How To Clean Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring

Allure vinyl plank is quickly becoming a popular choice for flooring due to its cost, durability and ease of maintenance. But the main drawback is that it requires adequate maintenance or it will wear off early and appear old. 

So, it is essential to keep your allure ultra flooring/LVT/LVP cleaned and well maintained to make it look beautiful. The good thing is they are effortless to clean compared to real hardwood floors. Though Allure vinyl plank is one of the most sturdy and tough flooring types in the market, it can get easily scratched due to loose dirt. Definitely, your floor could use some help of yours.

This begs the question, “How to clean allure ultra vinyl plank flooring?” Then, you are at the right place for answers. In this post, we will be introducing you to some valuable methods to keep your floor cleaned.

What Is Allure Ultra-Vinyl Plank Flooring?


Allure flooring is generally made with vinyl. Vinyl is an excellent material to use as an alternative to wood for flooring. You will love the installation of this because it’s so easy to install without the use of glue. 

You don’t need any heavy tools and equipment to install them, so that’s going to save you a lot of time and money for sure. It is easy to clip them together with the Yulin locking mechanism like laminating. 

Due to its resistance to water, it is perfect for applications in the basement, kitchen and bathrooms. It also got a realistic look and feel of real wood.

Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaning Method

Vinyl floors are the most common flooring type used widely for ease to clean attributes. But the loose dirt and oil or anything form of liquid can cause damage to your floor. Let’s take a look into some methods to clean your Vinyl flooring without damaging it.

How To Clean Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring
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How to use vinegar to remove stains?

Though there are many products and ways to clean, we advise you to use vinegar because it is the cheapest and safest.

Vinegar can easily clean any hard surface due to its natural, non-toxic characteristics. When your floor gets dirty, vinegar can disinfect, safely deodorize it without any toxicity.

It’s better to find the ideal vinegar for cleaning. Not all vinegar is suitable to clean the floor. For instance, white wine vinegar contains high salt content, damaging the floor instead of cleaning it. 

The same goes for red wine vinegar; it involves solvents and acids, which can dirty the floor even more. Better to use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar for vinyl floor cleaning. White vinegar is the perfect choice for cleaning Allure Ultra-Vinyl Plank Flooring..

Step 1: Mix the vinegar with hot water to create a mixture. The acid in the vinegar will get rid of all the stains and dirt.

Step 2: Prepare a vinyl plank floor cleaner mop or mob or cotton towel, do not use anything rough that can scratch the surface. We recommend using a Swiffer or cotton towel because it is soft and can be washed easily for later use.

Step 3: Soak the towel in the mixture and squeeze it to remove the excess water. The vinyl floor can be quite slippery. Just make sure the towel is wet enough to clean.

Step 4: wipe the floor with the towel and rinse it frequently, so the dirt doesn’t get to spread around.

Step 5: You can add some dishwashing liquid if you want; it will reduce the cleaning time. Of course, you don’t want to spend your whole day cleaning your room. This step is helpful if your vinyl floor was cleaned previously with something but left some residue behind. But, vinegar alone will do the work.

How to use Baking Soda?

Baking Soda is another ingredient that is safe to use for cleaning your vinyl floor. Baking soda is ideal for removing stains from food like mustard, tomato sauce, ketchup ETC. But one thing to keep in mind, baking soda is slightly abrasive, it has to be removed right afterward the cleaning is done.

Step 1: Blend baking soda and water to create a thick paste.

Step 2: Prepare a soft towel and apply the paste to it.

Step 3: Gently rub the stain until it is removed.

Step 4: Quickly wash the surface to remove any traces of baking soda. If the solution stays longer, it may damage your floor.

Step 5: Once cleaning the baking soda is done, use a vinegar solution to wipe out the residue.

How to use alcohol to remove stains?

If your flooring comes in contact with stubborn stains like ink, then probably vinegar or baking soda won’t do the job, you will need a tougher cleaning solution like alcohol. 

Alcohol is another material that is well known to use against stains from makeup or ink. Isopropyl alcohol is an excellent choice for cleaning scratches from your vinyl flooring. Let us show you how to use this hard ingredient to clean your vinyl flooring without damaging.

Step 1: Create a solution of ¼ cup of isopropyl alcohol with ¾ cup of distilled water.

Step 2: Add a couple of drops of a liquid dishwasher.

Step 3: Get this solution into a spray bottle and spray the solution on the stains.

Step 4: Wait at least half a minute to allow the solution to fill the grooves.

Step 5: Remove excess moisture with a clean cloth.

Acetone-free fingernail polish remover is a good option to remove nail polish from the floor, but they are likely to damage your floor due to their nature as a solvent.

What Should You Not Use To Clean Vinyl Flooring?

Most people are not aware of proper cleaning methods for vinyl flooring. Few mistakes should be avoided when cleaning vinyl floors-

  • Never use paste wax or solvent-based polishes
  • Don’t go for high abrasive scrubbers or wire sponge
  • Never use “beater bar” while vacuum cleaning your vinyl floor, this could lead to surface damage
  • Never use steam mop or detergents and shine products or you will see a limp-look of your floor
  • Never use ammonia-based products or solutions, this can cause cracks in the flooring.


There you have it- 3 great ways to remove any stains or scratches from your allure ultra vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl floors are straightforward to clean and maintain– just follow a proper way and a little afford, you can keep it shiny and clear for years. We hope this post has helped you to know about the cleaning process. Just follow them as mentioned, you can have a nice shiny allure vinyl plank floor at your feet.

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