufacturer’s directions. Attach the hose to the cleaner and choose the appropriate brush for the grout size and tile type. Its recommended starting with the nylon-bristle brush as it does not damage the tile.

  • Begin steaming and Scrubbing.

Here, use the recommended spray rate. Scrub the grout effectively with a strong back and forth strokes to remove stains. While working, take a small portion and work on it effectively at a given time. Specifically, on walls, always scrub from the top downwards.

  • Rinse and repeat.

Don’t scrub periodically to rinse or mop each cleaned section. Also, it is advisable to clean the dirty water before settling back into the grout and drying up. Refill and also reheat the steamer until completion.

The final cleaning of the whole area is appropriate.

Choosing the Right Steamer for Grout

  • Grout is one of the hardest things to clean. While choosing the right cleaner, you should look at some of the following advantages:
  • Different heat to choose from.
  • Smart sensor for cleaning ease.
  • Detachable for cleaning versatility.
  • Extra hot temperature acts as a disinfectant.
  • Smart switch for easy startup and stopping.
  • Quick heat up.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Wide surface cleaner.

Those are just a few things to look at when choosing the right steam cleaner.

Now, not all cleaners are best for use, but most of the steam cleaners are advisable and considered appropriate. On the market, there are a small number of tools that are prescribed for cleaning tile grout. Steam cleaners can either be purchased or be rented from the outlets.

A general-purpose canister style steamer can heat water past the boiling point in a few minutes; thus it is preferable for the bathroom floor and also walls because it maintains the steam for about 30minutes. Some of the steam cleaners are meant for the floor only and will not work for the walls.

In the past few years, steam cleaners have popularly been known in comparison to the other types of cleaners. Some of the most known mops are the Bissell, shark, and O-Cedar. For cleanliness and sanitization of your floors and walls, it’s good to choose steam cleaner as it saves time and makes the house clean.

In conclusion to this, the question has been answered, and you can now use steam cleaner machines with no doubt for effective hygiene and health safety. Most of the steam cleaners are available at an affordable cost and can easily be purchased from the shops around us. Steam cleaners are the best for grout cleaning in the bathroom walls and also kitchen floors.

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