How to Get Baking Soda Out of Couch- 3 Intriguing Method

As we spend most of our time in the drawing-room sitting on the couch, it has a bigger chance of getting dirty by spilling food or drinks. Initially, most of us have the primary idea of how to clean that. But what happens if we spill more dangerous things like Baking Soda on the couch? What should you do at that moment? Is there any way to self-clean? 

Yes, there is a way & today we will teach you how to get Baking Soda out of couch in a very easy way. Anyway, that’s not the end, after that, we will discuss, before cleaning how long can you leave Baking Soda on couch and what will be the step if Baking Soda on couch overnight. Along with this, we will find the solution for similar kinds of problems here.

How to clean different types of couch (Fabric, microfibre, leather)


Cleaning a couch totally depends on what type of material has been used to build that. Initially, the furniture makers used divergent things including microfibre, leather, strap, hard cloth, polyester, and fabric. So to get things out of the couch we have different approaches. Here are some names of the easy methods which we apply to different materials.

How to Get Baking Soda Out of Couch
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  • Vacuum & Dry Treatment
  • Heat Steam Methods
  • Vinegar and Hot water Method
  • Dishwasher Gel Treatment

How to get Baking Soda out of couch

Sometimes we apply Baking Soda to remove dirty food from the couch, but eventually, the soda gets stuck on the couch and we couldn’t find any solution. Let’s get to know some methods which will work to get Baking Soda out of the couch immediately.

Methods 1: Vinegar & hot water treatment

Step 1: First locate the place where the soda stains get sticks.

Step 2: Take a medium size clean glass or bowl, 1 cup hot water, and 1/4th cup of vinegar. Vinegar should be regular white.

Step 3: Mix that up with a spoon or stick. After that leave it in an open place for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Now Manage a medium-size sponge. We will use that as an appliance. So dip the sponge on the vinegar solution and immediately apply to the place where Baking Soda is present. You need to put pressure on the sponge as much as possible so that the solution can enter the affected place.

Step 5: Keep doing this until Baking Soda totally gets out from the couch. When it’s done, leave it under the sun or fan to dry.

Methods 2: Dryer treatment

Usually removing dry soda strains is a lot easier than wet soda. What is the solution here then? 

If the soda stain seems wet and sticky, you have to dry the place first. So Dryer it the only way to dry the affected area on the couch. Keep drying the palace until it becomes arid. When it seems okay, bring a vacuum cleaner. Keep vacuuming the spot until it is completely removed. 

If it’s not getting out of the couch then rub the spot with a dry thin cloth for a moment. Rubbing will make the spot weaker and help the soda to get out easily. Then keep vacuuming with full power on. Hope this will work.

Methods 3: Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the final method because this is very hard to follow and only professionals should apply this. Otherwise, your couch will get worse than before. Stem treatment is hard because here you need to consider many factors including temperature, couch material, hot water extraction quantity, and many more.

But still, we are willing to teach the trick behind this, at the same time we are requesting you to not apply this rather hire professionals who know how it works.

Step 1: If you don’t have a steam machine, hire or get one. Whether your spot is dry or wet doesn’t matter. 

Step 2: Suppose your couch is leather or polyester. Now you need to clean the spot with a dryer. After that, spray some hot extract water from the top and immediately rub the place with a steam machine. 

Step 3: You need to rub the place from one point to another straightway and very gently. Otherwise, the material of the couch will burn or get ruined.

How to clean up Baking Soda residue?

There are multiple ways of cleaning Baking Soda residue from the spot. But vinegar and warm water treatment are much easier than any other method here. Initially make a solution by mixing 4 potions of hot water with 1 portion of regular white vinegar. Apply this to the affected spot with a sponge quickly.

Bring a wood piece or hard tool to push the sponge that the liquid can enter the spot and clean from the inside. In the end, dry the couch by leaving it in an open place.

How to get Baking Soda out of clothes?

Your clothes can easily be affected by the presence of Baking Soda. In fact, it will leave some ugly residue in your shirt or pants, which won’t get out easily. So what’s the solution here? 

The best solution for this would be using a dishwasher. Yes, you heard right. Dishwasher gel or soap is very strong and it can get Baking Soda out of your clothes in a moment. Just dip your cloth in warm water for a moment and then put the gel on the spot and rub gently for 5 minutes. 

After that, wash the cloth with cold water, and the soda will vanish.

How to get Baking Soda out of carpet without vacuum?

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, there is still a way to remove the soda from the carpet.

If the soft spot seems dry that’s fine. But if the spot is not dry then dry it first with a regular dryer or hairdryer. Then bring a carpet sweeper. Gently sweep the carpet, don’t worry about the detail, just clear the top surface gently. When it’s almost done.

Hang the carpet very tightly in your backyard. Beat the carpet with a wood stick normally. Don’t make too much pressure, otherwise, it will break. Keep beating until the soda is completely gone.

How to get Baking Soda out of vacuum?

To get Baking Soda out of the vacuum you need a turbo brush. A regular brush will also work but a turbo brush will work in detail.

First, make the spot dry with a dryer and then vacuum the spot by setting the turbo brush. Keep vacuuming the spot until it’s completely removed.

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The methods we discussed are totally cost-savings and easy to follow so you don’t have to invest any money to clean that. If your couch is made of regular materials then it won’t be a big problem to remove soda but a special couch needs special treatment.

We assure you if you follow our methods step by step the couch will seem as like as before. Hope you get our point of how to get Baking Soda out of couch.

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