How To Remove Blood Stains From Toilet Seat – Get Your Toilet Seat Cleaned

Toilet seat is undoubtedly the most-used place in your home, and you should definitely keep it clean. No one would like to see any stain on a toilet seat. This is why you should ensure there are no stains on the toilet seat.

There are so many products and chemicals available in the market to clean the stain from the toilet seat. But the problem is with the bloodstains. They are so tough to get off. So how to remove the bloodstains from the toilet seat?

Well, the simple and traditional solution to this problem would be using vinegar and borax. Baking soda can also be an effective solution to this problem. 

Also, you can try to clean the stain with hydrogen peroxide. They should be applied in the proper way if you want to get the best result. Once you figure out the best way of cleaning toilet seats, your struggle will be gone.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Toilet Seat
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How To Make Toilet Seat Cleaning Effective?


Each solution requires a different method of application. Thus, you should always ensure you’re using the right amount of chemicals while applying them to your toilet seat. Find out the detailed application process below –

  • Vinegar:

Vinegar is basically a solution of acetic acid in water. There is distilled vinegar available in the bottle that can be used for cleaning toilet seats. Apple Cider/White vinegar is quite powerful for removing the toilet seat. They will be preferable as they are large in quantity so that you can make the process with a single purchase. 


To make the process easier, you can pour the vinegar into another bottle to use the vinegar as a spray. This will make you able to spray in the individual spaces so that you can deal with the stains directly. If the stain is dried, you should spray an hour before you are going to start the whole process. Otherwise, you can clean the stain with soaked tower paper. Scrubbing the stain will make your toilet seat completely new. Thus, scrub the stain with a paper towel soaked into vinegar.  

Vinegar is a simple and less expensive product to apply to a toilet seat. If you are focusing on just removing the stain, vinegar will be the most effective solution. To add a beautiful odor, you may apply additional products available on the market.

  • Baking Soda:

Baking Soda should be mixed with water to apply to the toilet seat. By mixing the soda with water, make a paste. Take the double amount of water according to the baking soda. Smear the paste on the toilet seat where the stain is visible. Wait for half an hour before washing the paste away from the toilet seat.


You may clean the toilet seat by using both vinegar and baking soda. Sprinkle the soda into the toilet seat first. Wait for half an hour and then spray the vinegar into the soda. Finally, scrub the stain with a brush and wash the seat with water.  

  • Hydrogen Peroxide(Recommend For The Tough Stains):

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that kills bacteria and also helps to remove the stain from the toilet seat. As the bloodstain is a tough stain to remove, you may try different methods to find out which one is providing you the best result. The method of applying this chemical is the same as baking soda. First, apply the hydrogen peroxide as a spray into the stain and wait for a couple of minutes. 


The methods mentioned above are with raw materials and chemicals. They will do an effective cleaning for sure, but as the problem is dealing with toilet seats, it would be a plus if the product also adds a delicate smell to the toilet space. 

There are products available such as Lysol that do the job of cleaning and also add a scent to the toilet. You won’t need to deal with the odor after the cleaning. The odor will also eliminate the bad smell of your toilet.

If you do the cleaning frequently, there will be less scrubbing required while cleaning the toilet seat. So it’s always recommended to clean the toilet seat every week. This won’t let the bloodstain stuck and dry in the seat permanently.  


Can dried blood stains be removed?

It can be removed but may take time. The bloodstain should first be soaked into water continuously for a couple of hours. This will let the stain get off easily. Then wash the stain with vinegar.

How do I get brown stains off my toilet seat?

Removing brown stains requires the same process as the other one. Follow the steps in a proper way to get the best cleaning experience.

What is the best cleaner for toilet seats?

There are so many products available in the market. The answer depends on how you’re using the product. Any product that contains the ingredient that will remove the stains and will add odor is recommended for cleaning toilet seats.

Why is my toilet seat stained yellow?

There are some reasons you may get your toilet seat stained yellow. The main reason is uncleaned urine. Hard water is also a reason for yellow stains. 

How do you clean a toilet seat with vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the most effective solutions for toilet cleaning. Use the vinegar as a spray or pour it into the stained area. You can use the vinegar by soaking it into a towel as well.

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Final Words

This is an issue that everyone struggles to deal with. Without knowing the practical solution, it’s meaningless to apply them again and again. Whether vinegar or baking soda, using the right amount and having the appropriate paste is obviously the first condition if you want to have your toilet seat cleaned. Apply, scrub and wash – follow these three simple steps while applying the solutions. 

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