How to Clean Coretec Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring? (Step by Step Process)

Flooring has a great role in protecting our feet from the outside environment. There are various types of flooring you will find in the market. Among them, CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring offers a great look at a reasonable price. It gets the best-selling tag due to the highest selling ratio in America. That reputation comes due to offering scratches and dent resistance, waterproof, etc. 

Whatever all those, you need to ensure proper maintenance; otherwise, it may gradually lose previous shine. Also, to keep the horrible floor dust-free, you need to clean the floor regularly. The cleaning process isn’t the same as regular flooring. In our following discussion, we try to cover “how to clean coretec luxury vinyl plank flooring.” So, stay tuned. 

Steps of cleaning CoreTec luxury vinyl plank flooring


We use three steps to teach you about cleaning the CoreTec vinyl plank flooring. Here are those steps. 

How to Clean Coretec Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?
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Note: you can also follow the following process for “how to clean CoreTec plus vinyl plank flooring”.

Step No. 1: Mopping the floor

First, you need to sweep the floor thoroughly. You can use a regular broom or a microfiber mop. 

You can do dry mopping on your CoreTec flooring. Hence, you can easily collect all the dirt, grit and dust after that. 


Avoid abrasive mopping because it may damage your vinyl flooring, and tiny scratches appear over the floor. So, try to scrub the floor carefully because any wrong may void the warranty. 

Step No. 2: Making a solution:

Items you can avoid:

  • Abrasive cleaners. 
  • Strong detergents.

CoreTec produced three different cleaners to use in-floor cleaning. 

  1. Daily cleaner: You can use this cleaner for daily use. To clean, you need to take two bottle caps of cleaner in a 5-liter container. 
  2. Deep cleaner: This cleaner is used for cleaning the floor deeply. To make the solution, you need to add seven bottle caps of deep cleaner into a five-liter container. 

Step No. 3:

Once you make your desired solution, now take that mixture in a sprayer. Then spray the mixture on the floor and use a microfiber towel to clean the spray area. Alternatively, you can dip a microfiber towel. After that, take the towel and scrub the floor thoroughly. 

Step No. 4:

Stain removing: If you locate any persistent stain on the floor, you can use stain remover. 

  • First, spray the remover on the stain and leave it for 5 minutes. 
  • Then, take a towel and clean the stain. 
  • After that, pour some water again to clean.  

Clean the floor using regular household items:

  • Vinegar 

The first household item you can use to clean your CoreTec flooring is Apple cider vinegar. This potent cleaning agent seems useful to keep your CoreTec floor looking fresh. Plus, this cleaning agent is strong enough to ensure blissful cleaning. Furthermore, its mild nature will help to avoid damage on the floor. residues or traces

Using process:

  • Firstly, pour a cup of vinegar into a gallon of water.
  • Then use that solution to wipe over your vinyl flooring to remove all the dirt.

Tip: The smell of the vinegar may be unbearable to someone. Don’t worry; that smell will disappear naturally when the floor becomes dry. Also, you can use a pinch of jojoba oil in the mixture. Then, the smell will neutralize.

  • Baking soda 

If you locate so many stains on the vinyl flooring, then use baking soda. You can make a paste by mixing some baking soda in water and then apply it over the stain using a soft cloth. 

How could you ensure the routine maintenance of the CoreTec vinyl flooring? 

You hopefully know the vinyl is easier to clean and durable. Similarly, CoreTec vinyl flooring offers the same features. To keep clean, you have better ensure routine maintenance. As routine maintenance, you need to keep the floor dirt and dust-free. For that, you can do dry cleaning using a broom. 

Plus, sweep the floor and pick the dirt and particles up using a dustpan. Also, you can use a dry mop to clean. You can use the disposable pad on the mop or use a built-in pad. However, if you use a permanent pad, then clean that after use. 

How to Clean Your CoreTec Flooring with a Vacuum

CoreTec doesn’t recommend using the vacuum with rotating bearing bars for your luxury vinyl flooring. Those bars may leave scratches on your floor. Plus, it will be better to avoid the vacuum, which offers a wet-cleaning feature and the steam cleaners while cleaning the vinyl plank floor. If you use a steam cleaner, it will heat the plank holding adhesive. 

However, hopefully, using a standard vacuum doesn’t damage your luxury floor surface. So, if you clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner, avoid a beater brush. The beater brush may damage your CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring

Should You Polish your CoreTec Floor?

If the area is high traffic, polish your CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring once a year. That’s not mandatory; rather, CoreTec recommends it when you feel necessary. When you wish to polish the floor, you have to make sure it has a clean surface. 

Once you clean the floor thoroughly, then apply two coats. Note: See the manufacturer’s direction while applying the coat. After polishing, you need to leave it at least for one day. Plus, open your room’s window and run the exhaust fans to ventilate the room. 

Is it good to use Protective mats?

Using a protective mat will help you to protect your CoreTec flooring primarily. You can use it outside of all exits and entrances. Therefore, you can clean the floor from excessive sand, dirt, grit, driveway sealer, asphalt, and another residue. If you don’t protect your floor from those particles, those may track inside. 

One word of caution: It will be better to use 100% latex-backed floor mats. Avoid using rubber backing floor mats because it may lead to floor discolor. 

How to take care of your CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring?

Suppose you install CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring in your apartment’s main room. After installing, you need to leave it for one day, at least, to ensure the adhesive and grout dry properly. You should keep aside all types of heat-generated items from the floor; otherwise, they can fade, burn, or discolor the floor. 

You can avoid the direct contact of the following items, such as-.

  • Ranges
  • Refrigerators, 
  • Other heat-producing items can generate more than 120°F.

Avoid Sunlight:

CoreTec vinyl flooring demands sunlight protection. If you can’t protect the floor from direct sunlight, the floor will fade or become discolored because of the intense light. So, it is essential to cover the window when you see the heaviest light. 

Avoid shoes:

While walking over your CoreTec flooring, you have better avoid the following type of shoes:

  • cleats,
  • stiletto-style heels, 
  • spiked golf shoes;

Mentioned shoes may leave scratches on your CoreTec flooring. 


What cleaners are safe to use on vinyl plank flooring?

You can use two handy products named white or apple cider vinegar to clean your vinyl flooring safely. You can take a cup of any vinegar in three and half-liter hot water. Then, dip the mop into the solution and then mop the floor. Vinegar works well to tackle grime, stain, and dirt. While cleaning, it won’t leave any sudsy mess or streaks. 

Is Swiffer safe for vinyl plank floors?

Swiffer-made cleaning products are nice and safe cleaning items to clean vinyl flooring. The Swiffer-made vacuum cleaner, spray mops, and stick mops won’t damage the surface of your vinyl plank flooring. However, you can use a Swiffer wet jet to remove old stains effectively.  

Can I use Mr. Clean on vinyl plank flooring?

You can use Mr. Clean to remove grime and cut grease. Moreover, its antibacterial property makes this cleaner useful for cleaning the dirt from bathtubs, tiles, toilets, and floors. Furthermore, this cleaning item is safe to use on laminate, glass, rubber, plastic, vinyl surfaces, and tile. 

Final Words

Installing the CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring will uplift your interior looking splendid. But it can remain the same like the previous unless you ensure a proper cleaning process. So, how to clean coretec luxury vinyl plank flooring? Hopefully, we can help you figure out an effective cleaning process using this article. 

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