How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors Thoroughly

Tile floors have made their place in every house not very long ago. It just came and conquered every household. And among the varied tile floors, it’s the ceramic tile floors that are ultra-durable and have an elegant look to it.

For your information, ceramics are all-natural particles. They are heated and fired at a very high temperature and given the shape of the tile. So, they are bound to be durable. If you take proper care, even the most delicate thing could last long.

But the good news is for ceramic floors to last for a lifetime; you do not even need to spend much. You can keep it nice, clean, and shiny at a very low cost. There is no need to put even an extra effort.

Unlike some delicate floors, you can wet mop the ceramic tile floors and use liquid solutions. So, cleaning the ceramic tile floors becomes easier as it requires no extra caution. There are some very easy ways to clean the ceramic tile floors.

Why Cleaning The Ceramic Tile Floors Important


We know some of you, especially the lazy ones, might be wondering if it doesn’t need cleaning then better to keep the floor the way it is. But that is not practical. For our own hygiene, we do dusting every day and mop the floors at least twice a week. Some do it every day. It is essential. And your ceramic floors need just that, a thorough mopping just twice a week.

By putting that minimum effort to keep it clean, you are increasing the resilience as well as the shelf-life of the ceramic tile floors.

How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors Thoroughly

So, let’s come to the point and answer the most common question of what is the best way to clean ceramic tile floors in detail. Just follow a few steps.


How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors Thoroughly
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You can try any machine, the most costly cleaning solution, or whatnot, but the first step to clean the ceramic tile floors will have to be proper dusting. Be ready with the broom or your efficient vacuum cleaner, and just start a thorough dusting. Dirt and debris, when piled on the floor, make the floor dull. Slowly, the shine of the tile floor reduces, and it turns into a stain. So, daily dusting is the best way to maintain a clean floor and the shine on it.

If not daily, you must do it as frequently as possible. Otherwise, your kid or pet will not get a hygienic and healthy atmosphere. Dust can cause serious allergies and cause other illnesses. So not just for maintaining the floor, you need to dust the floor for health reasons as well.

You should never mop a floor before dusting. By doing it, you are basically turning a speck of mere dust to a stubborn stain. So, the first step towards a clean ceramic tile floor is dusting. For that, get a broom, a dustpan, or a good quality vacuum cleaner.


After dusting, the next step is to mop the floor. We have a simple way of mopping that we do with mops and water. Some use warm water as well for proper cleaning of the floor. But using normal water is totally fine if you are regularly mopping the ceramic tile floor. You can also use a mild detergent or disinfectant product.

Always avoid using too much dish soap or detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals as well. Harsh chemicals will permanently hamper the shine of the tiles, and you are not going to get it back unless you are going to reconstruct the floor with new ceramic tiles. So, the most basic and best way to clean ceramic tile floors is using mild soap with warm water and a good-quality mop.

Water at room temperature instead of warm water is fine and saves you time too. So, if you are not willing to mop with warm water, do it with normal water. But do not think of skipping it just because you do not have the time to warm water.


Now how much you mop the floor daily, the grout is going to stain because it is white. Due to the environmental elements and debris, it will become dull. The cleanest of ceramic tile floors will look dingy if the grout is dirty and stained. Then, the tiles are attached due to the grout lines only. So, if it starts crumbling, the whole floor system is going to collapse.

So, you may ask us about the solution. The solution is putting a barrier over it. Seal the grouts, and it will stay the same forever. Make sure to reach the grout lines while cleaning the floor. That way, the look of the grouts will also be the same as new.

Mop At Once

First and foremost, when you spill something on the floor, you need to clean it at once. We tend to mop the spilled tea, curry, or muddy shoe marks and let them stay the way they are. They dry on the floors as you keep them for longer and stain the floor. And cleaning that becomes a task. If you take a few minutes to mop the spilled things, it will later save you a lot of hard work and time. Invest in the Best mop for ceramic tile floors, dip it into the water, and mop it. That’s it. Later you are always going to mop the whole house, and that will include that spilled tea portion too.

Stubborn Stain

If you still ignored the spilled tea or shoe marks, then we have a solution for you as well. You can use the scrub pads on the mop that are available in the market. They work fine to clean the stubborn stain.

You can also use baking soda. Baking soda works like magic on the most stubborn stain. Just mix little water to baking soda to make a paste. Apply it to the stained area.

Keep it to set for some time to get the best result. Then even a slight rubbing of a soft microfiber towel will be able to clean the stain.

Maintaining the shine and newness of ceramic tile floors is as easy as it can get. And we have discussed those easy steps above just for you. Here we have one last tip for you. Never forget to dry the tile floors. Ceramic tile floors can be slippery. So, if you do not dry it properly, falling and injuring yourself is a given. It’s too risky for the kids. When the steps to clean are this easy, then you are bound to have shiny, disinfected ceramic tile floors.

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