How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Swiffer

Melamine resin and fiberboards, a laminate floor is a few layers of these materials with a protective layer on top. If you have seen wood flooring in a rented apartment and wondered why the house owner had spent a fortune on a residence that is for renting, then think twice because it might be laminate flooring. Laminate floors, just like engineered hardwood floors, are a replica of hardwood flooring. The color, the texture, even the wood grain everything imitates a hardwood floor so well. However, there is hardly any wood in it. Thus, they look gorgeous and classy but cost way less.

Different ways to clean a laminate flooring


Cleaning Process And Product

The protective layer on top holds the sheen and newness of the laminate flooring but is not waterproof. So, laminate wood flooring, though, low maintenance requires cautious cleaning. Mopping a laminate flooring with a bucket full of water is a big no. Spilled water needs to be dried at once when you have laminate floors. So, how can you keep laminate floors clean? No worry, as you have several ways to try. Dry mopping, wet mopping either with a chemical solution or natural cleaner.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Process and Product Information:

  • Swiffer
  • Dry Mopping
  • Wet Mopping
  • Natural Cleaning
  • Vinegar
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Baking Soda


All the cleaning processes mentioned above, be it dry mopping, wet mopping with a cleaning solution, or just natural ingredients, you can do all with Swiffer. Swiffer, the renowned brand, has every type of mops available.

Before we jump to the detailed discussion, let’s hold our horses a bit and give some thought on how safe a Swiffer is on laminate flooring. Is cleaning your laminate flooring with a Swiffer safe, let’s answer the question first.

Can you use Swiffer on laminate floors?

Yes, you can use Swiffer on laminate floors. Swiffer is a brand that makes cleaning kits, solutions, pads, and different cleaning mops. For cleaning the laminate floors, we prefer the Swiffer WetJet kit. It is made to clean hardwood flooring. Hence it will clean your laminate floors safely. It is a spray mop that comes with all the essentials that you will need to clean a laminate floor. Soft microfiber-like pads with a scrubby stripe, a stick mop, and a bottle of cleaning solution. The dual nozzles spray a limited amount of cleaning solution only when you press the button.


Will Swiffer ruin laminate floors by long-term use?

You might have already gauged that Swiffer doesn’t ruin the laminate floor because we have almost announced how Swiffer has every type of mop for cleaning laminate floors. So, now remains the point of why it doesn’t damage your floor even if you are wet mopping with it. If we explain it well, you will get your answer on whether Swiffer damages a laminate floor or not.

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Swiffer
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Swiffer mops are designed and engineered in such a way that you hardly use water to clean your laminate floors. There is no use of water unless you are trying a natural cleaning solution. Even there, you immediately sweep-dry the surface, so it’s safe. We stated it earlier, too, that it’s all in the pads.

The dry mop pad is textured and has ridges on it. Thus it traps and locks the dirt, allergen, and pet hair too well. It’s dry mopping, so no water to seep in the layers.

In case of wet mopping with a Swiffer, it’s all in the pads and the solution too. You spray a tiny amount of solution and sweep the floor. That is it. Even here, there is no use of water. The pads clean and dry the surface efficiently.

When there is no water to seep in the layers of laminate floors, there is nothing to crumble or break in the inner core. So, a Swiffer is the safest of them all to keep your laminate floor clean.

Dry Mopping

First of all, dry mopping is essential to keep a surface clean. No matter what the type of flooring is. The first step to clean a floor is to dust and remove all the dirt and debris. For that, people mostly use a vacuum cleaner or a simple dry mop. A vacuum cleaner might be a product that is not too affordable. Thus a dry mop is best for simple dusting. One can use it to dust the ceiling and high corners also.

As the title suggests, a dry mop is a regular mop with a mop head and handle.  With a dry mop, one picks the dust, debris, and specks of dirt. It is all in the mop pads or cloths. Because they pick the dirt well, even the pet hair isn’t avoided. It has to be designed in a certain way so that it not only traps the dirt but also locks it in the pad. Dry mopping your laminate flooring every day is not only hygienic but also great for your laminate flooring’s long shelf life.

Wet Mopping

We all know you can dry mop your floors every day, even twice a day, but it will never be free of bacteria and germs unless you try wet mopping. Wet mopping once or twice a week is enough to keep a laminate flooring shiny and germ-free. So, how does a wet mop work? It looks pretty similar to a dry mop but will have a compartment for the solution to insert. There will be nozzles and triggers to spray the solution on the floor.

Then you also have wet mop cloths where the cleaning solution is right in the pads itself. One has to use it just like the dry pad. But due to the cleaning solution in it, it is super effective on the stubborn stains and grime.

Keep in mind that the wet mop pads will be engineered differently than the dry mop pads. Both work in two different ways, so it’s a given. The wet mop pads lock the dirt way deeper than a dry mop pad. That is why when you opt for dry-wet floor mops; they provide you with different sets of wet and dry pads. Yes, you guessed it right, you have wet plus dry mop available too. Two in one it is. When we said several ways, we meant it.

Natural Cleaning

Using a chemical solution in wet mopping is not always necessary. You can use a microfiber cloth or pad to clean a laminate flooring too. And instead of using a chemical solution, you can try natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and jojoba oil. Some of these ingredients will be mixed with water, so make sure you dry the laminate flooring really well. Otherwise, it will take an unfavorable turn. The best is to use distilled water. It’s safer than plain water. Please make sure not to soak the floor, slight moistening is fine.


Take an equal quantity of water and vinegar. Add a little bit of detergent or dishwashing soap. You have to use it the same way as a chemical solution. It’s effective yet almost natural.


Jojoba Oil

A few drops of jojoba oil on a stubborn stain on the laminate floor dissolve and break it well. With a single swipe, the stain will fade.

