How to Clean Kitty Litter from Floor

Kittens are adorable, no one is going to argue on that. But at the same time, the responsibilities that come with a kitty are not that easy to fulfill. Keeping it healthy, clean, entertained, and at the same time keeping the house clean is quite a job. A common problem is how to clean kitty litter from the floor?

No matter what you do as a responsible owner your kitty is going to spill some of the litter out on the floor. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes without even knowing just taking some litter out stuck into its paws. Well, the good news is the cleaning might be very frequent but not so hard to do.

Usually, the better plan is to take measures to prevent the litter from spilling out than to clean it. But as we mentioned earlier, no matter how small the quantity is, some litter will always move out of the box. We will discuss how to clean it in detail and also how to minimize the amount of spilled litter. 

The process of cleaning kitty litter from floor


Here you will get to know the processes: 

For wet cat litter

This is quite a nightmare if this happens regularly. So, try to take all the preventive measures possible. But if it still happens then don’t panic and go through these steps one by one.

How to Clean Kitty Litter from Floor
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First step: Collect as much as possible

  • For this, you will need some paper towels. 
  • With the paper towel grab and collect as much litter as possible.
  • Place the litter into a polybag or paper bag.

Second step: Let it dry

  • Yes, have patience and let it dry. You can do it other ways but this is easier.
  • Wet until it is completely dry and you can scrape it off.

Third step: Scrape it

  • You would want to scrape hard and get the litter completely detached from the floor.
  • Use a good-quality brush to get everything off the floor.

Fourth step: Vacuum the floor

  • Now that all the litter is detached from the floor you can vacuum it.
  • Keep the vacuuming going on until nothing is left on the floor.

Fifth step: Use an odor neutralizer

  • As the litter was wet there is a chance that the floor has soaked in a little amount of urine from the litter.
  • The kitty will be able to smell it and will be encouraged to pee at the location.
  • So, use some odor neutralizer to stop the kitty from doing that.

For dry cat litter

First step: Collect the litter

  • Use a paper towel or broom and a collecting tray to collect the litter.
  • Collect as much as you can and put it in a bag.

Second step: Vacuum

  • Now for dry cat litter after collecting the next and final step is to vacuum the floor as nicely as possible.
  • Make sure no trace of litter is left on the floor. 

How to clean cat litter dust from tile floor

  • It is a lot easier to clean the cat litter dust from the tile floor than the wet cat litter.
  • Mostly what you have to do is vacuum the floor very well.
  • If you do the vacuum cleaning on a daily basis there should be no problem.
  • But if you ignore it for long enough there is a strong possibility for the tiles to look quite bad.
  • At this point, you can use a steam cleaner to clean the tile floor to get rid of the dust.
  • And if still some dust stains just won’t go away, use a hard cleaner.
  • You can use spic and span or something like that which contains sodium carbonate.
  • It is a very strong cleaner and should get the job done for you.
  • But remember regular cleaning is the best way.

How to prevent kitty litter from being dirty?

  • Now, this is quite a job. It is not impossible but surely takes some effort.
  • If you want a clean litter box which means that will minimize the tracking of litter, you need to take every step carefully and wisely.
  • First, start with the litter box. You must have a litter box that is big enough for your kitty.
  • You can use top-entry litter boxes or litter boxes with ramps to prevent tracking. Or if you cannot clean it regularly then use an automatic litter box.
  • Now about the litter, it heavily depends on your and your cat’s personal preference. But use a good quality one.
  • To minimize the tracking using a fast clumping and low dust cat litter.
  • Or you can use a wood pallet or other pallet-type cat litter. These litters have the best result against tracking.
  • Then another step you can take is adding a litter mat. Using a mat under the litter box will prevent the litter from spreading up to your whole house.
  • And another clever thing you can do is put your cat litter box inside an old bathtub or some big container like that. It will mostly stop the tracking. Of course, this will only work if your cat is healthy to climb up the bathtub or whatever container you will use.


How do you get cat litter off the floor?

If it is wet cat litter then it is a little harder. First, collect as much litter as possible with a paper towel and broom and collect a tray as possible. Then let the leftover litter that is still stuck dry. When it is completely dried up, scrape it off the floor completely. Now vacuum the floor to finish the cleaning.

For dry cat litter just collect it as much as possible. And then use the broom or vacuum cleaner until the floor is completely clean.

How do you remove cat litter from hardwood floors?

For dry cat litter brooming or vacuuming nicely should be enough. But if the litter is wet then collect as much as possible as with a paper towel. And then let it dry and scrape the dried-up litter off the floor. If there is still stain left, use some strong cleaner like white vinegar and warm water. Then rinse the floor.

Does Swiffer pick up cat litter?

It will pick up cat litter but maybe not satisfactorily all the time. It is not a vacuum cleaner after all. It will pick up a good portion of the cat litter. As it is a manual tool the picking up also depends on the one using the Swiffer. It is not good in the corners of the house. But it does an okay job with cat litter.

Can you vacuum cat litter?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. You can use a vacuum cleaner in the process but not for the whole process. Most vacuum cleaners are not designed to pick up such big grains as cat litter. So, it can damage the machine. But there are special vacuum cleaners for this purpose. And also, you can use any vacuum cleaner to clean the dust after you have collected the litter with a paper towel or broom.


There is no doubt having a kitty in your life is an amazing experience. But of course, at the same time, you have to accept the work that comes with it which is not always very pleasant. One of them is keeping your floor litter-free. But now you know how to clean kitty litter from the floor. So, cheer up.

The most important thing to remember is this is a responsibility you cannot avoid and there is no shortcut. You can minimize the spilling of litter but you cannot completely stop it. So, stop freaking out and take the necessary preventive measures. Then make the cleaning a part of your daily routine. 

Like every other relationship, the one between you and your kitty is also mostly about compromise. Take the cleaning as a compromise and both your kitty and you will be happier. Good luck.

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