How to Clean Old Vinyl Floors?

Cleaning things is a tedious and challenging process. It’s time-consuming, energy-draining, and harsh on your body. Basically, it’s a lot of hard work. Thus couch potatoes hate cleaning chores. The things that are old and worn off, especially, are vexatious to clean. It hardly matters what the thing is. Keeping it clean and sanitizing is crucial for our health and ambiance. The clothes we wear, the dishes we use to have our meal, our face, the feet, we need to take a bath daily. So that level of cleanliness around and within very much gives it away how important it is to keep the flooring of our house clean, which is our main concern for this very topic.

Importance of A Clean Floor and Our Issues Regarding It


When we are amidst a global pandemic, cleanliness becomes all the more relevant. We all know how to keep the floor clean, and we do it daily. We all have set our own rules, and many of us have ‘PhDs’ in cleaning the floor. Yet, it’s not very implausible to have yellowed, stained flooring. We know it’s clean, but it looks disgusting, and we don’t know what to do about it.

Lack of Time

Vigorous and meticulous cleaning of the flooring daily will delay the staining or worn off process, no doubt, but the more it gets old, the more it stains and shows that years have passed by quite evidently. But let’s be honest, none has that time in their hands. We had enough struggles to make ends meet. Meticulous cleaning of a floor is the last thing to come in most of our minds.


I mean, the flooring is always under our feet or shoes. Every single piece is on or over them. And it’s always beneath something or the other. Even when the food or drink falls, it falls right on the floor most of the time. What’s my fault you can groan, yes. And the most frustrating, cleaning a vast space. You wish a floor would be of the size of a platter. So it’s more than expected for the flooring to be worn off way earlier than any other thing.

Issues Intensified

However, the struggle is more when you have moved to a rented apartment. Seriously, that should be the worst case where you will have the cheapest and most haphazardly installed flooring, full of stains, dirt layers, grit, and grime as if the previous tenant didn’t clean it even for a second during his whole stay. The bathrooms are the worst, and we are not going to go there. And when it is about rented apartments, tiles and vinyl floors are commonly seen, mostly for their affordability.

Is It Easy Cleaning the Old Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floorings have a better range, especially when it comes to looks, so the landlords, generous ones, sometimes prefer that. So, when you have got into that kind of an apartment where you see a moderately classy looking vinyl flooring but full of stains, dirt, and grime, you can be happy. Because one it’s beautiful, second it will be very easy to clean even if it’s old.

To know ‘how,’ let’s have a palaver on how to clean old vinyl floors. After looking at those scary-looking, uncleaned vinyl flooring, the last thing you want us to say is, let’s have a serious conversation, right! Make it simple, you expect, and we have the simplest way ready for you.

How to Clean Old Vinyl Floors
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What to Keep in Mind?

Please, know that the cleaning process of an old vinyl flooring is the same as the cleaning process of any vinyl flooring. The only thing we hope you have is patience because heads up, an old vinyl floor will take time to get back to its lost glory. You might need to repeat the process again and again. It’s easy and affordable to do daily, but not a one-day affair. So, without blabbering much, let’s share those simple steps to clean the old vinyl flooring.

Old Vinyl Floors

By old vinyl floors, we mean, it’s old. It has seen 5-10 years of rough use. Some areas will scream of replacement, some spots will have heavy vinyl ground-in dirt, some places will be yellowed and grimed, and some will need 100 years’ worth cleaning, basically impossible to get back to its original form. So, do not expect it to be as new as a recently installed vinyl flooring. The purpose is to clean the floor; refinishing is not part of this subject matter. You will have to clean it pretty much daily, and it will be a slow process.

How to Clean an Old Vinyl Floor?

To summarize the whole thing prior to the explanation, stay true to the basics. Get a vacuum cleaner, use the lowest speed to remove the dirt. Or the best option is to try a wet-dry vinyl floor cleaning machine and do the dusting and cleaning simultaneously.

If it were a regular clean LVP floor, we would have suggested your basic products. However, when it comes to managing an old vinyl floor, we prefer a good machine. Albeit affordable, and there are plenty, no worries. Household products are not what we prefer in the case of cleaning old vinyl flooring. Not at least for the first many attempts.

After those many attempts with a good cleaning machine, a simple stick mop, a cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water, and daily mopping will always work. And you know how to mop, it’s the same old. Do the dusting first and then damp, wring well, mop, and dry.

Our Preference – A Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum

You can have any cleaning machine that you can afford or the one that you think would work for you, but our top pick is the one from Bissell, the corded one, of course. It cleans with soft microfiber pads and an effective but not harsh liquid solution by the same name as the machine.

Why A Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum?

Reason #1 –  Skip Dusting

When you are cleaning an old vinyl floor, you might need a lot of time to do one section. So, you will need a quick, powerful machine that will also cut down the dusting time by washing and vacuuming altogether. A corded wet-dry vacuum does it.

Reason #2 – Saves Time

You can run the machine on the carpets and rugs as well. The extra time you need to invest in restoring an old vinyl floor will be compensated by the fast, easy to use cleaning machine.

Reason #3 – Allows Long Cleaning Sessions

The flexibility and versatility of such a machine will not fatigue your body; also, due to it being corded, you can clean the vinyl floor as long as you need to.

Reason #4 – Lets You to Do It Daily

As it is easy on your body, you will not skip daily cleaning. Daily cleaning is the key when it is an old vinyl flooring. You do not have to be meticulous but regular. Even a lazy mopping will add up to the outcome eventually.

Keep the importance of cleanliness in mind, try the easy solutions to your issues and give some time; you will have a nice and fresh-looking old vinyl floor pretty soon.

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