How to Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring

Mohawk laminate flooring has become too prevalent for you not to know about it. It’s all over the houses, offices in the USA. Install Mohawk laminate flooring over other floorings along with installing it over plain concrete, and the brand is known for its commitment to making high quality yet within-budget products.

The rough estimate of laminate flooring per square foot installed with Mohawk laminate planks touches no more than a few bucks, that too, with a proper warranty of at least 20 years and more and 100 different styles, which makes the laminate flooring one of the most usable ones.

Now no floor is worth installing if it’s hard to maintain and clean, not even the very in-demand and pretty Mohawk laminate flooring. None has the time and energy for elaborate maintenance, especially not the ordinary people. So, quite naturally, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is how easy it is to clean the flooring.

The more the floor is easy to clean with standard products, the better the demand for it to be installed by most people. And let us give you the favorable verdict, Mohawk laminate flooring is easy to clean.

How to Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring Step by Step


How to Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring
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Step #1 – Thorough Vacuuming of the Dirt and Grit

Most of us fail to understand the importance of daily cleaning of a surface. It could be due to the pile of dirt not being clearly visible in the first few days or total laziness. However, there is no other way better than cleaning your Mohawk laminate flooring with a vacuum cleaner.

You do not need any extra cleaning agent, nor do you require water to sweep the floor. Getting rid of the dust and grit from the surface is the key to keep it safe from scratches left by even the tiny particles.

Also, due to you walking on the surface nonstop and things being placed and falling all over the floor, the very dirt stuck severely to the laminate floor. So, when you do not let the dirt stay for long hours by cleaning it daily, the chances of the worst scenario created by it get null and void.

So, to clean your Mohawk laminate flooring try to invest in a vacuum cleaner to make your daily vacuuming quicker and easier. If you cannot afford it, use a regular broom. It will be hard and require double the time than using the vacuum cleaner, but what you need to keep your Mohawk laminate flooring clean must be done no matter what.

Step #2 – Importance of Sweeping Occasionally

We have emphasized vacuuming or plain brooming of the Mohawk laminate flooring to keep it clean from dirt, debris, and grit. And that automatically minimizes the frequency of the damp sweeping.

We do not much prefer sweeping the floor daily or even every alternate day. However, if it doesn’t matter to you and you have enough time, you can do it, and the waterproof Mohawk laminate floor will handle it with ease.

Our preference is to sweep the floor with water occasionally. Actually, rather than sweeping the entire floor, we prefer prompt cleaning of the flooring in sections. For instance, if we have accidentally spilled something over, even water, or entered the house with dirty shoes from outside, or just stepped out of the bathroom with wet shoes and walked all over the floor.

Then, we already vacuum clean the entire flooring daily. These two easy yet cautious steps should be enough to keep your Mohawk laminate flooring ultra-clean and increase its shelf life too.

Step #3 – Liquid Cleaners

Until now, the things we have mentioned are applicable in typical situations, like, say, doings of the regular life while spending in a house that has Mohawk laminate flooring installed. However, not every single day goes the same. We have already talked about accidental spills. And that brings us to the fact that not all spills can be swept and cleaned with plain water.

You will need something extra to clean the stain or stuck mess. So, the query brings us to homemade cleaning solutions or the cleaners available in the market. Though you will use the cleaners not too often, perhaps in months, yet you need to have them at home.

Homemade cleaning solutions are easily preparable due to the household product being available in the pantry, so we will suggest making one and using it to clean your Mohawk laminate flooring. And if it seems a hassle to make it, then go for any branded cleaning solutions.

But make sure you are buying a good one, safe to use on laminate flooring specifically. Keep in mind that what works on a hardwood floor will never work on laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. So, always be careful before buying a commercial branded cleaner.

Step #4 – Make The Homemade Cleaning Solution

When it comes to homemade cleaning solutions, most of us pretty much know the main ingredient. Yes, we are talking about good ole vinegar.

ACV or WV – If your Mohawk laminate flooring is dark in color, then you can use apple cider vinegar to avoid the stain it leaves on the surface due to its staining properties. Or remain on the safe side by using plain white vinegar.

The Apt Ratio – A gallon of warm water dilutes a cup of vinegar properly but keeps the effectiveness of the acetic acid to a minimum without completely dissipating it. The sharpness of the acetic acid is necessary to clean the dirt, stuck and stubborn, and kill the germs and bacteria too from the surface.

The Safer Ratio – However, stay on the safe side in your first attempt by sweeping a small section of the floor with the vinegar solution. Then, wait to check whether the floor reacts to the acidic vinegar. If it looks fine, continue sweeping the rest of the floor with it. And if you see something irregular, then pour just half of a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water to clean the Mohawk laminate flooring next time. That will work fine for sure.

Spray and Clean – To target specific stained areas, you can take a spray bottle, fill it half with distilled water, and the rest with vinegar. Yes, keep the liquids equal as you need a stronger cleaning solution to clean a more stubborn mess. Then spray the relatively strong cleaner on the mess, and clean it with a soft scrub pad. Not the steel one’s ever.

Always avoid steel scrubs, harsh cleaning tools, and oil-based cleaner or products to clean your laminate wood flooring. If a homemade cleaning solutions and soft pad are enough to keep laminate wood clean and make it last longer, then no point in ruining it with over cleaning and maintenance.

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