How To Clean Great Stuff Off Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are known for their easy maintenance and low-cost attributes, and they can be a good option for your home decor. Due to their high-level durability, they can resist more damages compared to regular glass. Even they are strong enough to withstand any wear and deterioration caused by UV rays.

But still, the window needs proper care and maintenance to keep looking sharp and the best. Just a little afford from your side, these windows can remain in good shape for years. But you must be wondering, “How to clean great stuff off vinyl windows”- well, you are at the right place to search for answers.

They can get easily scratched; they can appear dull over time. So, it would be best if you were very careful while cleaning them. If you do anything wrong while cleaning, you may void the warranty.

So, let’s show you some of the methods to clean Vinyl windows on the inside, outside, frames and screen too without damaging them.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows


Caution is important for cleaning vinyl windows. Before you start the cleaning, we advise you to remove the screens from the windows. Don’t use anything other than non-detergent soaps, warm water, white vinegar, and microfiber cloths.

How To Clean Great Stuff Off Vinyl Windows
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Cleaning Regular Frame

If somehow dirt has gotten into your frames, it is better to use the solution of white vinegar and warm water.

Step 1: Mix 3 parts of vinegar for every 6 parts of water.

Step 2: Spray the solution on the windows and wait for 15-20 minutes for breaking down grime.

Step 3: Rinse the solution off using a soft cloth or brush.

Never use any harsh abrasive cleaners or bleach on your windows. These can create small holes or pits that can hold dust and grime. If the vinegar solution is not working, try using a non-abrasive cleaner.

Removing Paint Off

If you got some paints on your vinyl windows, we got you covered.

Step 1: First, clean the paint thoroughly and then let it dry. Don’t clean the paint while it is still wet; you might end up spreading it all over the window frame.

Step 2: Work at the edges with a plastic scraper or your fingernail once the paint has dried. You should be able to remove the paint blobs off the glass easily once the paint has dried.

Avoid razor blades while removing paints off your vinyl glass. It is tough to control both the pressure and the angle of the blade, and this will result in scratching the surface of the window.

Removing Stains

Stains are inevitable on your vinyl windows. Most of the time, stains become permanent, but smaller stains can be removed by using an effective cleaning method-

Step 1: Start by using a non-abrasive cleaner. You can use a soft scrubber or any household cleaner, just make sure they are not too harsh.

Step 2: Mix it with water and spray the solution on the window. Wait for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: After that, use a soft brush or washcloth to rinse the solution off. It may take time or several applications before you get a good result.

How To Clean Vinyl Window Frames

Usually, vinyl window frames last long if maintained with good care. Your window frames also need your attention. So, here is a tip to clean them properly-

Step 1: Add a soft brush with your vacuum. Then, clean the windowsill, panel frame, and metal tracks with the vacuum.

Step 2: Now, make a solution of water and any non-abrasive cleaner and dip a washcloth into it. Wring out the excess solution and wipe it all around your frame.

Step 3: If you see dirt in your frames, you can use an old toothbrush. Gently scrub in a circular motion to avoid scratching the surface while cleaning.

Step 4: Now, get a clean cloth and soak it in water. Clean the solution off. After this, use a dry cloth to dry out the frames and make sure they are completely dry.

Exterior Vinyl Window Cleaning

Generally, we don’t have to clean the outside of our windows; we got rainfalls to do that for us. But after a dusty storm or windy weather, your window might need some care from you.

You don’t need to do anything extra to clean the vinyl window’s exterior. 

Just make sure you are not applying a pressure washer while cleaning; this could damage the window from outside and result in a leak inside your home. Follow the same methods stated above.

Don’t forget to dry the windows with a cloth.

Applying A Uv Shield/ Protectant

Prevention is better than cure. If you want to prevent any sun damage, then you can think of applying a UV protectant to your window. These things keep the window and panels safe from the bleaching effects of the UV rays.

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If you want your windows to look as good as new, you need to clean them regularly in order to protect them from any permanent damage. If the dirt somehow gets a hold of your window for months or years, you can see permanent staining.

Now you know how to clean your vinyl windows properly. Clean them regularly, so you can maintain the good looks of your window and keep your house looking good as ever.

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