How to Polish Tile Flooring – Probably The Best Way

Tiles floor is the best choice for flooring the same as they are very durable and touchable. Tiles are an ideal selection for your floor as it is easy to polish and clean. On the other hand, it is maintenance-free. And they are children friendly, fire-resistant, asthma gracious, last for ages, and act reasonably in any climatic conditions.

Many tiles, such as porcelain tiles, Ceramic tiles, etc., are the most popular types of tiles containing shines and elegance attached to the homeowner. They are excellent and durable also.

The Best Way to Clean Tile Floor


However, if you want to polish them, you need to know the better way. It is prevalent for every homeowner sitting on the fence because they don’t know how to polish the tiles floor correctly. Sometimes it looks elementary, and you only do the cleaning process. But after a few years, your tile floor goes fade and tarnish with wrong cleaning methods. Follow the best idea to shine back to our tiles and make them as right as new.

Before start cleaning, you should maintain some extra procession.

At first, remove the obstacles that may get in a cleaning way. It includes a table, chairs, or any movable things. Then you may go ahead with the cleaning procession.

Sweep the mold floors to remove large dirt or garbage. Then take a broom and sweep up the dust for cleaning the floor. It will be easy for you to go ahead with the wax application. Make sure to remove as much dirt as you can. Here you may also use a dry mop or dust mop to sweep the tile floor.

Scrub the grout before cleaning the tile

How to Polish Tile Floors
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Take soap or washing power with water and scrub the grout in between the tiles. You know that grout is the most contaminated and bacteria-infected area of a tile floor. So it would be best if you cleaned the entire floor. Take a truth brush or stiff brush is better than cleaning the grout in between the tiles. It never looks clean and fresh till discolored or dirty grout will stand out once. Grout cleaning is another effortless job in-floor cleaning classification.

For really intractable grout, you can use sprinkle baking soda over the grout. Spray white vinegar over them. On the other side, baking soda and vinegar will help you get your grout stain free and make them look fresh.

Vinegar Tiles cleaner

Vinegar usually uses for making yummy addition to various recipes. But it’s also a powerful natural cleaner for many cleaning purposes. So, it has been operating for cleaning drive from ancient times.

For tile cleaning purposes, you need to combine 1part of water with 1part of white distilled vinegar in a gallon bucket. Now stir the solution to mix it well. This vinegar mixture solution can damage the grout of your tiles. It also sanitizes and deodorizes the tiles as well. If you want to avoid pouring it, you can also spray it in a small section. Then mop each area until you have the floor.

Ammonia and water mixture

Mix 1/4cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of water. Make sure that the water must be warm. Now soak a mop into the solution and wring out its excess water. Then mop the tiles floor gentle. It does disinfect the floor and helps to shine on your odd yellow discolor tiles. Dip any sponge pad into the same solution and scrub on the floor. Then rinse the solution with water and wipe the floor with any dry cloth.

Baking soda paste

Baking soda removes your tiles grout and challenging stains. Through it, your dirty and discolor tiles floor get polished and get back tiles original shine. So you can think of it as a natural tiles polish.

Mix an equal amount of baking soda with warm water and make a thick paste. Then dip a soft brush into the paste and scrub the grout areas. Now let to set for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse through warm water. This processing removes any noticeable stain very easily.

If your tile floor has been wax previously, you should remove it before polishing because it may be flaking dirt and spoil your overall polish. For removing the old wax,

  1. You need to scrub it with a scrub brush.
  2. Then mop the whole floor to remove the chemical residue.
  3. Let it dry before moving on. You’ll find wax stripper at the hardware store

Apply Hydrochloric acid

When your old tiles get much fade, you need a heavy-duty chemical to shine them. Hydrochloric acid is very effective in this issue, what you need to do.

Take an empty water bucket. And fill it with 4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of hydrochloric acid. Directly apply to stain areas. Let it sit several times. Now scrubs it well and dry the areas thoroughly. This simple procession miracle changes the old, fade, and water deposit floor.

Make dry the tile floor completely.

After finishing your cleaning, you should clean your mop by rinsing with clean water, hardening, and building up any dirt. Then use a cotton cloth or towel to suck up the water from the floor. Make empty the bucket, rinse out any remains water or liquid, and give your floor some time to dry.

It is better to let your tile dry completely before do anything else to it. Wait a minimum of 1 hour to let the tile floor dry. Keep open all the doors and windows in the room to help your floor dry quicker, and use a fan to dry instant.


Now you have got a lot of ideas about the way to polish your tile floor. You can effortlessly apply the steps given above anytime. Your tile floor will shine for a long time once polished. After some periods, they can once more become dull. Then make sure you polish them again. If you cannot clean this on your own, you can hire a professional floor cleaner because they know the best way to make new your tile floor.

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