How to Remove Candle Wax from Lifeproof Flooring?

Lifeproof flooring is a type of affordable vinyl flooring exclusively available in Home Depot. It’s said to be much cheaper than the already affordable vinyl flooring. The vinyl floor is the easiest to clean; thus, the affordable version of vinyl flooring must be the same, if not more convenient, to clean. However, one cannot expect high-end features from an affordable product.

The same applies to the Lifeproof flooring. It’s great but only when you know how much you have paid for it and what you will have to expect from it. Expecting utmost durability and a long-lasting fresh look from it, after cleaning it with whatever you want to because it costs you almost nothing comparatively can only ruin the floor further.

Removing Candle Wax from Lifeproof Flooring


Cleaning anything from Lifeproof flooring will be easy and time-saving, no doubt, but when you do it the right way. Otherwise, damaging it takes no time. Therefore, if you have candle wax on your LifeProof flooring and are attempting to clean the mess, first have a look at what we have to say about how to remove candle wax from lifeproof flooring.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Lifeproof Flooring?
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Our discussion and caution will perhaps work for you in keeping your Lifeproof flooring undamaged even after a candle wax mess for a more extended period.

Candle Wax and The Floor Type

When you use candles in your house, no matter for what reason, it could be for lighting the rooms up during your candlelight dinner to maintain a mysterious ambiance. Or to enjoy the lovely scents of the expensive scented candles; there will be candle wax all over the floor, countertop, dining table, center table, everywhere. You might have candle wax splashed over the floor due to an accidental fall of the entire candle, or you might have tripped over a random toy or rug.

You might have managed to stay on your feet, saving yourself, but the candle wax is all over your Lifeproof flooring. Lighting a candle, the whole day and forgetting about it might also end you up with dripped candle wax right on the floor. Therefore, you must know how to remove it as well, but, of course, by bringing the floor type in your house into consideration. Each flooring type requires a similar but a little different process of cleaning the spilled over candle wax. So, the ‘different’ quotient has to be maintained to protect your floor from damage from cleaning.

Scraping Off the Wax from The Lifeproof Flooring

Lifeproof flooring is basically installed using several lightweight and thin planks, locking each other with the DropLock 100 end joints. It has the top layer and underlayment as well. As the planks are super thin, you might think the melted candle wax might seep into it. However, the treated planks with 100% waterproof quality might play their part in not letting the liquid seep in and ruin the plank from the core. So, the melted candle wax will remain on the top layer only.

But that’s arguable. If the melted wax seeps in, there is no way to inhibit it either. So, what you will have to do is wait for the melted candle wax to set and harden as hard as possible so that when you use a plastic scraper to scrape it off, the candle wax gets removed conveniently and quickly. Never use a metal scraper.

Use The Plastic Scraper Cautiously Too

The flooring is known to be scratch-resistant, but that doesn’t give you the leeway to randomly use your plastic scraper to scrape off the wax too. Strenuous movements will leave scratches on any surfaces, no matter how efficient it is in resisting the scratches. An affordable flooring like Lifeproof will be no different.

So, be ultra-cautious while you remove the wax with the scraper. Lay it flat and try to embed it under the hardened candle wax targeting any of its edges. A slight push will loosen the entire hardened wax, and it will conveniently come off the Lifeproof flooring.

Scrape Off One More Time

After removing the big chunk, move your scraper a little more to remove the remaining candle wax layer from the Lifeproof flooring. Ensure you have covered the entire area where you have hardened wax; otherwise, cleaning the residue will be tough.

Vacuuming The Extra Pieces

Now, clean the spot with a cotton cleaning pad. Vacuuming the space will be better, in our opinion. It will be easy and quick and nullify all the chances of leaving a few pieces of candle wax. After vacuuming the space, it’s time to clean the spot with an effective cleaning solution. Stain or no stain, do not miss this step to ensure thorough removal of the candle wax residue.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar into a gallon of warm water. You can use white vinegar as well, as it doesn’t have staining properties, unlike apple cider vinegar. But if the Lifeproof planks are already dark-colored, apple cider vinegar will hardly leave any stain. The acetic acid in it works comparatively well in cleaning the wax residue hence our inclination towards it instead of the white vinegar.

Clean the specific spot with the warm water and vinegar combo, and only then concentrate on sweeping the rest of the floor with the rest of the water. Use a soft scrub brush. Even a toothbrush will do. Pour some vinegar-water solution, or you can damp a cotton pad and pat it on the spot. Leave it for a few minutes to work on the residue, no more than 5, then scrub the spot, and the candle wax residue should be well removed.

No Wax Buffing, Only A Simple Cleaning Solution

Avoid using any wax to buff off the residue or stain from the Lifeproof flooring. It doesn’t require wax coating due to the wear layers it already has. Moreover, the wax layer doesn’t actually gel well with the Lifeproof flooring. So, use simple cleaning solutions that you mostly use to clean your Lifeproof vinyl flooring. Or always stick to the holy grail water-vinegar solution.

It always works, that too, safely. The white vinegar will be safer, and our preference, in this case, the apple cider vinegar, will be safe and more effective.

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So, pick your vinegar and clean the Lifeproof flooring, following the steps we shared to get rid of the candle wax every time you make a candle mess.

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