How to Clean Vinyl Floors with Ground-In Dirt

We all are more or less cleanliness freak. There is hardly any person who wants to leave his surroundings dirty. Daily dusting also is not a big issue for most of us. We can take some time to do that in between our busy schedules.

However, the dirt that ruins our floors and the mood the most and works like a spoiler to our daily easy dusting is the ground-in dirt. That is not, which can be easily removed, and due to difficulty, we let it stay the way it is.

The One and The Only Alternative


To save yourself from all the hard work of removing it and failing and not letting the ground-in dirt set on the floor, the only thing that could be done is not letting the dirt embedded on the floor.

Never let it build up and stick on the floor all the more vehemently. There is no other alternative, especially when your purpose is to make the flooring last with the same sheen and newness for decades.

Is Cleaning Ground-In Dirt On Vinyl Floor Easy Too

We all have always heard the same thing repeatedly that the vinyl floor is one of the easiest to clean. So, is removing the ground-in dirt from the vinyl floor easy too, or is it difficult! And if we have ground-in dirt, then how to clean vinyl floors with ground in dirt, or is there no way to clean it.

Let’s get it straight. There are ways, high-end cleaning machines, effective cleaning solutions, but ground-in dirt is never easy to clean. It needs effort or at least requires expenses. Compared to other floors, it could be easy, but as stand-alone, it’s not. It’s a process, and careful cleaning is the key.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are made to tackle the vigorous rough use. Although you should never, you can keep a vinyl floor unclean for several days, and the day you are going to clean it, you can use the simplest of products, and it will get its sheen back. Ruining a vinyl flooring is rather hard than ravaging any other floor, perhaps barring the tile floors.

As it is easy to clean, the chances of having ground-in dirt minimize as you don’t feel lazy or tired and stop cleaning the vinyl floor for weeks due to its fragility and cautious, time-consuming cleaning processes. You continuously do the work to clean it. However, we will not say that cleaning ground-in dirt from a vinyl floor will be a cakewalk.

Ground-in Dirt On Vinyl Floor

Ground-in dirt can leave stains if left for too long. You have already kept it for too long, and that is why it got the chance to set on your vinyl flooring. So, even if it’s the easiest to clean, the rule is always not to let the dirt set on it. Ground-in dirt is the riskiest to clean as removing that could stain the floor or perhaps take off the finish from that spot. That one small faded, dull area will ruin the entire floor. So, always remove the spilled drinks and foods at once thoroughly before it could set.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors with Ground-in Dirt

If you are very much into regular dusting and immediate cleaning of the wet mess, spilled drink, and food, then your vinyl floor will remain clean and stain-free most of the time. But even then, having ground-in dirt on a floor is not impossible. It is very much plausible and should be removed very carefully. So, to remove the ground-in dirt from a vinyl floor, you will need a couple of tools and products. Keep in mind that you will use these tools products specifically on the area that has ground-in dirt. Especially the chemicals.

The Tools You Need

  • A vinyl floor cleaner; could be a vinyl record cleaner or vinyl floor cleaner
  • A stick mop or a microfiber cloth
  • A brush with soft nylon bristles or a toothbrush
  • A cup of vinegar
  • A separate dry towel or microfiber cloth
  • A sponge

Step One – Dust The Entire Floor

If you are into vinyl plank floor cleaning, you know how vital dusting is. Even if you are cleaning the ground-in dirt from specific areas, you will need to dust the entire room or house flooring. It depends whether you are targeting to clean the whole house or just room by room. We suggest doing it room by room. So, do the dusting first. It’s important because now you can see the ground-in dirt better as the floor is clean from the loose dust particles.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors with Ground-In Dirt
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Step Two – Scrape The Ground-In Dirt

When you have done the dusting, then time to work on specific areas. Take the soft brush or toothbrush and gently scrub the ground-in dirt. The purpose is to remove as much loose dirt as possible and lessen the build-ups. Do not rub harshly. If the ground-in dirt is not removed with gentle rub, then leave it. Target the next spot.

Step Three – Dust Once Again

After scraping the ground-in dirt, time to wipe clean the loose dirt particles scoured from it. You can use a soft damp towel and wipe the spot. Or just vacuum the area.

Step Four – Apply The Liquid Solution

If you are using a mild vinyl floor cleaner, you can use it directly. Or just follow the instructions written on the bottle. If you are using the vinyl record cleaner, make sure to dilute it in water. Use a sponge, damp it in the solution, and pat the sponge on the ground-in dirt spot.

Step Five – Let The Solution Work

Do not start cleaning it immediately after applying the cleaning solution. At least wait for 10-15 minutes. When you let the solution sit, it works and breaks the solid dirt particles into fine wet particles, which eventually can be wiped clean.

Step Six – Wipe and Scrub

Use the microfiber pad to wipe it after a wait of 15 minutes. Good, if the dirt is coming off of the vinyl floor. The little that is still stuck on the floor, use the brush to scrub it gently. Now wipe the area with the same pad. Do not use any abrasive tool. If it didn’t come off that day, do the same thing repeatedly for a few days. It will take time but will be cleaned.

Step Seven – Mop The Floor with Vinegar

Mix a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water, and with a vinyl plank floor stick mop, sweep the whole area, including the ground-in dirt spots with that solution. This step is to remove the chemical residue. Also, you now have a clean, ground-in dirt-free, sanitized vinyl floor.

‘Keep it clean’ must be your motto always. If that’s followed, the ground-in dirt will not be there anywhere on your flooring. Let alone building up in layers.

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