How to Clean Vinyl Wood Floors Include Difference Between Hardwood and Vinyl Wood

Choosing a floor for your house is tricky. One needs to consider many things and look around every aspect prior to its installation, as once installed, it is quite impossible to take a u-turn. When it’s your own, you want a specific type, and if you are going to use it for commercial purposes, for others to use, then the choice might be different. The kitchen and bathroom sections require a particular type, and the other units can do with any depending on your budget and liking.

High-Maintenance Flooring Like Hardwood and A Deserving Alternative


One needs to really keep in mind about the maintenance as some floors require low maintenance, and some even though an object, throws more tantrums than a living being.

Easily Damages

With a little bit of water, these swell up, start warping. Accidentally some food fell, the next thing you see, it turned a new color. Even water, an extra drop while cleaning it, is enough to damage the floor. Let alone using random cleaning machines or cleaning solutions. Such floors, most of the time, need high-end cleaning machines to maintain.

So, even if within budgets, many tend to use the simplest floors that are easy to clean, affordable yet durable, lasting a lifetime. Yours, at least. Next-generation can still replace it because you haven’t spent a fortune on a mere flooring that stains and warps up at the drop of a hat.

Way Too Costly To Replace

Replacing the floor is way better than you living in a high-end, luxurious flooring that cost a fortune and the fact that you are still recovering from the trauma and regret of that one accidental drink spill or as little a mistake as walking on the floor with wet, muddy shoes. And even though you want to, you can’t replace it for the next twenty years or perhaps never because you are done with a fresh-looking floor with sheen and elegance. It is hardwood, after all.

A Small Scratch Ruins the Entire Look of It

The amount of money you invested on that floor has now made you love it the way it is, even if it has a massive stain or scratch in the center of it that haunts you every time you look at it. When something is too expensive, its damage is hard to bear. Also, one cannot afford to make the tedious task of cleaning a floor more strenuous. That is why floorings like vinyl wood floors are thriving and holding their momentum.

Affordable Vinyl Wood Floors

Vinyl wood floors are basically a replica of the hardwood flooring. It would not be an exaggeration to say that due to the newest technology and the ideas applied and materials used, the vinyl wood floors look more ‘woody’ than a hardwood floor.

To make it very clear to all the hardwood flooring lovers, no, we are not a spoilsport, and neither is about sour grapes. Hardwood floors are legit, and we love it. However, we also know it’s not always practical to have hardwood floorings.

How to Clean Vinyl Wood Floors 2
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The price is too high, almost untouchable, and the maintenance is even higher and strict. So it was a given that we all needed a good alternative. And vinyl wood floors are the very best alternative for those who are thrifty and budget-conscious.

Why Vinyl Wood Floors Good

Vinyl wood floors are affordable compared to hardwood floors but still need a certain budget to install. It’s not so cheap, to be honest, like say a tile floor.

The flooring looks luxurious and high-end but is not at least considering the price. It feels like hardwood and will need much pampering, but it is not and will not.

It seems it will need delicate, careful cleaning, which will make your cleaning sessions difficult, but on the contrary, it is easy to clean.

You can clean it with water and also with the most expensive cleaner that exists in the market. You can vacuum it. You can wet mop it. You can do everything to keep it clean without being too cautious, and fearing one wrong move will ruin it.

If Easy, How Easy

Easy cleaning and flexibility don’t mean you can be irresponsible. Easy and flexible imply the floor will handle most of the products and cleaners, will not react to those at once. It will not be like the flooring will not ever recover from the accidental spills of water and food, even though you have wiped it within half an hour. And even if you wanted to be sluggish and skipped cleaning the flooring for straight one week, the dirt and dust will not start damaging the floor like no tomorrow.

How to Clean Vinyl Wood Floors

When we are constantly plugging vinyl wood flooring and talking about how easy it is to clean, let us also talk about how to clean vinyl wood floors and what products to use. You can apply our suggestions and easily clean the vinyl wood floor. We will share the easiest but the best ways to make your cleaning sessions more comfortable and affordable.