Baking Soda

Make a thick paste of baking soda by adding water to it. Apply the paste on stains and see the magic.


So, all this while we were talking about dry mops, wet mops, dry-wet mops, and claimed that Swiffer has these all. Do they actually have these all? If so, then what are the specialties of these mops, have a look right below.

1. Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner for Floor Cleaning

Have you got Laminate Wood Floors installed in your house, or maybe worried about the laminate floor losing shine and never getting back to the older self even after trying and cleaning days after days? Well here is what you are doing wrong, you are still stuck with a regular mop and cleaning solution that can not go as much deeper as you need it to be.

The best reason to buy this cleaner for Laminate Wood Floors is the eight high quality 8 Sweeping Cloths that it comes with.

Many homeowners who have  Laminate Wood Floors installed on them make this mistake of cleaning their floor with a regular chemical cleaning solution and mop, which doesn’t even clean the surface properly. Worse of all, using an abrasive chemical cleaner might do some irreversible damage to your  Laminate Wood Floors that might be quite hard to come back from. So what can you do to avoid such a situation or prevent any further damage to your Laminate Wood Floors?  Well, you have to get something like the Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner.

Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner is a great machine for the Laminate Wood Floors, and it is quite suitable for using something as delicate as the Laminate Wood Floors. Why? Well, because this  Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner are quite good at cleaning dirt and dusts without doing any damage to the Laminate Wood Floors. As this is a mop that also happens to have vacuum functionality, there is no chance of leaving steaks on the floor. Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner are quite suitable for any household that has pets as it is very effective against dust and pet hairs as well. So if you are Laminate Wood Floors, who happen to have pets, this is the ideal mop for you!


Pros Cons
  • It is affordable.
  • Durable build and lasts long.
  • Great at trapping pet hairs.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • The battery might die off after a year..


2. Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit is a whole package. It’s one of those value packs which has everything one needs to do a certain task but at an affordable price. You get a power mop, disposable pads, four batteries, and a cleaning solution.

It is a mop with a comfortable handle and a compartment for inserting the cleaning solution that comes with the kit. A 500ml bottle of cleaning solution it is. Once you finish using it, you can buy the solution refill.

The mop head allows easy attaching of the mop pads. Detaching the pads after cleaning is equally easy. It comes with five WetJet pads. And once you have used all the five pads, you can buy the refills.

This one is the perfect laminate floor cleaner because not just the pad, even the solution is apt for cleaning the laminate flooring. It is mild on the protective layer of the floor, yet cleans the stubbornest of stain with ease.


Spray the chemical solution on the dirt. It will loosen it within seconds, and once you sweep the surface with the WetJet pad, the dirt lifts off the floor with ease. The dirt is absorbed by the pad and locked in it. No stain, only a clean, shiny laminate surface.

There is no way you can use an unnecessary amount of solution because the mop doesn’t allow you to spray too much. Though the control of the trigger is under your thumb, the dual nozzle only sprays the perfect amount.

Once you are done using the pads and chemical solution completely, you do not have to repurchase the whole kit. The refills are all you need to continue using the power mop.

3. Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop

Before wet mopping, dry mopping is a must. So, there is no way Swiffer wouldn’t have a dry mop for picking up the dirt, dust, and allergen.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop is a pole with a mop head to attach the dry mop cloths. The pads do all the work in this case. So, it is a given that they will be distinct. These pads are thick and have deep textured ridges on them. These reach and clean even the grout lines.

When you sweep the laminate floor with the dry pads, the textured ridges pick the dirt, allergen, and pet hair. Not just that, the dirt and hair are trapped and further locked in the pads. So, even if you are using the same pad in cleaning the other areas, the dust and hair don’t spread all over your laminate flooring.

You get two packs of Swiffer dry pads. Each has 26 pads in it. So, it takes the total number of dry pads to 52. So, the need for refills will take some time.

Once you are done cleaning, you can easily remove the pad from the mop head and toss it. This one, undoubtedly, is the best dry mop for cleaning laminate floors. Those of you who have pets, cancel the broom and get a Swiffer Sweeper.

4. Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit with Heavy Duty Cloths

Lastly, we have Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet mop. The name already suggests that you can do both dry mopping and wet mopping with the same mop. Though it can be used for wet mopping, it doesn’t have a compartment for cleaning solutions. But then there is no use of water too. So, you might be intrigued, thinking about how exactly it wet mops.

The magic is its wet mop cloth. These pads have built-in cleaning solutions on them. These are wet and have scrubbing strips on the flip side. So, if the pads with the integrated solution are not too effective in completely removing a stain, then flip the pad and scrub the stain out.

The mop is the same as the Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop. But as it’s a starter kit, you get a mop, seven dry and three wet mop cloths.

Instead of buying only the dry mop and then buying wet pads separately, you can directly buy this starter kit. Like this, you can try both dry and wet mopping right at the beginning of using a Swiffer Sweeper for the very first time.


Both the dry pads and wet pads are unscented and disposable. They are all the same size. Thus,  easily attach with the mop head. Removing them is easy too.

The ridges on the dry pads pick and lock the dirt, allergen, and pet hair. Then, the wet pad on the same surface ensures to absorb and lock the remaining dirt deep into the cloth.

Final Words

We went into the details, right. There can be a hundred ways and thousands of products to clean laminate flooring. But, the best one is that which helps to maintain the durability and sheen of the laminate flooring. Replacing the floors of your house is not easy. And laminate floors once damaged require renewal. So, make sure to buy the right product to clean your laminate floors. And what could be better than Swiffer? That too, when Swiffer itself offers so many different options to you. So, which one you think you need to clean your laminate floor, or you feel you need them all. Whatever the case be, we hope you got the easiest way of cleaning your laminate flooring already.

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