How to Remove Bleach Stains from Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors are always on-trend to decor home and office. With proper maintenance, it will last longer in service. Cleaning the vinyl floor with bleach is never a good idea.

Bleach can cause stubborn stains and ruin the entire interior decoration of your house. Bleach makes adhesive stains over the floor. They can cause discoloration and crucial damages too. 

If you’ve somehow got any bleach stains over the vinyl floor, take a pause here. You better clean t

You must know, “how to remove bleach stains from the vinyl floor?” It’s essential that you have got an idea about all the tips and suggestions to clean it correctly. 

Why is Vinyl Floor so popular?


Vinyl floors are known as a symbol of luxury and tradition. This flooring has the primary element called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. 

Vinyl floors have been popular since the 80s. With passing the time and improving technology, manufacturers have developed texture and reliability. These days, vinyl floors are known as one of the most durable floorings to use.

How to Remove Bleach Stains from Vinyl Floors?
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The plasticizers keep vinyl softer and increase flexibility. The pigments give such excellent Colors after installing the vinyl floor. Stabilizers keep your floor protected from direct UV exposure. 

Vinyl floorings also include three different types of classifications. You can choose your preferable one depending on the installation process, material and budget. These three popular types of vinyl floors are LVT/ LVP ( Luxury vinyl tile/plank), vinyl tile and vinyl plank.

Vinyl floors are waterproof and include all virgin raw materials. You can expect better reliability and shine on your floor with vinyl. 

Regarding flexibility, reliability, easy maintenance, shine and quality, vinyl floors have always been super popular for home/office decoration. 

Why is Vinyl Flooring sensitive to bleach?

Almost all manufacturing companies suggest not using any bleach products over the vinyl floors. We know vinyl is super reliable and durable. It can go years after years with shine.

But you’ve to take proper care of the floor for that. Bleach works as a super harsh chemical over vinyl floors. Some might prefer using bleach as an instant cleaner. You should know bleach has all these antibacterial properties to kill all these fungi, viruses and bacterias. And these elements are the biggest threat to your vinyl flooring.

When you use any bleach directly over the vinyl floor, it will end up giving you stains, corrosion and damages. Bleach can make stains over the dark vinyl floor easily. If they’re not cleaned up instantly, they will become discolored and maybe unremovable. Even if it doesn’t show any reaction immediately, it can break down the floor over time. 

It’s never safe to use bleach/ ammonia ingredients over vinyl flooring. 

How to remove bleach stain from the vinyl floor?

Bleach causes adhesive stains over vinyl floors. It’s always tough to clean. Using any wrong product to clean these stains can cause you more damages. Make sure you’re using suitable materials and following the correct procedure to remove all these stains. 


Rubbing alcohol solution over vinyl floor bleach stains works super well. You must try them out to save the floor from future damages. Alcohol is popular to remove all the stubborn tougher stains. 


Grab some rubbing alcohol and one clean cotton cloth.


Using rubbing alcohol to remove bleach stains is instant and easy. It won’t affect your vinyl floor either.

Take a clean cotton cloth and rub some alcohol over it. 

Be gentle and rub the alcohol over the stains. With a bit of rubbing, the stains will slowly fade away. 

Baking Soda Paste :

Baking soda is another instant natural cleanser to remove all the bleach stains. But make sure you’re applying the solution adequately.



You’ll need some baking soda, warm water and a soft cotton cloth.


First, start with making the baking soda paste. You can take a tiny amount of bleach and mix it with warm water. The texture should be in paste form. 

Apply the paste over the vinyl stain and rub it off gently. 

Grab a clean cloth and wipe off the extra paste and dust over the vinyl floor. 

Dish soap:

Dishwashing liquid/ dish soap works super effectively to clean vinyl stains. Just make sure all these materials and the process are mess-free. 


You’ll need some water, a sponge, a nylon brush and a cotton cloth to make the cleaning easy.


Grab one gallon of warm water, mix it with 1 cup apple cider vinegar.

Then, pour around one tbsp dishwashing liquid soap and mix the solution well. Shake the solution nicely.

Once it is prepared, apply it to the vinyl floor stain. Then, use a nylon brush, go softer and mop the surface through.

Dry the surface entirely using a clean cotton cloth to get rid of the extra dirt. 


  • Don’t use hot water directly over the vinyl floor. You better make it warm or lukewarm while applying to the floor.
  • You better go gentle while rubbing/ mopping the surface.
  • If you’re using any chemical products, check the ingredients first. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the best regular cleaner for vinyl floors?

Answer: You can use apple cider vinegar for vinyl floor regular cleansing. This works really well to remove dirt, debris gently from the floor. You should mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of warm water to make the perfect cleaning solution. 

Question: Will rubbing alcohol directly over vinyl damage vinyl?

Answer: Yes, direct applying of alcohol over the vinyl floor will damage it. You better use a soft cotton cloth and let the alcohol sit before cleaning the floor.

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Precaution is always better than finding prevention. So, always skip using bleach directly over the vinyl flooring. If your vinyl floor has got some stains somehow, try to remove them as soon as possible. After a certain time, bleach stains on the vinyl floor become permanent.

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