How to Clean Vinyl Wood Floors
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The Best Way – The DIY Cleaning Solutions

You can use almost every single cleaning machine, from cheap, affordable to high-end to any mild but effective cleaning solutions to clean vinyl wood flooring. That’s the good part.

However, the best part is that the best way to clean vinyl wood flooring is to use what you already have in your house. We are talking about warm water, apple cider vinegar, and dishwashing soap.

You hardly need any high-end vinyl floor cleaning machines or liquid solution to clean the vinyl wood flooring. But if you do, no harm, they work pretty good and don’t damage the flooring. And we have our recommendations ready too.

Vinegar Water Cleaning Solution

To make the DIY cleaning solution, you will need a gallon of water, a cup of apple cider vinegar, also, a few drops, or a full cap dishwashing soap, depending on the oily, sticky surface.

You can use this cleaning solution with any stick mop. But best will be using a vinyl floor mop with microfiber pads. Reusable microfiber pads are very soft and can be washed repeatedly, thus reasonable for daily use.

If you didn’t know, frequent sweeping is allowed and the best for vinyl wood flooring, so you need reusable microfiber pads all the more.

Cleaning Mop – Our Pick

If you do not want to use a DIY cleaning solution and want a cleaning mop that effectively but safely cleans your vinyl wood floors, our recommendation will be the Swiffer Sweeper Starter kit. Even the Swiffer WetJet spray mop makes cleaning the vinyl wood floors super comfy, quick, and easy.

Cleaning Machine – Our Pick

Ready to spend on a cleaning machine to better clean and sanitize your vinyl wood floors, we present you with Bissell Spinwave mop and cleaner. You have both corded and cordless options. So, depending on your budget and preference, choose any of the two.

Cleaning Solution – Our Pick

When it comes to cleaning solutions, we are a bit picky. When the surface doesn’t need chemicals, why use it?  But you might not be from that school of thought, so if you really want to use a cleaning solution, then use the Bissell one. It is excellent, very effective, but not harsh on the flooring at all.

Start The Cleaning Session

Now, when you know all that you can use to clean your vinyl wood floors, time to start the cleaning session.

Begin with Dusting

Before you use any of the mentioned cleaning tools and solutions, make sure to dust and clean every single dirt particle from your floor. As the vinyl plank floor is easy to clean, we prefer everyday dusting. Every day dusting will allow you to skip the deep cleaning of the flooring every second day. The dirt layers will not sit and set there to scratch the flooring. Also, you can save yourself from allergens. If not every day, try every alternative day. Please do not skip it for your own good. Lazily broom the flooring or use a vacuum cleaner to get done with it faster. But make sure not to blast off the dirt at a high power setting. Daily dusting will need low power.

Time to Sweep the Floor

Wet mopping with warm water, DIY cleaning solutions, or a cleaning machine, whatever the tools are, you can do it every alternate day. But we favor doing it twice a week because mopping is tough. Once a week is also allowed if you are daily dusting.

Heads Up

  • If you are using water and a cleaning solution, make sure to wring the mop thoroughly.
  • Using a spray mop, then control yourself and do not overspray the cleaning solution. Use it sparingly.
  • If the cleaning solution leaves a residue, sweep the floor again with clean water to remove the residue.
  • Make sure not to keep the floor damp. Dry it either by sweeping it with a dry microfiber pad or switch on the fan and open the windows and air dry.
  • Always clean the accidental spill of water, drinks, and food immediately. Sticky mess or water is never good for any flooring. Yes, the vinyl floor might not give you a hard time if you are a few hours late, but still, clean the mess as soon as possible.

As we stated, you can clean your lifeproof vinyl plank floors in hundreds of different ways and products. It adapts to every method and every tool. So, when you can’t afford hardwood flooring or do not want to install hardwood flooring due to its delicate nature but want the same luxurious and elegant vibe, use vinyl wood flooring. It’s an alternative that deserves adulation.

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