How to Clean the smeg Stainless Steel Cooktop? : Cleaning & Maintaining

SMEG stainless cooktops are developed with a new design and burner features. The new SMEG cooktop looks super classy and lasts longer. The vertical-shaped cooktop is an efficient performance burner. The burner material is aluminum so that you won’t have to worry about stickiness while cooking.

You must take good care of the cooktop to keep up the shine and reliability. If you don’t know how to clean SMEG stainless cooktop, you can ruin the cooktop at any time. Cleaning such cooktops incorrectly can make stains/ scratches and discoloration. It’s not always that you’ve to use any commercial and expensive products to clean, such as stainless cooktop. You can apply DIY solutions as well.  

Also, how you’re applying such a solution and what are the things you should avoid are the most known things here. 

How to Clean the SMEG Stainless Steel Cooktop?


SMEG stainless cooktop requires mild and special cleansing. Such cooktops are highly efficient. But when it comes to fighting corrosion and stains, you must maintain a few things.

You must clean the cooktop after use with the right product and procedure. Avoid using any harsh type of chemicals here. You might get a lot of expensive cleaning solutions in the market. If you have a reasonable budget, try those out. 

How to Clean the smeg Stainless Steel Cooktop?
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As these cooktops are stainless, you must use soft cleaning tools to protect the aluminum layer. However, if your cooktop has certain types of stains, you need to give it a deep cleaning.

But it is not necessary on a daily basis. If you are not into chemical products, consider using homely products like vinegar, baking soda, hot water, oil, etc., THese DUY products are suitable for regular cleaning. 

Maintain the cooktop well, and you can expect the SMEG stainless steel to last long years after years. 

Regular Cleaning Of SMEG Stainless Steel Cooktop:

Regular cleaning of SMEG stainless steel must be mild but proper. As you’re going to clean this regularly, you don’t have to use any extra expensive chemicals here. There are a lot of options both in commercial products and DIY products. Try these out for efficient cleaning of stainless steel regularly:

Commercial Cleaner:

If you’re using any stainless steel cookware cleaner brand, make sure to read the directions first. Each cleaner is specialized for different things and works in different ways.

Your particular cleaner should fight food grime, kitchen grease, oil, burns and fingerprints as well.

At the same time, the cleaner must be protective of your aluminum layer of stainless steel. Some of the good brands are Brite Shine, spray way and terabyte. 

DIY Cleaning Products: 

DIY cleaning products require several homely products and a bit of knowledge about a stainless cooktop. Have some patience and start cleaning the cooktop mildly. This process is absolutely stainless steel protective and sufficient to fight oily and greasiness.

  • Firstly, take some warm water in a bowl and mix a few drops of mild dish soap. 
  • The warm water will create more soap suds, and the foams will be visible before.
  • Take a soft sponge/ dishcloth and dump it into the water mixture.
  • Start whipping over the cooktop slowly and make sure all tint of oil and grease has been covered.
  • Clean out the soap from the cooktop thoroughly. 
  • It’s time to dry your cooktop. Take a dry cotton cloth and buff it thoroughly.

How to Clean out Stains from SMEG Stainless Steel Cooktop?

The stains cleaning requires a bit more attention. But the procedure and products you’ll be using here should not be used on a daily basis. These products can contain strong chemicals. And these are threshing for the material quality of the steel. Here you might have to use products like white vinegar, Baking soda, stainless steel cleaner, detergent, etc.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a powerful agent to fight stains over the cooktop. Before you start, clean the cooktop properly with regular cleaning materials. 

Then, You just need to mix the same portion of water and baking soda into a bowl. Grab a bristle brush to apply the paste into the stained area of your cooktop. 

Rub his mixture over the stained area and leave it for a few minutes. Clean out the paste and the cooktop again with water. These stain will be gone by then. 

White Vinegar:

Although white vinegar is recommended for stainless steel, it works well to fight stains. You just need to take a tiny amount of vinegar and spray it a bit only over the stain.

Now take a sponge/ dish cloth to rub off the stain. Vinegar has a potent chemical substance to remove the stains instantly and tough greasiness.

Here you can additionally use some cooking oil as well. For that, you need to dab a generous amount of cooking oil and dap it with a soft dishcloth. Then you can rub it over the vinegar thoroughly. Oil and vinegar combination cures such strong stains instantly.

Stainless steel cleaner: 

Stainless steel cleaners are commercial stain cleaning agents. If the stain on your SMEG cooktop is super stubborn and none of the above DIY solutions can remove that, try it out.

As it is a commercial product, you only have to do the procedures per the manufacturer’s direction. The applying method will vary depending on the brand. 

Frequently Asked question: 

Question: What’s the province of SMEG Stainless steel cooktop?

Answer: The price of the SMEG stainless steel cooktop varies depending on the size of the cooktop and the type of it. On average, the price starts from $1,090, and it can range to $4,590.

Question: What’s the best stainless steel cleaning agent?

Answer: White vinegar solution is the best and strongest stainless steel cleaner. But this can harm your cooktop material as well. You better use this solution only over stained areas occasionally.

Wrap up: 

SMEG stainless steel cooktop is certainly popular cookware worldwide. Many people fail to take care of the cooktop as they don’t know the proper process. The cleaning and maintaining procedure is super easy. You need to know the right approach. Avoid using any type of regular cleaning sponge/ rough material here. DIY products are also good to give it a deep cleaning. 

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