How To Get Hair Out Of Microfiber Cloth – Check the 4 Quick Methods!

Using microfiber cloths or towels for hair have a couple of benefits as the cloth keeps the hair healthy and helps hair to dry quicker. In addition, microfiber cloths absorb the water quickly, which makes them a popular choice for washing the body or wrapping the hair.

The larger fabrics of this cloth make the trap for hair. That’s why the cloth gets hair after every single use. While getting the wrap on hair, the weakest hairs will come off with the cloth. You may notice tiny debris as well in the cloth.

Whatever solution or approach you attempt, you should ensure that the quality of the cloth is not getting defective. Microfiber cloths require a gentle wash and clean. This is how you will be able to maintain the softness of the cloth for a longer duration.

The hair can be removed easily by following proper solutions. There are lint rollers available that will remove the hair easily by rolling it over the cloth. Washing the cloth with warm water and dedicated detergent will also remove the hair.

How To Get Hair Out Of Microfiber Cloth
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Methods to Get Hair out of Microfiber Cloth –


Well, you would never like to see hair in your clothes. Then how to get hair out of microfiber cloth? There are some methods you may follow to remove the hair from the microfiber cloth. 

  • Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a great way to remove hair from the microfiber cloth. They don’t do any harm to the fabric. You don’t need to put any pressure while cleaning the fabric by using a lint roller. The lint roller will find the hair itself and get it out automatically. After each brush, remove the hair that came off from the cloth. To have a better result, use a quality lint roller that will provide you a more effective performance. The process isn’t recommended if the fabric is a bit older. There is a bristly brush available as well that can be used to clean microfiber cloth.


There are stuffed animals and cloths available that are made of microfiber cloths. Lint roller will help you to freshen your kid’s toy easily with a quick roll. Whether it’s a round pillow or a towel, a lint roller will always be the most effective solution to remove hair from a microfiber cloth.

  • Wash Gently

If you want a better result, you may wash the cloth gently with detergent. Keep the cloth on the water for a couple of hours. This will get the hair out automatically while washing and also remove other debris from the fabric. The water mixture of the detergent will loosen the hair from the cloth. Don’t use bleach or other chemicals for washing microfiber cloth. You may wash the cloth in a washing machine as well. With a regular detergent, there will be an effective wash by using a washing machine.

There are dedicated detergents available for washing microfiber cloths. You may use them as well. Using a dedicated detergent will ensure the quality of the cloth and also provide you an effective wash. Using warm water will get the hair out easily. Check if there is any instruction for temperature attached to the cloth.

  • Masking Tape

If you are using an ordinary microfiber cloth, then this process won’t be recommended. The method should be applied with proper guidance. Apply the masking tape to a round-shaped object. Then, roll that object on the cloth in a repeat. In this method, you don’t need to compress too much while getting the hair out from the cloth in this method. 

If you’re applying this in an ordinary cloth, the tape won’t get out from the cloth. The tape will defect the cloth as well.

Watch this video below to get the hair out of microfiber cloth using masking tape : 


If you’re facing trouble getting the tape out from the cloth, you may soak the cloth in warm water for half an hour. This will let the tape out from the cloth easily.

  • Wash with Hand

After every single wash, get your microfiber cloth completely dried. Fold them and store them in a clean drawer or container. Microfiber cloths easily get dust or hair. If you leave them out, they will easily catch debris or hair. Thus, it’s always recommended to store fresh microfiber cloth in a clean space.


How do you deep clean a microfiber cloth?

Using warm water with dedicated detergent will let you get a deep clean while washing a microfiber cloth. You may use an extra rinse cycle as well.

How do you get dog hair out of microfiber cloths?

It’s quite tricky to get dog hair out of the microfiber cloth. You may use a lint roller or bristle brush to remove dog hair out. The dog’s fur or hair is quite short. Thus, you should ensure a proper cleaning for this case.

Does microfiber damage hair?

Not at all. Microfiber cloths are made of small fibers and they absorb water easily. This is why after a bath you’re recommended to use a microfiber towel.

What is the best way to clean microfiber cloths?

The best way to clean microfiber cloths is by washing them with mild-warm water with a gentle compress. Avoid using hot water as this may damage the fibers.

Is microfiber bad for the skin?

If the fiber is made of 100% organic cotton, then it’s completely safe for the skin. Otherwise, you won’t get gentle feedback from the cloth. You should always check the quality before purchasing one.

Can you sleep in a microfiber towel?

Sure, you may sleep by wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel. The towel is pretty much gentle for human hair.

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Final Verdict

You should always store microfiber cloth separately from other clothes. Sometimes, the cloth gets hair from other towels or fabric you’re storing together. This is why microfiber towels come in different colors so that you can keep them with color codes. Following the above-mentioned steps will help you to keep your microfiber cloth fresh for a long time. 

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