How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine- Step by Step Guideline

Rubber floor carpets are a lifesaver if you live in a region that gets lots of snow, rain, and ice. Rubber floormate is a long-lasting material commonly utilized in high-traffic locations such as hospitals and commercial facilities. Marble & epoxy rubber floors, like tiles, come in various colors and styles. However, the luster of a rubber floor fades over time! So, how to make rubber floor mats shine?

Rubber floor mats must be washed, vacuumed, dried, and maintained to regain their original luster. This final procedure will raise the glass level and highlight the black hue. Your floor mats will be so clean at the end of this process that you won’t want to foot on them!

This post will go through how to make rubberized floor mats sparkle. Let’s go exploring.

How to make rubber floor mats shine


Don’t be scared. We’ve got straightforward step-by-step instructions to make flushing your rubber mats a joy, no matter how dirty they are.

How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine
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The first step (Use Vacuum)

You must vacuum the carpets before washing & rinsing them. This procedure aids in the removal of surface debris that has accumulated over time. A shop vacuum can pick up salt, dirt, sand, and even small boulders. You don’t want any of these contaminants to be left behind after washing, which is why removing them at the start is beneficial.

Second Step (Pre-rinse)

After you’ve cleaned all surface grime, rinse thoroughly. Remove the mats from your vehicle and use a power washer to clean them. A pressure washer has an adequate force to eliminate any obstinate filth that has hardened on the surface. This is known as the pre-rinse procedure, and it is used to remove any residue before using the brush.

Third Step (Wash)

After spraying the floor mats with water, use an all-purpose cleaner and a brush to clean them. This procedure will assist in agitating the rubberized mats and any leftover dirt. Gently spray down all contact areas with a stiff bristle brush in back-and-forth motions to clean the carpets.

Final Step (Protect)

The carpets will need to be washed one more time to remove any residual cleaning solution. You can either use a microfiber towel to dry them or leave them outside to recover. If you decide to dry them, place them in the sunlight to avoid wet marks. Finally, you can use an inside plastic detailer to protect the material from UV radiation.

How can I keep my mats clean regularly?

Cleaning your mat regularly will help it last longer! Let’s learn some ways step by step:

The first step (Vacuum floor gently)

Vacuum the floor regularly. Collect pet hair, little filth, and dust from the house Vacuuming loosens debris from the surface; instead of vacuuming, sweep the floor. However, daily cleaning is required because a lot of mess makes the floor unclean and fades the floor’s luster.

Second Step (Wipe the floor with hot water)

You should combine 14 cups of dishwashing soap and one liter of warm water to make a solution. Wipe the floor with this mixture after thoroughly mixing it. If the floor becomes heavy and sloppy, wait 10 to 15 minutes to soak it up after cleaning the floor with a brush to remove any remaining debris. After that, rinse the floor with clean water to give it a new look. Do not use a steam mop to clean the floor. When the water becomes dirty, change it.

Step three (Let the area air dry)

There is no need to use a dry cloth or towel to remove excess water because the rubber floor absorbs less moisture and any liquid solution. Allow the wet area to dry and open a window for appropriate ventilation.

4th step (Avoid using strong floor cleaners)

The floor surface is damaged when an acidic floor cleaning is used instead of an appropriate floor rubber cleaner. Harsh floor cleaners degrade the color of the floor or break the surface. You can clean the floor regularly with a detergent soap and hot water solution. It is not a side effect.

The final step (There is no need to clean the floor after installation)

The rubber floor requires time to set up after installation, and during this time, the surface is soft and has poor bonding. As a result, there is no need to wipe the rubber floor after 72 hours of installation. 

How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again

If you performed the instructions in the previous section and still have poor floor mats, you will need to take more drastic actions. This is especially common in automobiles with older carpets that have been neglected for several years. To learn how to make rubber floor mats black again, follow the steps below.

The first step (Make a baking soda and hot water solution)

Upon that rubber floor, various stubborn stains appear, but they are easily removed. One part warm water to 3 parts baking soda Stir this constantly with a spoon until it reaches a paste-like texture after a certain amount of time. Then, add a tiny bit of baking soda to thin the paste; if necessary, add some hard water.

Second Step (Make use of the paste)

Apply the paste to the tough stain and wait 5 minutes for the solution to sit. This paste will soak into the discoloration in 5 minutes. If the stain is not cleared, continue the method to make the stain visible on your floor.

Step three (Using paste, scrub the floor)

Wash the floor using a paste to make stain removal easier. Remove the problematic stain from the surface with a toothbrush. Wipe away excess paste using a cloth; if the wiping surface is large, use a stiff-bristled brush to remove the stain.

The final step (Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar.)

Vinegar works well for eliminating the difficult stain from the floor mat. Citric acid works even better than any other floor cleaner and has no adverse side effects. After washing the floor, use a spray bottle to apply vinegar to any remaining stains.

Can you use Armor All on rubber floor mats?

Yes. Armor All® Protective agent products are explicitly created to protect, cleanse, and shine rubber surfaces. Every day, your car is exposed to filth, pollution, and potentially damaging substances such as UV radiation and oxidation. 

Regular application of Armor All® Protectant is a simple technique to help safeguard your rubber surfaces from breaking, UV deterioration, fading, or discoloration. This protectant offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • It aids in the renewal and revitalization of vinyl, rubber, & plastic.
  • This protectant keeps your leather from cracking, yellowing, discoloring and deteriorating prematurely.
  • It removes dust, filth, and debris.
  • Finally, it imparts a gorgeous shine to your vehicle’s deep, rich appearance.


Hopefully, this presentation clearly shows you “how to make rubber floor mats shine.” Almost all of the time, all these mats require a little tender loving care to return them to their former glory. You must remove surface dirt, and the rubber must be rinsed, washed, and protected to remove pollutants and improve the shine level.

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