How to Deep Clean Tile Floors – Best Way

Cleaning tiles floor is one of the important tasks in your house chores. If you give a deep cleaning in your kitchen and washroom, then you will get the proper satisfaction. Sometimes the grout can become marked and dirty, and it’s very difficult to remove the sticky mark from grout and tile floor as well.

So you need some proper tips and technique on how you can deep clean your tile floors. That will be very helpful for you to wash and to clean your lovely home and get rid of from dirt.

How to deep clean tile floors – 6 Process


1. Make proper research before buying tile floors:

This is the most important part because if you get the proper knowledge about tile floor which one is best for your house, then you will get the proper satisfaction and will be very convenient to clean old tile floors.

Be careful about natural stone like marble or travertine because these products are very sensitive to clean. You may need special design tools to clean marble tile floors.
But if you choose ceramic tile floors then it will be very easy for you to clean-up dirt or any other mess.

Be careful about to buy cleaning product. Keep one thing in your mind that you must read the warnings on the back of every cleaning product you purchase to make it sure that it won’t damage your tile floors.

2. Basic cleaning:

You have to clean your floors on a daily basis. Regular cleaning and regular maintenance always keep your house tidy and clean, and your floors won’t become layered with dirt and grime.

Some tips for basic cleaning

  • You can use a vacuum cleaner. It’s a great tool for cleaning your house floor. You can sweep your floor, but if you use a vacuum cleaner, it will be more effective. Your tile floors vacuum cleaner suck every little dust from your floor.
  • Clean dirt as soon as possible. If you put dirt for a long time, then it will stick to your floor.
  • Use steam water when you are mopping your floor.

3. Mopping:

How to deep clean tile floors
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Try to mopping your floors every week. It will make your floors make spotless and shinning. Use vinegar and steam-water mixture in a bucket and then use it for cleaning purpose. You can also pour this mixture into a spray bottle and then spray it every single corner of the floor then mop will be sufficient to keep your floors spotless. Now the question is how you make the mixture don’t worry I am giving you the solution- just mix ½ cup of vinegar with each gallon of hot water. Of course, dry your tile floors when you finish your mopping.

4. Rust strain

Sometimes you can see rust strain on your floor don’t get panic. Here are some tips that you can easily remove rust stain from your tile floors.

  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands after that slightly dampen a clean cloth with kerosene. Rub at the rust stain a few minutes later stain will be removed.
  • Make a mixture of equal parts of borax and lemon juice and make a paste. Scrub it very strongly with a green sponge and then wipe the rubbing area. See the magic you will not find any spot on the floor.
  • Make a mixture of 1 part vinegar and three parts baking soda. Scrub, wait for a minute and rinse clean with water.

5. Stained Grout

Grout is one of the hardest parts of your tile to remove dirt. Dust and grime stick painfully in the grooves so you have to find the perfect solution for that.

  • Rub your pencil eraser forcibly over your grout; you will find the good result.
  • Make a mixture of baking soda and bit warm water and use a clean toothbrush to scrub the stain. A few minutes later you will find the result every stain will be clean.
  • Make a mixture with two tablespoons of bleach powder with two cups of water and use a toothbrush to scrub the mixture into your grout. Wash and wipe dry, after that you have to use lemon juice on blacker and tenacious stains. I am sure you will finish your cleaning with satisfaction.

6. Mildew and Soap Scum

This is true that in toilet and showers, fungus and soap layer are the main problems. But don’t worry if you make your floors, showers, and countertops shine again, use my cleaning technique.

  • Ammonia and bleach are very active at eliminating fungus and soap layer. You have to be very cautious not to get the products on your clothing or skin, and another thing you have to keep in your mind that don’t mix ammonia with bleach or any other chemicals because the mixture will make a toxic gas.
  • Vinegar is another catalyst. You can easily clean and sparkling your tile floors by using vinegar.
    Don’t get afraid to arrange a party and fear of dirty floor. You can easily clean your household tile floors by using my tips and tricks.

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