How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger?

Shop vacs are of great use to your home and workplaces. They can clean up any materials ranging from debris, solid dirt to spills that a traditional vacuum cannot. The device may be portable, but it’s heavier than a conventional vacuum cleaner. 

However, a shop vac will always not be as good as a new one. You may have the desire to get the best service out of your shop vac. So, how to make a shop vac stronger?

Examine your shop vac often. Clean the filters, dust bag, hose pipe, and vacuum regularly. Change and replace the parts with new ones if needed. Follow some easy steps to check the setting, use proper attachments, repair any problems, and service the rubber belt to make your old shop vac stronger.

What Makes A Shop Vac Weak?


Before you get to know how to make a shop vac stronger, you should know what causes your shop vac to lose suction or become weaker. Many issues may end up weakening the machine. Some might even surprise you! 

How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger?
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Dirty Filters

A shop vac contains two filters. One is a pre-motor filter, and the other is a post-motor filter. Both filters are washable. Your shop vac may not work well if the filters are not installed correctly.

Ripped Bag

There is a removable dust bag to store all the debris and spills. This keeps the inside of the shop vac clean from all the dust and makes it easier to empty the tank. If you see that your shop vac is not cleaning debris and spills as before, it can be because the dust bag is filled.

Dirty Rotating Brush

There’s a rotating brush inside every shop vac machine. If it gets too dirty, the performance will go down. So clean that rotating brush properly and change it if it’s broken. 

Clog In The Hose

A clog or hole in the hose can reduce the performance of your shop vac by miles. Spills can cause clog in the hose. So remove the hose and check for clog or hole. If found, unclog the hose or replace it with a new one. 

Old Motor

If you are using a shop vac machine for a long time, the motor inside may lose its power and efficiency. So keep an eye on that too. You should change the motor if the fan blades inside it are broken.

Steps To Make A Shop Vac Stronger

Here are some ultimate techniques to make your shop vac stronger and work at its best. Follow these steps to see your shop vac work wonders!

Step 01 – Check The Setting

All shop vacs come with a suction power setting. The reason for your shop vacs poor performance might be the wrong setting. So it is your job to set the right setting to get the best out of it. 

Step 02 – Make Sure It is Alright

You can pretty much understand from the word vacuum itself that there should be no way for the air to escape the machine. This problem takes place when the hose pipes or other parts are not connected properly. So check for the proper attachment of the parts too. 

Step 03 – Look For Problems

One reason for your shop vac’s low performance might be a clogged hose, ripped bag, damaged blades, etc. Examine the whole machine and search for all the problems to try and repair them. If you find any holes or damage in the parts, replace them with a new one. 

Step 04 – Replace The Rubber Belt

There is a rubber brush used in every shop vac which collects dust at every turn. So the dust is sometimes stuck on the surface of the rubber belt. If there is too much dust on the strap that can not be cleaned, just replace it with a new one.

Step 05 – Clean The Rollers

There are rollers attached to the shop vac’s pipe. The dust comes in touch with the rollers first. So if it can not go through this part, there is no way that your shop vac will work properly. To avoid this problem, always keep the rollers clean.

Maintain The Shop Vac Performance

Now that you know how to make the machine perform better, you should focus on keeping it that way for a long time. Regularly cleaning and taking care of the device accessories can go a long way.

Clean The Machine Frequently

You should clean your shop vac as soon as you detect any dust on the hose or the air inlet. And if you make cleaning your shop vac a daily routine, it will stay more robust for a long time.  

Check The Hose Pipe

A chunky amount of debris and spills can get stuck on the hose pipe. And this is a normal situation. But if you clean the hose pipe regularly, it won’t be a big problem. 

Remove the hose from the machine. Then look inside and search for any blockage. Blockage can cause hassle to the air intake. This will lower the suction power of the shop vac. So clean it with heavy airflow or a power washer. 

But if you find any hole or damage in the hose pipe, you have to change it because a hose pipe with a hole is of no use.

Clean The Vacuum

You may think that all the dust you clean with your shop vac goes directly to the bag. But some debris or spills might be stuck in the vacuum. This will hamper the ability of your shop vac too. So make sure that you clean the inlet and motor of the vacuum from where the air flows while cleaning your shop vac. 

Clean The Dust Bag

Before you begin cleaning bigger particles such as glasses, plastics, and other debris, please try to clean or empty the existing dust bag. 

Do not forget to use protective gear such as glasses, masks, and hand gloves before cleaning the dust bag. It will save you from germs and bacterias that cause skin irritation, asthma, and other skin problems.

Change The Bag

If the dust bag has any hole or any part is torn, make sure to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, the shop vac tank will be a huge mess. 

The bags are easily removable and can be installed quickly. Just follow the user manual given with the shop vac. And always keep an extra bag at home with you for any emergency. 

Be Careful With Spill

Paints, oils are such liquid spills that can be stuck inside the hose while cleaning and result in clogging it up. So to avoid this situation, you must clean all the spills stuck inside the machine. 

Firstly you can use an old towel or paper to wipe the spills. Then use sawdust or sand to soak the additional spills. 

A power washer can also be used to wash out the spills from the hose, air inlet, and the other remaining parts. Remember to air dry all the pieces after washing them with water.

Check The Filters

To clean, tap or shake the filter and remove all dust. You can also wash the outer part of the filter with water and detergent. Then air-dry the filter. 

But do not let water get inside the filter. Otherwise, it will dampen. Remember not to use a brush either because it will hamper the durability of the filter. 

If there is any hole or damage, change the filters. Also, we recommend changing the filters every 3 to 6 months for improved performance. 

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Bottom Line

Indeed, an old shop vac will never be as strong as a new one. But if you can take good care of it and use it correctly, it will give you good performance for a long time without any hassle. 

The hacks given above are the best ways to make your shop vac stronger so that you can use the device without any headache for many years. If you take out a little time from your daily routine to clean your shop vac, this little friend of yours will stay by your side for a long time!

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