How to Clean Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring

There is no dearth of vinyl flooring manufacturers in today’s business when vinyl flooring has turned out to be one of the best when it comes to its cleaning and maintenance process. Those who want to be practical and reasonable, are within budget, and strictly maintain it will prefer vinyl flooring for obvious reasons.

The only downside of the vinyl flooring for most frugal-minded people would be its cheap-looking appearance. And if somehow the manufacturers turned the table in that aspect by making some stunning-looking vinyl flooring, the frugal minds also get what they believed the vinyl flooring lacks. Mohawk is one of those reputable manufacturers who have done it. They have struck a balance between affordability and stunning appearance when it comes to their vinyl plank flooring.

But affordable vinyl flooring with a stylish design still demands easy cleaning. The expectation of vinyl flooring being the easiest to clean is the highest among all the floorings, Mohawk or no Mohawk. So, is it easy to clean the Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring, or do we need some specific product to maintain the floor, and if not, how to clean mohawk vinyl plank flooring? All these will be the center of our discussion here.

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Is Super Easy to Clean


The heading says it all, cleaning a Mohawk vinyl plank flooring is very easy. We will get to it in a little bit. The flooring installed through each plank is vibrant, colorful, stylish, and trendy, yet the core advantage of easy cleaning of vinyl planks remains the same. It is, after all, made from the same material, which is vinyl.

No Specific Floor Cleaner Required

Plain water is enough to keep your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring clean. At best, you can use homemade cleaning solutions or any regular liquid cleaner; even that is extra when it comes to cleaning a lifeproof vinyl floor. Mohawk, the very reputable newest manufacturer, doesn’t demand the usage of any fancy cleaners to maintain their vinyl plank flooring.

How to Clean Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring

For getting the best out of your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring in terms of its shiny appearance and long-lasting feature, you can follow a few steps and do it regularly. Maintaining the steps requires bare minimum effort and budget; hence making the floor last longer, fresh and shiny, becomes all the more convenient.

How to Clean Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring
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Religiously Try to Dust the Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring

Daily dusting is not only good to maintain a clean and fresh ambiance for you and your family members, especially kids, older people, and patients at home; it is great for the floor too. The entire idea of not letting the dirt and dust congregate on the surface for too long actually works for all, the human as well as the floor.

Though your vinyl floor, even the Mohawk vinyl plank flooring, will not hassle you much for not dusting or cleaning it daily. It will be easy to clean even if you try cleaning it once or twice a month or after a long time.

But it’s necessary to understand that the floors have legit methods to maintain, even if it’s vinyl. The more critical you become in following that process, the floor remains newer for longer and lasts longer too.

Even Lazy Dusting Works

Even a lazy movement of your hands using a broom to sweep the dust works like magic, and if you can do it with a vacuum cleaner, the positive result increases multi-folds. If you feel lazy, take it up as an exercise. Do half of your house one day and the rest the next day. Or try doing it every alternative day, if not daily. So, you can be lazy but must not skip dusting.

Damp Sweeping

Mohawk vinyl flooring handles water and moisture pretty well. It’s vinyl’s nature, hence its extensive use in bathrooms, kitchens, and similar areas. When you religiously do the daily dusting, the necessity for damp sweeping doesn’t become obtrusive. Damp sweeping is basically the more effective way to clean the dirt. It’s the way to clean the mess that is difficult to get rid of through just dusting.

White Vinegar

Now, if you are dusting or vacuuming your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring daily, there should be no dirt that is hard to clean, let alone the stuck ones that require scrubbing. However, dusting cannot kill germs and bacteria. For that, you need to sweep the floor with water. And while doing that, you can try adding some additional cleaning agents in the water too. For us, that additional cleaning agent would be white vinegar.

Yes, the vinegar that you already have in your kitchen. It makes the most effective floor cleaner of all. Super cheap but super strong, wipe cleans the floor from all the stuck mess and kills the germs and bacteria too.

Waiting and Prompt Sweeping

If the dirt is badly stuck on the floor, or you have stained the floor by spilling some tea or with a fallen plate of sticky food, then the rule is to spray vinegar-water solution and wait for 5-10 minutes for it to work on the stuck mess.

Otherwise, sweep the floor with the solution as if you are sweeping your floor with plain water. No need to wait; soak the mop in the water and vinegar, squeeze it thoroughly, and sweep. Use the softest pad possible with the vinyl plank floor cleaner mop.

Drying The Floor

Never forget to dry the floor after you are done damp sweeping thoroughly. Either switch on the fan or sweep the floor once again with a dry pad on the mop.

MIY AKA Make It Yourself

Now, for cleaning a stuck mess, make your cleaning solution with white vinegar by mixing half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of warm water. And if it’s for the regular damp sweeping of your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring, then a full cup of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water will be the perfect mix. You can use the entire gallon of water to damp sweep a vast portion of the vinyl flooring.

If it were any other floor from the brand Mohawk, as they manufacture quite a few, we would at least mention some liquid cleaners that are available in the market. However, as it’s their vinyl plank flooring, such cleaners seem superfluous, at least to us. You can be rational by using a cheap but effective white vinegar bottle that will last you for weeks, so be rational and keep your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring clean, fresh and shiny with the cheapest product available at your home.

We rather suggest you spend your money on a vacuum cleaner to make the dusting process of your Mohawk vinyl plank flooring easier and quicker.

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