How to Clean White Vinyl Floors

White, off-white, or any white shades on any surface tends to get dirtier than any other color on the same body. However, white as a color is so easy on the eye yet striking that no one stops using white stuff. So, no matter how difficult it is to maintain a white floor, the charm makes us install it, and we are ready to take care of it with meticulous cleaning. Also, having a white vinyl floor means you will get to see dirt way too clearly. So not only does it need thorough cleaning frequently, but it also becomes easy to clean spot on as you miss nothing. Every negative has a positive side, indeed.

White Vinyl Floors


In the case of different materials, in most types, you have white floors available. But as they need to be cleaned pretty much every day, that, too, rigorously to maintain the white surface, the easiest of floors that require little to no upkeep has to be the best choice. And that quality, elegance, durability, easy maintenance, and affordability are observed the best in white vinyl floors. If you are willing to install white flooring, then try the white vinyl floors. As they are effortless to clean, the snowiness will remain intact for a pretty long time. Easy to clean also ensures you will not skip the cleansing chore because you can’t do a tedious task every day.

So, how easy it is to clean a white vinyl floor compared to other shades. And how to clean white vinyl floors exactly, what’s the process, and the tools, let’s find out right below.

Reason for A White Vinyl Floor Getting Filthy Too Soon

You can clean the vinyl floors with a mere mop and homemade solution. But what about the white vinyl floors, and how it is getting filthy if it’s so easy to maintain the regular cleaning sessions?

It’s White

It is white, remember. No matter how much you try, this floor will lose its originality too soon due to its light shade. Thus will need a regular, thorough, steadfast cleaning. If you are not patient and persistent, chuck the idea of installing white floors.

How to Clean White Vinyl Floors
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Skipped Mopping

Undoubtedly, if you maintain regular meticulous cleaning of the white vinyl floors, they are unlikely to get super filthy. However, it is not highly unlikely that you failed to clean your white vinyl flooring after a massive party or a few days straight due to illness.

Or perhaps you went on a vacation and left your kids, pets, and the rest of the family behind, who do not even care about the white vinyl floor, let alone being interested in holding a mop. And mopping less said, the better. But mainly are not allowed to mop a floor by you because more than mopping, they are better at wiping off important stuff while doing the chore you pretty much do every day.

No Harsh Scrubbing

Your easy to clean white vinyl floor will be filthy, full of dirt, and almost turn into a different shade in such cases. So you will have to be a little hard on the floor because the floor will need it. Remember, hard, not related to scrubbing but only regarding the thoroughness of cleaning and using potent tools.

White Vs. Other Shades

Even a high filth level doesn’t need a cleaning solution or cleaning machine too potent to clean any other shades of vinyl floors. Cleaning a filthy vinyl floor requires the simplest of tools and DIY solutions. But we are talking about white vinyl floors. Good-quality cleaning machines and cleaning solutions, albeit affordable, will work the best on it and keep the white in it safe.

How to Clean White Vinyl Floors

Our Pick – A Wet-Dry Vacuum Only

We suggest you get the best wet-dry vacuuming the very day you are done installing the vinyl flooring. It will vacuum, pick up wet particles, and scrub sticky grime. You will get an equally best cleaning solution to clean the stubborn stuck-on dirt with the cleaning machine itself. Basically, a single machine does it all for you to maintain a white vinyl floor. As its one machine, you do not have to spend a ton, you do not have to replace the cleaning tools, and you are cleaning every type of mess, dry, wet, sticky, large, fine, hairs, every type, that, too, safely, in a shorter time. So, with a wet-dry vacuum, you save time, save energy, and maintain your white vinyl floors better with everyday cleaning. If every day cleaning is too much for you, make it 4 days wet mopping with every day dusting, and that has to be it, no more leeway.

Step #1 – Vacuuming with The Wet-Dry Vacuum Daily A Must

Dusting the white vinyl floor manually with a broom will not work as well as it does with a vacuum. You will pick the dirt with potent vacuum power, super quick. Daily dusting is essential for any floor, not just to upkeep it and avoid scratches but also to maintain a clean ambiance around the house. But in the case of white vinyl floors, skipping dusting even for a day will let the dirt dull the white shade. Scratch concern comes next only. On a white surface, even a drop of different color catches your eyes. And filth is bound to show more severely. As we said, a wet-dry vacuum will make your work easy, as you can dust the floor thoroughly, and if you notice a pool of standing water or oily mess, you can immediately pick that up during dusting. Indeed, a real time saver.

Step #2 – Mopping with The Wet-Dry Vacuum Regularly as Many Times a Week

You are already doing the daily dusting through the vacuum mode of the wet-dry vacuuming. So, on the days you want to mop the floor, you can do it during the vacuuming only. Just vacuum the room and once again run the machine and mop by dispersing the cleaning solution. If a stain is too stuck, move the machine a few times more. No worry, as these machines have very soft brushes and bristles, which are absolutely safe to use on the floors but fatal to the filth. Do not forget to mop under the carpets, not regularly but once a week. But, make sure not to use carpets and rugs with rubber beneath. It might stain the white floor. If you are using a high-quality cleaning machine that includes a high-quality cleaning solution, you do not have to worry about residue as well, as there will be none.

Step #3 – Thorough Drying

Such machines don’t make the floor too damp. Yet to stay on the safer side, use a fan and switch it at high speed and dry the white vinyl floor.

A Little Tip

Do not wear slippers when you are mopping the white vinyl flooring. Rather wear clean white socks. Make the pair of socks as your mopping essential and wash and dry them immediately after finishing mopping like you need to rinse the dirty water tank and microfiber brush of the wet-dry vacuum.

Keep your wet-dry vacuum ever ready because you do not know when someone spills something on your white floor, and you need to remove it off. Without a machine ready, you will fail to do that and end up with a haphazardly cleaned stained white vinyl floor.

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