How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Machine

Cleaning a hardwood floor is a tricky job, and cleaning it with a machine is a delicate area to tap on. When you want the suggestion of how to keep a hardwood floor clean, there are 90% chances of you getting a monotonous answer of daily dusting and taking care of the spilled stuff. And yes, no wet mopping. At least we prefer it like that.

Reason to Invest in A Cleaning Machine


However, there is no denying that daily dusting will never lead to the ultimate deep cleaning. And the hardwood floor will very slowly but gradually lose its sheen even after daily dusting. As a result, the appeal of the wood will diminish tenfold. So, rather than randomly using water, home remedies, and cleaning solutions to clean the hardwood, it is always better to invest in a high-quality cleaning machine.

Not just a high-quality cleaner, a cleaner specially designed to clean the very delicate, too expensive not to care, fragile regarding water hardwood floor. A costly flooring demands high-quality, tab bit pricey tools in upkeep. A broom, terry cloth, microfiber pad, and scrub, a spray bottle filled with vinegar will do, but deep cleaning of the hardwood floor, not sure. To avoid the risk and make the process safe, easy, and faster, you will need a cleaning machine.

Heads Up

Again, let us repeat the heads up, only a cleaning machine made for the hardwood floor, and not heavyweight or too harsh on wood.

Types of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

When it comes to cleaning machines, the first one that you need is a vacuum cleaner. Regular dusting is a must, and if it’s hardwood, twice a day is the better option. So, either get a vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum. The latter is apt for dusting without your presence or supervision.

For deep cleaning, you can use three types of cleaning machines. It could be a spray mop, a wet and dry vacuum machine, and a steam mop designed for the hardwood floor. Avoiding steam mopping is highly suggested as both moisture and heat cause damage to the hardwood. We are skipping discussing it for the same reason. But if you want, you can use the one designed for hardwood. It would be safe. They are available and work great on the hardwood.

Right below, we will talk a little about the cleaning machines and explain the whole cleaning process. So, how to clean hardwood floors with machine, let’s get into the details.

Cleaning Machine Type #1 – Spray Mop

A spray mop is not just a manual stick mop with an on-demand spraying trigger. It could be cordless and run with batteries too. The mechanism of a spray mop is to spray the cleaning solution on the stains and dirty surface. And then, you can mop the surface with the pad attached to the mop head.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Machine
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This one works with a cleaning solution. So, it is not even a matter of explaining that you will need a cleaning solution, a mild one that is made for cleaning the hardwood floor. The spray mops that are made for hardwood include cleaning solutions made for the same too.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with A Spray Mop

  • Do the dusting, a thorough one before you use any cleaning machine. In the case of spray mop, it becomes all the more mandatory.
  • Fill the water tank of the spray mop. Most spray mops work with warm water. The best is to use warm distilled water if you can somehow manage.
  • Pour a full cap of cleaning solution into the water tank after you have filled water in it. Not a drop extra. Install the water tank back in the mop.
  • If it has a cartridge filled with the cleaning solution, that means the solution doesn’t need diluting and can be used directly on the hardwood floor.
  • Now only press the trigger to spray the solution when you need to. A little goes a long way. And we all know how to mop a surface, so do it.
  • You can spray the solution on the stains a little more and let it be for a few minutes and continue mopping the other area.
  • Return to the stains and take your time in cleaning the spots. By now, the cleaning solution has worked to break the stains into fine particles. Thus will come off easily.
  • If it’s a machine to clean hardwood floors, the chances are that the cleaning solution will leave absolutely no residue. Hence, no need to clean the surface again with a clean pad.
  • Make sure to sweep the moisture well and pronto if you notice any.

Cleaning Machine Type #2 – Wet-Dry Vacuum

A wet-dry vacuum is a deep cleaning machine for the hardwood that cleans the dry dirt and the wet sticky mess at the same time with the same machine. Therefore, if you are buying this hardwood floor cleaning machine, you can skip buying a vacuum cleaner altogether. Because it does the vacuuming, and when needed the wet mopping as well.

The vacuum system of the wet-dry vacuum works just like a vacuum cleaner. The dirt is pulled through powerful suction and sent to the dirt tank. The machine sucks the wet mess too through powerful suction. Also, there will be a water tank that you will need to fill with water, and you can mix a hardwood floor cleaner to clean the stubborn stain and oily mess and grime more effectively.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with A Wet-Dry Vacuum

  • If the cleaning machine is corded, plug it in, and if cordless, charge it fully before use.
  • You can skip the dusting and directly start using the cleaning machine.
  • Now just move the machine back and forth on the hardwood floor. Pet hair, large dirt particles, fine particles, all the dirt will be swept and cleaned well with such a machine.
  • Here is the best part; you do not have to stop using the machine when you see standing water or spilled wine or food. You can continue vacuuming and mop the wet mess. The machine will be safe and clean the spot well.
  • If the stain has dried or there is this embedded dirt on your hardwood, just press the trigger to disperse some cleaning solution.
  • Now again, sweep the spot with the cleaning machine. The brush on such a machine is also one of its kind and handles dry dust and wet mess with equal ease. These are microfiber but have nylon bristles as well for scrubbing the surface gently when needed.
  • After you are done cleaning the hardwood floor, make sure to clean the mop head, brush, and dirt tank immediately.
  • It will not just increase the machine’s shelf-life, but the next time you spill something on the floor, you will not be a lazy bum and will have the machine ready to clean the mess at once.

We have already dodged a steam mop, and between a spray mop and a wet-dry vacuum, if you ask us our preference, we will say it depends. Both are a kind of spray mops, but the latter saves you money being a 2-in-1 machine and way quicker as it vacuums the mess and doesn’t leave much residue too. So, no need to put extra effort to dry the hardwood. But then spray mops are way more affordable and let you have better control over the machine. So, leave our preference, decide for yourself, the choice, in this case, is all yours.

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