How To Clean Water Based Polyurethane Floors? : Tips & Instructions

Today, water-based polyurethane (WBP) is the most popular type of flooring. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t require a finish coat like other types of flooring. 

BP floors are also easy to clean and maintain. It’s easy to install, but it can be expensive. BP can cost $20 to $30 per square foot or more. 

You’ll pay less for the same type of flooring if you use vinyl but don’t want the hassle of having to refinish it every few years. And to maintain the polyurethane floor well, you must know how to clean this. 

There have been frequent questions about how to Clean Water Based Polyurethane Floors. Let’s give a quick check here to learn more.

How To Clean Water Based Polyurethane Floors? : Step By Step


Cleaning water-based polyurethane floors can be a daunting task. However, it is not too difficult to get the floor looking and smelling like new again with the proper instructions and tools. This article will outline the steps necessary to clean water-based polyurethane floors using everyday household items. 

How To Clean Water Based Polyurethane Floors?
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Water-Based Polyurethane Floor Cleaning Instructions:

Step 1:

Remove all furniture and items of value from the room. This will prevent accidents on your floor. Even if you’ve children or pets in your house, keeping the cleaning products and procedures away from them is better. 

Step 2

Vacuum the room thoroughly, paying close attention to areas where pets have been if you have hard floors, vacuum under and around the furniture. You better use a bristle brush with the vacuum cleaner. It will give you proper cleaning even on stubborn areas. 

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Step 3   

Mix up a large quantity of your chosen floor cleaner and apply it to the entire room. Allow the cleaner to sit on the floor for 20-30 minutes, then begin cleaning wooden floors with the best mop and bucket of warm water.

Step 4   

Rinse the mop, bucket out with hot water, and then rinse the floor thoroughly. Here you can use some professionally recommended cleaner. Stay away from using random DIY products, as your BP floor can be affected. 

Step 5   

Apply a fresh coat of floor cleaner and allow it to sit on the floor for 20-30 minutes. Here consider following the professional recommendations to choose the cleansing product. You will get instructions written on the particular cleaner as well. You better follow that to avoid any hazard with your expensive flooring.

Step 6  

Rinse the mop, bucket out with hot water, and then rinse the floor thoroughly. To wet mop the hardwood floor, you better use a towel/nonadhesive cloth. Some recommend using 100% microfiber clothing here. The adhesive material can create a scratch over the flooring.

Step 7   

Dry the floor and buff it out. Buffing keeps up the shine of your BP floor. This is quite a crucial part of any wooden flooring. 

Step 8   

Apply furniture polish to the legs of your furniture and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes. 

Step 9   

Rinse the mop, bucket out with hot water, and then rinse the floor thoroughly.

Things you should know: Go to Tips:

Water-based polyurethane floors are a popular option for many homeowners. They are easy to maintain but can become dirty if not cleaned regularly. 

Here are five easy tips for cleaning water-based polyurethane floors: 

  1. Make a cleaning schedule. Cleaning water-based polyurethane floors should be done regularly, depending on the severity of the dirt buildup. If the buildup is mild, cleanings may be done once a month. If the buildup is severe, cleanings maybe every two weeks. 
  2. Use a water-based polyurethane floor cleaner. There are several different types of water-based polyurethane floor cleaners available on the market today. Use a water-based polyurethane floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of your water-based polyurethane flooring. 
  3. Clean the entire room. Some cleaners are more effective when used in specific room areas, such as corners or along walls. 
  4. Use a soft bristle brush. A soft bristle brush will help to loosen the dirt more effectively. 
  5. Clean with a mop or damp rag.

How Often Should You Clean water-based polyurethane floors?

Water-based polyurethane floors are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are easy to clean and maintain. 

However, like any flooring material, water-based polyurethane must be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of dust, dirt, and other debris. It is recommended that water-based polyurethane floors be cleaned every six months. 

This is especially important if your water-based polyurethane flooring has been installed in a high-traffic area. 

In addition, it is recommended that you have the cleaning company clean your floors every 14 days to ensure that the water-based polyurethane flooring is appropriately maintained. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you apply water-based polyurethane to wood floors?

Water-based polyurethane can be applied to wood floors, providing a durable finish that will resist staining and fading. One of the most important things to remember when applying polyurethane to wood floors must be used correctly. If you are not careful, you can damage your floor and ruin the finish. 

How long does polyurethane last on wood floors?

Polyurethane is a popular flooring material that can last for many years. The average life expectancy of polyurethane is around 10-12 years. Polyurethane can be installed in a room that is not carpeted or tiled. However, the flooring must be sealed and maintained to prevent water from seeping through from underfoot. If you keep these things, the flooring will last longer.

Wrap up:

It has been said that a place is not a place until you can walk on the floor and not get your feet wet. This is especially important in places where children or pets are present, as they cannot be expected to stay put while someone else tries to clean up a mess. Thankfully, there are now water-based polyurethane floors that are easy to clean and resistant to moisture and staining.

These floors can last from six months to three years, making them a long-term solution for any home or office. But you must use this flooring central well. For that, you should know how to clean water-based polyurethane floors properly.

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