How to clean a Bissell Little Green (Step by Step Process)

When you need to clean your upholstery and carpets, the Bissell little green is an effective choice for you. You buy it, clean your home upholstery, carpets, car interior and more. Bissell seems amazing, because of the easy cleaning procedure of the product. 

This Vac-cleaner is engineered to remove tough spots and stains from your carpet and upholstery. You can easily lift away the messes around the carpets, upholstery, car interior and more. Its large tank capacity will increase the volume of cleaning for you. Also tools and formulas are included into the Bissell Little Green. With a hydro rinse self-cleaning hose tool and 3” tough stain tool, cleaning becomes easier for you. 

How to clean a Bissell Little Green 


After cleaning with it for days, you will see, It becomes unclean and has some dark spots inside of the collection tank and turbo brush hose. Now is the time to clean it properly, unless those spots will remain there and will become irremovable from it. Let us tell you the step by step procedure to clean your Bissell Little Green.. First we will recognize the ingredients and materials needed for cleaning.

How to clean a Bissell Little Green
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Materials and Ingredients:

  1. Bissell Little Green Machine
  2. Sink or 5L Bucket.
  3. Nail Brush
  4. Tooth Brush
  5. Dishwasher powder or Soap.
  6. Stirring Spoons

Steps to Clean your Bissell Little Green

Step One:

First plug in the power cord. Put some hot warm water on the bucket or sink. Put the turbo brush head on the warm water. 

Start the machine, so the warm water will reach the collection tank after roaming the whole machine. You will see the water is going dark when it enters the collection tank. 

Unlock the collection tank from the machine, shake it holding it upside down for a couple of times. Then repeat the whole step for another couple of times. After that, lock the collection tank on the machine. 

Step Two:

Unlock the turbo brush head. Put the head of the flex hose on the warm hot water on the bucket or sink. Start the machine, so the water will run through the machine again and end up on the collection tank. 

After shaking it a couple of times, Put the collection tank aside. Now your machine is clean inside. But you still have some work to do. Unplug the power.

Step Three:

Take a bucket or sink. Pull out the dirty water from it, clean it with clean water and put some warm hot again. Take the dishwasher powder or soap, as you like. Put the powder on the water, stir it with a spoon. Until it becomes ready.

Step Four:

Now unlock the parts from the turbo brush. Put it in the dishwasher water, take a nail brush. Rub the turbo brush with the nail brush. After rubbing, put it back on water and wash it. 

Repeat it until you are satisfied with the clean and spotless colour of your turbo brush. 

Step Five:

Unlock the parts from the collection tank. Put the collection tank on the dishwasher water. Fill it with water. Pull it out. Hold it upside down and shake it horizontally for five to six times. Then pull out the water. 

Take the tooth brush, put it inside of the tank. Rub the whole inside with the toothbrush, specially where you see some dark spot. When you are satisfied enough, put the collection tank back on the dishwasher water. 

Repeat it a couple of times. Then put your collection tank and turbo brush on the hot warm dishwasher water for half an hour. 

Step Six:

After half an hour, pull out the dirty water from your bucket or sink. Put some more clean hot warm water back on the bucket. Wash your collection tank and turbo brush with the water. 

After that, put them in the bucket for 10 minutes. After 10 min, pull them out from the bucket. You will see a clean and spotless collection tank and turbo brush. 

If there are still some spots left on them follow the procedure of step four and five again. After doing it a couple more times you will definitely see your tank and brush rinse clean and spotless.

Step Seven:

Wash the exterior parts of your Bissell Little Green . Air dry all the parts of it, then assemble them back.. Your machine is now neat and clean. Ready to use.


How do you get the smell out of your bissell little green?

After cleaning the whole machine, you still find some bad smells and odour coming out from the tank and hose. Some Work needed to be done to remove these odours. Take some baking soda. Put those sodas in hot warm water. Stir it with the spoon, so that the mixer becomes well ratioed.  Run water through the machine. It will help you reduce the bad smells and odour from your machines.

Can I put vinegar on my Bissell Little Green?

White vinegar is normally used to clean households. It is a good cleaning ingredient. Thankfully you can use vinegar to make your Bissell little green clean. You can use some vinegar with the dishwashing powder or soap. Vinegar is a mild acid, mixing it with dishwashing powder or soap is not harmful in any way. It is safe to use it with a cleaner. White vinegar naturally dissolves mineral deposit, bacteria, dirt, grease and grim.

When should you change your brush head of Bissell little green?

With any machine comes an expiration date. The more often you use your machine the chances of it becoming vulnerable is high. So, you should change its parts after using a certain amount of time. For your Bissell Little Green, you should change the brush head hose after 6 months of using the machine. Bissell recommends changing it in 6 months for better cleaning results.

Can you remove the Bissell hose?

The brush head hose is a tool for your Bissell Little Green. It is a removal object. You can unlock the hose and brush head. By pushing the button you can easily pull out the hose from its brush head. 

What causes a vacuum to lose suction?

Naturally vacuum cleaners cleans until the full volume of its tank becomes full. If the vacuum loses its power to suction, it means your container is full. Now it’s time to empty the container. These might get clogged over time if you do not clean or replace them. This will cause your vacuum to lose power. So, It is necessary to empty your container as soon as it gets full. Otherwise it will reduce your productivity and also can damage the parts of it.

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Final Words

For a good and productive green little machine, we recommend you to clean your machine at least once in a week. Then your machine will definitely be clean and spotless for a longer period of time. 

Thank you. Have a nice day!

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