Homemade Pet Odor Remover For Carpet Cleaner

Being a pet parent is a strange experience. You certainly appreciate the joy and warmth they bring in your life. But it is equally as stressful as adopting a new baby. You feel frustrated and drained out, but the burden of responsibility does not stop. Because they never stop peeing and popping for you, do they? So you are never going to be on top of all the cleanups a pet might require. But while you can get some respite thinking you might be done with cleaning for the day, that very moment a slightly foul odor might hit your nostrils!

That alone screams that maybe you think you are done, but your pet is not done with you. So if you are exhausted and have barely any energy left for cleaning, you can cover up the odor for a while with a remover. So let’s find out how we are going to do it, shall we?

What you will need to make the homemade pet odor remover


If you have decided, what is going to be your weapon against fighting the odor, congratulations! Because it can be your staple odor remover anytime your pet does not feel too well and decide to take the liberty to do his things right at the carpet or in some other place!

  • Find an empty Spray Bottle and wash it properly
  • Get some vinegar from your kitchen or the shop, preferably white vinegar
  • Find a dish washing soap that has orange or any citrus scent to it
  • Take some Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.

How much you will need

For the vinegar, one tbs is enough. The same goes for the baking soda as well. As for the dish washing soap, half tablespoons will be enough. Lastly, the hydrogen peroxide, you will need a whole lot more than the rest of the ingredients, about 4 to 5 oz. You can change up the portions of these ingredients depending on how many areas you need to clean it. But the basic formula and proportion of all the ingredients will be more or less the same. You can also add some orange essential oil to it if you want. You will not need more than a few drops of it, though.

How to make

Now you are good too for the next step, which is making the pet odor remover.

  • First, get all the hydrogen peroxide inside a big bowl
  • Now get the baking soda to it and also the orange-scented dishwashing soap to it
  • Stir this pet odor remover solution well
Why does it work so well on removing and masking pet odor?

The crystals primarily cause pet odor in the pet’s urine, which greatly enhances the odor. These crystals also make the pet come back to this same spot again as well. So when we are using this remover with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, they eliminate the crystals by breaking them down naturally and neutralizes it.

Homemade Pet Odor Remover For Carpet Cleaner
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Tips of effectively removing pet odor from your carpet

Other than using this cleaner, you can also follow the tips below to get the fastest result.

  • Before you start, put a newspaper or with a towel if possible in the soaked the area you want to clean. Get as much as pee you can absorb with the towel and newspaper
  • Before you use the odor remover, Pour some vinegar and baking soda with it and wait for some time.
  • Scrub the area well with a toothbrush
  • After you have used odor remover, have a fan blowing air right to the soaked area to make it dry fast.
  • Vacuum the area. It will help you to remove all traces of urine crystals and discourage your pet from coming back to this particular area and pee on it again.
  • Also, do not leave the odor remover as it if there is any left after you are done with the whole clean up. Properly get rid of it and dispose of it somewhere safe and out of reach of your kids.


When you have a pet in your house, you always have to be prepared for a disaster, be it peeing on the carpet or vomiting in the rugs. Or you are unlucky enough, poops on the couch! But they have little control over these things, just like we humans don’t! So instead of blaming that poor animal or regretting your decision to adopting the pet, you should better be smart about your coping mechanism! How? Well, just be prepared with the pet odor remover! All the ingredients can be brought right away from the shop down on your street, or they might already be there in your kitchen!

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