How to Clean Vinyl Tile Floors

A clean floor is everyone’s priority. Hygiene is the top preference, but another important reason is to keep it presentable. As they say, your house says a lot about you. No surprise if you are too meticulous about a clean, shiny floor. It’s a good sign, a positive side of you. But is keeping a floor clean easy? We do not dare to claim that, and none should. No doubt it’s a task, especially the bathrooms and kitchen area. Both are the smallest part of the whole house but are prone to be the dirtiest. Thanks for the small mercy of using easy cleaning vinyl tile floors there.

Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of the Vinyl Tile Floors


Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Though vinyl tile floors are comparatively easy to clean, still, overall, cleaning sessions are never easy. So, let’s at least explain the cleaning process in easy words for you to get somewhat excited about the session. So, how to clean vinyl tile floors, there are two ways, actually. And both are crucial. Either daily mopping the vinyl floor or sweeping every alternate day and deep cleaning twice a month. Daily dusting is the common thread. We will talk about both the process, regular and deep, and products you need to use to upkeep your vinyl tile flooring better.

Why Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning, as we all know, is necessary for sanitization. Everyone’s definition could vary, but for us, regular means daily dusting and wet mopping every second day. The daily could turn into every alternate day, and the second day could turn third, but the point is it should be regular and proper if not meticulous.

Say Yes to Regular Wet Mopping Along with Daily Dusting

Yes, it would be best if you did that, no matter how difficult managing the time is or how hard it is on your body. And procrastinating? Come on, that’s no excuse. Be a sport and take it as an exercise, that, too, a healthy one.

Eliminating The Bacteria and Germs Regularly

There will be dust, dirt, bacteria, germs, allergens, and whatnot, and you need to continue regular cleaning so that those don’t find an abode to layer upon or disperse. Though particles can be cleaned by daily dusting or vacuuming, bacteria, allergens, germs, these needs wet mopping that too with a cleaning solution or similar substance mixed in the water.

Taking Care of the Dry Dust Better

Also, the dirt, grit, sand, no matter how much you broom, get back right away, if dry. Wet mopping ensures better cleaning of the same surface as you are literally pulling the dry fine dust particles and adhering them to the mop as they damp and turn sticky, getting moisture to absorb. Those wet, adhered dust particles are never occupying the floor again. Not that bunch, at least.

How to Clean Vinyl Tile Floors
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What About Stuck-On Mess

Regular mopping implies you are not letting the dirt linger on the vinyl tile for even two days. As a result, there will be no ground-in dirt. You spilled the food, walked with wet shoes, have oily substance stuck on your kitchen vinyl flooring, if not immediately, you are cleaning the floor the next day. So no stain, no grime. Though, you must clean spilled food and drinks immediately. Or get ready for double the hard work. Do what you should do, immediately, don’t let those foods and beverages set and dry on your vinyl tile floor.

How to Wet Mop Regularly?

Regular wet mopping needs very few things and a little hard work. You can do it with normal water. Mix a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water. Even if you forgot to mix the vinegar or liquid substance, it is okay because you are regularly mopping your LVP floor. If you haven’t used it today, you are going to use it the next day. It would be an issue if you were to wet mop once a month. Staying with bacteria, germs for that long is never a good idea.

Dust, Damp, And Sweep

The first step is always dusting. After dusting the vinyl floor, take your stick mop, of course, the one which is gentle on the vinyl tile. Microfiber pads or terry cloths or towels are the best. Use what you have. Damp the pad in the water, wring that well and then mop the floor back and forth. It’s always your way when it comes to mopping a vinyl tile floor. Vinyl tile lets you sweep it every day, so it’s no surprise that you can take a lot of liberty while cleaning it.

Why To Deep Clean

Now, the question arises, when we are cleaning the vinyl tile flooring every alternate day, why the need for deep cleaning it.

Removing Residues

Unfortunately, even if you clean your vinyl tile floors daily, it still gathers substances and even residues on it.

Accidental Spills

Then there are those accidental spills that you cleaned immediately but still right there glaring at you due to the nature of its ingredients. Sometimes, immediate cleaning doesn’t save a surface from staining. Sometimes you fail to clean at once. Errors occur, intentionally or purely unintended.

Effective but Slow Process

The reason could be any for the stains or ground-in dirt, but what you need to do is continuously deep clean and get rid of those. But as deep cleaning is a thorough and effective process, you do not do it every day. Not because it’s tedious but also because the floor will not be able to take it well. Deep cleaning is a slow process.

When you apply the fix products and resealing sprays to fix the vinyl tile floor or remove paint or other sticky mess by scraping it with a putty knife and reseal it, even then, you need a deep cleaning. Because the products you use or the scraping you have done could be removed or restored only by more potent products.

Spray Mop and Effective Cleaning Solution

For deep cleaning, we always prefer effective spray mop. If not the mop, at least an effective cleaning solution. There are Swiffer, Bissell, and many other popular brands that make some excellent cleaning solutions for cleaning sticky, stubborn stains and mess. They remove the stains and kill the germs and bacteria. Great stuff, indeed.

Deep Cleaning with A Spray Mop

Spray the solution after diluting it in warm water. If it’s a spray mop, fill water in the tank and pour a cap full of cleaning solution. Spray and continue mopping with the stick mop. The mops are designed to provide immediate results.

With Baking Soda or Vinegar

And if you have your stick mop and use household products like sprinkled baking soda or sparingly sprayed vinegar, let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Brush the ground-in dirt or sticky mess if needed. Then mop the floor with warm water.

During regular mopping, the vinegar you use doesn’t keep you waiting. But for deep cleaning the stains and sticky mess, you must always let the substance set on and work to break the dirt particles into fine ones. That 15 minutes’ wait will help you save hours of continuous rubbing and scrubbing.

If you ask us about the best way to maintain a vinyl tile floor, our answer will always be daily dusting, alternate days mopping, and deep cleaning twice a month.

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