How to Clean Dark Engineered Wood Floors

We all love dark shades. They are elegant, classy, and have a mysterious vibe to them. However, when it comes to the house flooring, no matter how desperately you want to walk on a pitch-black surface, none will recommend you to install one, at least not happily. Dark floors will show dirt and dust more. Then the scratches will be magnified tenfold on the dark canvas. They will make the rooms look small. Dark floors will make the rooms even darker, can’t walk bare feet, who will take all the gigantic cleaning hassles, the struggle is real. But what about the rich, posh appearance of a dark floor, what about your affinity towards dark ebony, what about you are willing to take the hassle of tedious cleaning. So, if you love dark floors, we say go for it.

Our Preference – Dark Engineered Wood Floors


Here is the trick. More than dark hardwood floors, we actually prefer dark engineered wood floors. You might be wondering why that, yes budget is one of the reasons but not prime. Moreover, if you know the little tips and tricks of how to clean dark engineered wood floors, the cleaning session might not be as tedious as you thought, right? And that is what we are going to share right here.

Why We Prefer Dark Engineered Wood Floors

We were saying that budget is not the only reason why we prefer dark engineered wood floors. Its comparatively easy cleaning process did. Whatever you can’t do to a hardwood floor because of its fragile nature and high price, you can try with an engineered floor. The top wooden layer will, of course, behave as a real hardwood floor does. But you can take care of it much easier and more regularly.

If there is grime on a hardwood floor, you might take hours of thinking and researching and contemplating whether you should remove the grime by vigorous cleaning methods or not. The hardwood floor allows once in a few months of wet mopping, and even if it allowed you once a week or a daily damp mopping, you wouldn’t do it because you do not want to go through such a meticulous and cautious cleaning process. Thus, regular cleaning ideas go out of the window.

Though hardwood is not that level of annoying, with the correct products, we remain apprehensive. However, if it’s the less delicate and less pricey engineered wood floor, that will allow you to be less cautious and finicky. So, if you are willing to save yourself money and a ton of hard work and stress, just go for dark engineered wood floors. In kitchens and bathrooms, we make it mandatory, actually.

Cleaning Dark Engineered Wood Floors

How to Clean Dark Engineered Wood Floors
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After we have pretty much alarmed you out about dark hardwood flooring, side note, you shouldn’t be scared; the tagline of if you love it, go for it applies to the hardwood floor too. Even more, when you have the budget. Anyhow, after the above discussion, let’s come to the prime point of the whole cleaning process of dark engineered wood floors. You wouldn’t be surprised, though, it is the same old, same old. Now, let’s jump on to repeat the same old but very crucial cleaning process of dark engineered hardwood floors.

Step #1 – Remove the Dust, Dirt, Lint, Hair, Pretty Much Every Nuisance

The heading is pretty much telling you loud and clear to do the thorough dusting. There is no alternative to daily dusting. Every day, twice, once in the morning, and once in the evening. Follow it as if you are taking medicine. If you can do that persistently, you would not even remember why everyone told you not to install dark flooring because it will always remain clean and shiny. For a meticulous and tedious cleaning, you need machines, and we recommend you to have a vacuum cleaner. It could be any and also if you can just get a robot vacuum cleaner too.

On busy days, the robot vacuum will do the work, following the set schedule, and on the day you have time, you can thoroughly blast off all the dirt, dust, lint, human hair, pet hair, pretty much every nuisance with your powerful vacuum cleaner. You will need the machines, seriously. After all, you have saved a lot of money, not installing hardwood. So invest some in the cleaning machines to make your work easy. Save energy, ample amount, and increase the life span of engineered wood floors.

Step #2 – Dry Dusting Once in Every Two Weeks

Now, what’s the difference between vacuuming and dry dusting. By dry dusting, we mean dry mopping. And for that, we prefer Swiffer stick mop with its very effective dry pads. These dry pads work so well on the dust, even some stubborn ones, and these pads absorb and lock dirt in them. Even after daily vacuuming, there is tough dirt and dust on the dark floors, and they will show badly because of the dark shade. So, just dry mop the dark engineered wood floor once in two weeks, and if needed, use a cleaning solution, only on the stubbornest dirt. Not the entire flooring. That rest, keep that for the next step, which is thorough deep cleaning.

Step #3 – Deep Clean Every Two Months

Here comes the moisture, water, liquid, heat, humidity, chemicals, so forth. The top layer is wood, so no matter how much the engineered wood floors claim to be better in handling moisture than hardwood, one must be careful. Here a high-quality wood cleaner will do your job the right and best way. You will need to do it once in two months. You can even make it three or prolong it further as you are continuing twice a day dusting, twice a month dry mopping, and removing the accidental messes pronto. So a high-quality wood cleaner, even if expensive, will come out feasible. Just spray the wood cleaner sparingly on the surface and mop the floor.

This time, you need to use the cleaner on the entire floor. It will remove all the dirt that the dusting couldn’t, like the oily mess and grime. It will bring back the lost sheen, and you are not even using water. And if you do not have a wood cleaner, the dishwashing soap, vinegar, and  warm water solution works the best on engineered wood floors. The quantity will be a gallon of warm water, a cup of vinegar, and a full cap of dishwashing soap. If you are using this solution, make sure you remove the residue with clean water and immediately dry the surface.

Walk on the dark floor wearing shoes, slippers, or socks, avoid walking with bare feet, wet feet, or slippers, use carpets in the entrance and front of bathrooms, remove the accidental spills and standing water the moment you notice them, basically take care of your dark engineered wood floors, and the dark shade will not be a matter of worry and panic. It will be all about elegance, beauty, and style.

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